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Anime: The Brave of Gold Goldran
Now that's some serious bling.

The Brave of Gold: Goldran is a Japanese anime television series that had begun in 1995, created by Sunrise. It was the sixth in the Brave Series. Goldran follows the adventures of three young boys, Takuya, Dai, and Kazuki, who are tasked with finding alien robot fighters, or Braves, that are sleeping in the form of crystals known as Power Stones. Their enemy is the flamboyant and thoroughly incompetent Prince Walter Walzac, and his henchmen are often similarly humorous. The entire show is mostly focused on comedy, almost to the exclusion of much in the way of storytelling, although the series has some running plotlines toward the end. Goldran was very popular in its time.

These are the following tropes:

  • Action Girl: Sharanra is more than capable of keeping up with Walter's plans and/or capturing him herself.
  • Adventurer Archaeologist: They bump into one named Mac in episode 19. While he's a dead ringer for the man himself, it's abundantly clear that he's done all the necessary homework to safely navigate the trap-filled temple they're in.
  • Affably Evil: Most of the villains. We also find out that Walter's the diplomatic representative of the Walzac Empire to at least their consulate in Japan.
  • An Adventurer Is You: Takuya and his gang go on adventures. Despite being 12 years old.
  • Berserk Button: Try to kidnap and brainwash Dran's precious golden Godzilla, and he'll literally claw his way out of the depths of hell to kick your ass.
  • BFG: Advenger's "Galactica Buster".
  • Bling Bling Bang: Goldran himself is pretty much this.
  • Captain Ersatz: One episode had the gang go to a place where clay figure beings live (The place is called Legendra), and the Big Bad of the episode has clay versions of the Goldran mechs. The difference however, are the faces. Clip here.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: The show takes on a darker tone after Serious/Sirius Walzac becomes the new Big Bad.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Sharanra Sheethul, Walter's self-described fiancee. (In truth, she's much more 'clingy' than 'jealous', and Walter will run from her due to her overbearing nature.)
  • Combination Attack: Captain Shark and Advenger's "Hyper Galactica Buster", where Advenger changes back to his train form and replaces Captain Shark's shoulder-mounted "Spiral Launcher" for an overpowered "Galactica Buster" shot.
    • The 9 Legendra Braves can also connect to fire off the "Miracle Galactica Buster", by grabbing onto Captain Shark in "Hyper Galactica Buster" mode.
  • Combining Mecha: Goldran, formed from the swordsrobot Dran and the golden dinosaur Golgon.
    • Also, Leonkaizer and Silverion.
  • Cool Car: Dran's vehicle mode is a three-seater with the steering column in the middle.
  • Cool Old Guy: Colonel Sandgross.
  • Cool Plane: Leon.
  • Cool Train: Advenger. They tried using Dran, but something like an undersea drive halfway around the world taxes his stamina and affects his performance in battle, so after the second episode they switch to Advenger's train mode as their primary mode of transportation.
  • The Determinator: You can blast Advenger with laser beams, nearly cut him in two, infect him with the Yuusha alternative of Cosmic Rust, but you still won't be able to keep him down for long.
    • Also, Dran.
  • Dinosaurs Are Dragons: Golgon represents "The Dragon" in the background of Goldran.
  • Diplomatic Impunity: Generally averted. Walter will flout international treaties with impudence, but seems to consider the search for the Power Stones as separate from his political duties and usually won't even identify himself as Walter Walzack in public unless he has to.
  • The Ditz: Sharanra is introduced this way. At least part of the reason Walter dislikes her is how dangerous this sometimes makes her.
  • Equippable Ally: Golgon, Kaiser, Sorakage, Advenger, Fire Silver.
  • Expy: The 'Custom Gear' robots are basically Zakus. The purpose-specific Walter-use variations thereof hew closer to GM-style customizations, and overall are gradually supplanted with Mobile Armor-style robots that stand more of a chance against the Legendra Yuushas.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Captain Shark. He does have an eye underneath it, though.
  • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: Golgon.
  • Gag Series: For the most part, anyway.
  • Genre Savvy: Surprisingly, and for all his foibles, Walter actually is. On more than a few occasions, he comes very close to actually winning.
  • Gotta Catch Them All: The first half of the series deals with Takuya, Dai, and Kazuki competing with Walter to get the Power Stones.
  • Heel-Face Turn: Walter Walzac, the moment the new main villain came in the picture. He is quite a bit more effective afterwards than you'd normally expect from the trope, graduating to full Sixth Ranger levels of awesome.
    • Also, Serious after his jerkass daddy tries to blow him to pieces with a planet-sized missile.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Lord Jeremiah "Orange" Gottwald is Goldran. And Princess Euphemia is Takuya.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: A rare protagonist example. In Serious Walzac's debut episode the bad guys take control of Golgon and fuse him with Waldoran, an Evil Twin of Dran, to form Dark Goldran. Dark Goldran then proceeds to cleave Dran from shoulder to hip with his own BFS.
  • Jidai Geki: Japonesia in episode six is a mix of this and modern technology. It's by far the most violent place they visit on Earth.
  • Kid Heroes: Takuya and friends.
    • Heroic Comedic Sociopath: Underplayed, but they still do some... somewhat questionable things to acquire the Power Stones.
  • Knights In Silver Armor: The Silver Knights.
