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Tupper Ware Remix Party (TWRP) is a band currently based in Toronto, Canada, which is in Space which is in Canada. They specialize in 80’s/90’s inspired synth/rock/funk jams sometimes instrumental but sometimes with deliciously cheesy lyrics, and are often seen rocking with their buddies Ninja Sex Party and Starbomb.

TWRP is comprised of four members: Doctor Sung, Commander Meouch, Lord Phobos, and Havve Hogan.

The band currently has five E Ps: The Device, 2nite, Believe In Your Dreams, Guardians Of The Zone, and the most recent released on January 14th, 2017, Ladyworld. You can get them on Bandcamp,as well as on their store.

Their YouTube channel can be found here. The band can also be found on Twitter and Instagram.


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    Doctor Sung

Doctor Sung is TWRP’s frontman and the operator of the keytar and talkbox. He’s dressed in primarily yellow, with black stripes, has a light on his chest, and a cone on his head. Legend has it he was born at the big bang and was orphaned in the ice age. Billions of years later he realized his true calling: to rescue people from boredom with sick rock jams.

Doctor Sung may contain the following tropes:

     Lord Phobos

With a pretty sick gold helmet and gold armor on his primarily red suit, Lord Phobos is TWRP’s rad shred guitarist.

Lord Phobos may contain the following tropes:

     Havve Hogan

Havve Hogan is TWRP’s amazing drummer. He has giant chompers, glowing red eyes, and a black and white motif for his outfit. He also sports shoulder spikes.

Havve Hogan may contain the following tropes:

     Commander Meouch

TWRP’s world-class slap bassist. Commander Meouch rocks an outfit of primarily blue (with a long-ass loincloth), and has a humanoid body with the head of a lion.

Commander Meouch may contain the following tropes:

The band as a whole provide the following tropes:

The band's music provide the following tropes:

  • Album Intro Track: The first track off the 2012 EP The Device is titled "Prelude".
  • Audience Participation Song: For "Rock N Roll Best Friends" (Guardians Of The Zone), the band has the audience sing a couple notes in the chorus.
  • Badass Boast: Pretty much all of "Atomic Karate" (Ladyworld).
    • I split the atom with a high kick baby!
  • Cover Album: Ninja Sex Party and TWRP collaborated for the 2016 release of Under the Covers.
  • Fading into the Next Song: Their first official EP The Device utilizes this with nearly the entire EP - you can’t listen to just one song, you have to listen to them all.
  • Follow Your Heart: "Believe In Your Dreams" from the album it shares its title with is incredibly inspiring.
  • Friendship Song: "Rock N Roll Best Friends".
  • Limited Lyrics Song: "Japanquest" (2nite) featuring cutting-edge lyrics like "Disco!", and "Business Tips" (Guardians Of The Zone) with about four lines of what the aliens think are viable business tips for humans.
  • Looped Lyrics: The first version of "The No Pants Dance" (The Device) has about two stanzas it repeats. They just like the way that you dance, when you dance, like the way that you dance when you dance with your pants off.
  • Location Song: "Baby, NYC" featuring Ninja Sex Party (Believe In Your Dreams) is a love letter to the city.
  • Rearrange the Song: "The No Pants Dance" was originally on The Device and was rereleased on Guardians Of The Zone featuring Ninja Sex Party with some rearranging to the music and the addition of more lyrics sung by Danny Sexbang.
  • Scatting: The breakdown in "Rock N Roll Best Friends".
  • Something Something Leonard Bernstein: Sometimes Doctor Sung's lyrics are a bit hard to understand at first through the talkbox. We're groove crusaders makin' lovers elevators...
  • "I Am" Song: "Groove Crusaders" off Guardians Of The Zone is what a theme song for the band would sound like if it were an 80's Saturday morning cartoon.
    • "Time To Shine" off the same EP could arguably be an example of this trope as it highlights the band members' talents with a solo in the song.
  • Title Track: "The Device", "Believe In Your Dreams", and "Ladyworld" each share the names with their E Ps.