Beast with a Human Face

A non-humanoid creature has a face resembling a human's, or markings on its body resembling a human face.

Appreciating this fact may provoke thoughts of What Measure Is a Non-Human?, and produce an Uncanny Valley effect in viewers.

Sometimes a property of Mix-and-Match Critters. When the creature's face actually belonged to some other human character, see Face Stealer. For humans with animal faces, see Humanoid Animal. For inanimate objects with human faces, see It Kind of Looks Like a Face.


Anime and Manga
  • Animal Land:
    • On the antagonist side, there is Bahr Milan, an artificial created chimera. The second form he takes on after ejecting his head and combining with several other chimeras is hard to describe. Basically he's a horse headed giant armed multi-legged centaur-like being whose hoofed legs are arranged like jellyfish tentacles. What stands out about him other than that are the two human faces located on his torso.
    • On the protagonist side, there is also the chimera Salad Udon. He can be best described as a four legged slug lizard creature with snakes for arms. He also has a human face.
  • In Berserk, many of the apostles retain their human faces in their more demonic forms. For some though, their human faces are placed on bodies that already have regular animal-like heads and some are even situated in places where human faces shouldn't normally belong on. Two prime examples that best illustrate this would be demon forms of the Baron of Koka Castle and the Count. The Baron looks like a gigantic humanoid snake but he has a human face in his mouth. The Count on the other hand, looks like a gigantic slug but he has a human face situated on the forehead of his slug head.
  • InuYasha: Ryukotsusei is a dragonlike youkai who has a human face on the top of his dragon head. It's the human face that does the talking, while the dragon one focuses on spitting lightning bolts.
  • In Princess Mononoke, the Shishigami (Forest Spirit) takes the form of a stag with a human face.
  • Toriko has the Hanya Panda, a giant panda monster with a markings on its chest and belly that resembles an angry human face. There is also the Tounyuudou, monsters based on the wanyuudou youkai of Japanese mythology that resemble gigantic disembodied human heads situated on top of flaming cart wheels.
  • One Piece has classical examples in the Manticores and Sphinx of Impel Down. At least they're stated to have human faces - their faces don't look very human by most standards, but then again, One Piece is famous for having human characters who barely look human at all.
  • In the first chapter of the manga Qwan, Chikei is nearly eaten by a monster Qwan calls a Bafuku, a tiger with a man's face that makes the sound of a crying baby to lure victims. It's possibly related to (or an alternate name for) the Mafu listed in the Mythology and Religion section below, as Qwan is set in ancient China.
  • A weird side chapter early in A Centaur's Life features a human girl taking care of a puppy with a little kid's face.

Comic Books
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender The Search: Koh's mother, the Mother of Faces, has an aura that makes forest creatures have human faces.
  • In Secret Six when the Six go to Hell, Catman finds his father, whose fate is to be tied to a tree and killed, devoured and shat out again every day by Catman's mother (who his father murdered), who takes the form of a lioness with her human face. Surprisingly, this isn't her punishment- being able to do this for eternity is her heaven.
  • There is an old Superman comic book cover where he comes across a whale which for some reason has the face of Lois Lane. It's unnerving to say the least.

  • In Big Man Japan, the titular superhero fights Kaiju who regularly attack the city. Most of them have human faces, yet have varying degrees of intelligence.
  • Lisa in A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge comes across two dogs with human faces when she goes to the Freddy's former workplace to find her possessed boyfriend Jesse. A spin-off comics reveals one of them is named "Wes".
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) had the rather infamous messed-up duplication of a homeless man and his dog, resulting in a Great Dane with the homeless man's face.
  • Vampire Vlad in What We Do In The Shadows just hasn't been the same since he lost his fight with The Beast - he used to be able to change into any animal, but now he never gets the faces right. Specifically, he turns into a black cat with a tiny human face.
  • The human-faced fish in the restaurant aquarium from The Meaning Of Life, who spends their time waiting for their turn to be served for dinner with idle conversation about life.