  • Large Ham: Walter.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Something about being sealed away in their Power Stone forms means that the Legendra Braves typically remember their identities and how to fight upon being revived, but that's about it.
  • Laughably Evil: Walter again. It's established on several occasions that he could just do a smash-and-grab for the Power Stones... but he'd rather compete for them.
  • Lighter and Softer: To Denser and Wackier levels.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Captain Shark. Whereas the other Legendra Braves specialize in certain tactics and have some sort of Finishing Attack, Captain Shark doesn't - his regular attacks are so powerful that he doesn't need style or finesse.
  • Luckily My Shield Will Protect Me: The Silver Knights all have shields, which carries over to (God) Silverion.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: Captain Shark's Spiral Launcher works like this. As with him, it's just plain and simple missiles on top of missiles on top of missiles.
  • Made of Indestructium: The Power Stones are explicitly indestructible.
  • Meaningful Name: "Serious/Sirius" Walzac.
  • Mecha Expansion Pack: Sorakage can become a flight pack for Goldran or Leonkaizer.
    • Fire Silver is an armor add-on for Silverion, making God Silverion.
    • Advenger's 'Koutetsu Busou' ('Steel Equip') mode works like this.
  • Mecha-Mooks: Serious's soldiers. Might also apply to Walter's.
  • More Dakka: At first, it seems like Advenger is just the Big Guy of the 8 Legendra Braves. Then it turns out that he has missile launchers on his legs and left shoulder, a cannon on his right shoulder, a smart gun and Gatling gun attached to his arms, a handheld rifle, and the Galactica Buster in his chest.
  • Ninja: Sora-kage...
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Captain Shark is a pirate shark battleship tank robot.
  • Panthera Awesome: Kaiser.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Walter does very little besides put on a pirate-y costume to be Eater Eezack, and it fools almost no one (though he thinks it does). The one person it does fool is Sharanra though, so it's a success!
  • Part Time Hero: What the Power Trio basically do. They're busy with school during the week, so they do their adventuring during the weekend (when the show itself aired...). Then they leave Earth.
  • Pirate: Captain Shark and Eater Eezack. Also, the pirates from episode 9.
  • Power Trio: Takuya (Id), Dai (Ego), and Kazuki (Superego).
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: Not only are the Braves sentient, they can also get sick and impregnate female robots. They technically aren't robots per se, as they are the realized forms of their Power Stones (plus the Golden Beasts Golgon and Kaiser), but otherwise the trope fits.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Walter is actually a Warrior Prince, while Serious is more of an Evil Prince due to his upbringing.
  • Samurai: Dran is a straight-up example. Leon is more of a 'Shogun' in the Jidai Geki style.
  • Sealed Badass in a Can: How the Power Stones work. The idea is that they will be revived by good masters and used for the forces of good, but they can just as easily be made to work for a bad guy.
  • Shout-Out: The pirate captain in episode 9 (and later, Eater Eezack) seems to have jacked his dress sense from Captain Harlock.
    • In the "Fake Braves" episode, when they're on their way to Legendra, it suspiciously looks like the Universal Studios logo.
  • Sixth Ranger: After his Heel-Face Turn, Walter Wal- I mean, 'Eater Eezack', who appears out of nowhere to save the day with Captain Shark. The idea is that there really were just 8 Legendra Braves on Earth - Captain, the 9th Brave, was on the moon as insurance against the other 8 becoming evil. Read that carefully - he exists just in case the need ever arose to revert 8 evil Braves back to their Power Stones at once.
  • Spell My Name with an S: It's very subtle to western ears (enough so that subtitlers can easily miss it) but the Power Trio and their allies typically pronounce Walter's name as 'Waruta' (essentially meaning 'bad boy') with no lengthened vowel at the end. (Takuya misheard it in the first episode, and the joke stuck.)
    • ...we have no Silverion-damn idea how to actually spell Sharanra's name.
  • Team Pet: Golgon and Kaiser.
  • Terrible Trio: The thief Tiramisu Beauty and her two henchmen from episode 8.
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: While under a heavy electric field, Goldran does this to force Walter's robot - covered in a rubber coating so it can function in the same field - to feel the pain.
    • Walter tries it on the newly-awakened Sorakage, who just catches it and tosses it back to Goldran.
  • Transformation Is a Free Action: Averted - transformations and combinations happen in real-time. Goldran's most vulnerable moment is Dran's summoning of Golgon, and Walter thinks to interrupt this on a few occasions.
  • Upper-Class Twit: Sharanra has her moments - she's usually more of a ditzy Ojou-sama, but her single-mindedness turns her into this one.
  • Wham Episode: Episode 27.
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Them?: Addressed. Colonel brings this up in episode 3 - they already know everything they need to about the Power Trio, and they even know where they're hiding Dran and Advenger, so why not just kill the kids and question the robots? Walter instead declares that the search for the Power Stones is a game of wits, and that they'll simply follow them to the next one. (Though why he doesn't just point out that only the kids know where the next Power Stones are is a question for the ages...)
  • Yandere: Sharlanla is this towards Walter.

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