  • In The Dunwich Horror, the titular horror, once revealed, is shown to be a gigantic egg-shaped tentacled multi-legged Eldritch Abomination with a distinctively yard width-long human face that resembles The Whateleys'.
  • At the end of The Hunger Games, the Capitol releases Muttations, wolf-looking creatures with the faces of the dead tributes who try to kill the remaining kids in the arena.
  • Man After Man: An Anthropology of the Future features some non-sapient human subspecies that are more animal-like than human. While some of these subspecies are simply ape-like creatures with human faces, some however have bodies so drastically different that the only way to tell that they are human subspecies are the human faces that they still retain. A prime example of this is the horse-like creature on the book's very cover.
  • In the Tortall Universe, one species of immortals released from the Divine Realms in The Immortals are spidrens—giant spiders with human heads. They cause a lot of trouble in the subsequent quartet.
  • Theodore Roethke's poem "The Bat":
    For something is amiss or out of place
    When mice with wings can wear a human face.
  • In Veniss Underground, some of the genetically engineered "Living Art" creations in Quin's Shanghai Circus include small monkeys with the faces of human women. His secret underground lair is also guarded by packs of dogs with human faces.
  • Robert E Howard's Conan story The God in the Bowl ends with Conan confronting the eponymous God, which turns out to be a giant snake with a human head.

Live-Action TV
  • Discussed in Man Up where Kenny's worst fear is a badger with the face of a man, a madger.

Mythology and Religion
  • The Book of Revelation contains descriptions of locusts who have the bodies of lions, tails of scorpions, and faces of men. As well, the cherubs (not to be confused with putti, winged babies of Renaissance art) are said to have the face of a man as well as those of an ox, lion, and eagle. While angels are not exactly beasts, their description tends to make them Eldritch Abominations at best.
  • A few examples from mythology around the world:
    • Buraq: A winged horse from Persian/Arabic mythology, sometimes portrayed with a human head. The Prophet Muhammed is said to have used one as a steed.
    • Harpy: Female-headed bird from Greek mythology.
    • Lammasu: Creature from Assyrian mythology with a bull's or lion's body, a man's head, and eagle's wings.
    • Manticore: A human head, lion's body, and the tail of either a dragon or a scorpion. Sometimes portrayed with wings. This being was originally from Hindu Mythology, but also spread to be a creature mentioned in some European lores.
    • Sphinx: Lion with a human head, sometimes with wings as well. From Greek/Egyptian mythology.
  • From Chinese folklore:
    • Chiai Lung: Has the body of a panther, but with hooves, a human face, and a snake for a tongue.
    • Heyu: described as a pig with a human face.
    • Juru: described as a three legged duck with a human face.
    • Mafu: Tiger with a human face.
    • Shanhu: Dog with a human face.
    • Shuhu: A winged horse with a snake tail and a human face.
    • Yayu: Ox with a human face.
  • In Japanese folklore, there is a kind of youkai called a Jinmenken, which looks like a dog with a human head and face.
  • Scorpion Men (from Sumerian/Mesopotamian mythologies): Described as creatures with human heads, lion bodies, eagle hindquarters, and with a scorpion tail.
  • The Serpent of Eden is sometimes portrayed as a snake with a human head.
  • The Four Living Creatures (AKA Hayyoth), from Ezekiel's vision in the book of the same name, described them as having four faces, one of which was a human face, along with having two set of wings.
  • Leonine Whale (Medieval European legends): A scaled Lion-like creature with a human face. Has nothing to do with whales.

Tabletop Games
  • The Ravenloft darklord Frantisek Markov is an Expy of Dr. Moreau. For his twisted experiments in surgically combining animals and humans, he was cursed to have the head of a man but the body of a beast.

Video Games
  • In Bayonetta, a number of the angels have human faces that aren't exactly situated properly or in places where they should belong. Noteworthy is Fortitudo, a gigantic two headed angelic dragon whose torso is dominated by an upside down human face.
  • The fourth boss of Contra: Shattered Soldier is one of these. Appropriately enough it's called Jinmen-gyo, which is Japanese for "human-faced fish".
  • In Crisis Core, both Genesis and Angeal command inhuman looking monsters that possess the human face of one or the other.
  • Dark Souls I has the Cragspiders, giant, semi-flying arachnids with humanoid arms and shoulders, a bulb-like protrusion resembling a human head, and the ability to cast pyromancy in the form of flaming breath, unlike every other enemy in Blighttown which usually prefer poison or toxic. It's possible that they are the mature spawn of Chaos Witch Quelagg, another more-complete hybrid of human and spider who is also a master of pyromancy herself.
  • Dark Souls II has the Demon of Song, a gigantic frog-like demon which has a human corpse-like face nested inside its frog mouth alongside two skeletal arms.
  • Bloodborne has the return of everyone's favorite Dirty Coward, Patches. Here he is turning into a Nightmare Apostle/Black Widow, a giant spider. All that's left of his human form is his head and his intellect. As before he will send the player on a dangerous quest to find something and stab them in the back if they survive. If the player can beat him in a fight Patches submits and becomes a merchant to the player.
  • The Endless Forest features creepy deer with faces.
  • Final Fantasy XIII:
    • Barthandelus the fal'Cie changes forms but the basic setup of his body is the same. He can be best described as gigantic turret-like torso with an oversized human-like head in the middle and several smaller human faces on his shoulders.
    • There is also the other fal'Cie Orphan. Its first form resembles a gigantic stone knife-like monolith made up of a representation of a family. The right side of it is a mural-like body of a female angel with a human-like face. The left side of it too is similar except that it is more demonic in design and made from Barthandelus' remains complete with his middle human-like face. In the middle of Orphan is a child-like face.
    • Orphan's second form is a tiny human child-like face in a halo-like wheel. When staggered, it resembles more like an angel in structure but not exactly right. It still retains its human child-like face on an otherwise otherworldly body.
  • Might & Magic: Heroes VI: Lamasu are monsters with humanoid heads, bat wings and leonine bodies, the result of an experiment in which humans were magically cross-bred with manticores.
  • In the third Last Half of Darkness game, some skeletal fish are shown that have disturbingly human-like contours to their skulls.
  • In Parasite Eve 2, the Charger enemies are horse-like monsters with emaciated human-like faces.
  • Persona 3 FES features several to varying degrees:
  • The three final forms that the evil humanoid fairy Veran from The Legend of Zelda: Oracles of Ages uses in the final battle with her are three Big Creepy-Crawlies that each possess her face. They are a beetle with her head which she can retract in, a bee which has her face on top of its forehead, and a spider which has her face on its underside.
  • Seaman features creepy fish with faces.
  • The first boss of Soul Sacrifice is a creature that looks like an apostle out of Berserk. It is a gigantic snake with a human face that covers its head and upper jaw.
  • Vagrant Story depicts harpies as flightless birds with a pattern resembling a human face on their chests.
  • Monster Party has human-faced dogs among the weird enemies of the first stage.
  • Axiom Verge: The Variant bosses (save for Ukhu and Sentinel) have human-like faces that can be seen both in their dialogue portrait and on their in-game sprite. This is because they were originally clones of Athetos, but mutated due to Athetos's pathogen.
  • Yo-Kai Watch has Manjimutt, a human-faced dog (he was human before becoming a Yo-Kai).

Web Original
  • Dog in Twig is a massive four-legged Cyborg with a human face hidden behind long dark hair. It also seems to have human-level intelligence, but is The Speechless due to its jaw being a twisted metal wreck.

Western Animation
  • Family Guy: Carter Pewterschmidtt's purebred dog gets knocked up and everyone assumes Brian did it, until the litter comes out and they all have Ted Turner's face.
  • In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) episode "The Manhattan Project'', April and Casey encounter giant worms brought from Dimension X, and are freaked out by a baby worm that has a human baby's face.
  • The titular creature of The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Butterfly" is an even stranger variation than usual: it's a butterfly with a series of live-action photographs of a human's face (that of one of the show's crew) that changes as the butterfly changes expression.

Real Life
  • Blobfish typically look like fish in their natural environment. However when taken out, their low density flesh droops down and give it a very fat ugly big-nosed big-lipped human-like face.
  • Heike crabs (Heikea japonica) have markings on their shells resembling human faces, and are not eaten for this reason. The legend from which they get their name is that these crabs contain the spirits of the samurai who threw themselves into the sea when the Taira were defeated at Dan-no-ura, a famous battle which actually took place in ancient Japan.
  • The Human-faced Carp is a type of hybrid breed specifically to have what looks like a human face. What look like human eyes are actually the fish's nostrils.
  • The Pacu, a large pirahna relative, has eerily human-like teeth which are mainly used for crushing nuts.