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Slippery as an Eel
Of all the sea creatures in the world, alongside dolphins, octopuses, sea otters, and whales, the sneakiest sea creature alongside the shark would be the moray eel. In nearly every form of media, eels are depicted as being sneaky creatures that have a propensity for tricking other sea creatures. It's a sure sign that they cannot be trusted. In other words, they're basically the oceanic version of snakes. Actual sea snakes are Seldom Seen Species, probably because they're far less intimidating-looking than moray eels.

Not to be confused with Psycho Electric Eel.


Anime and Manga


Video Games
  • In Freddi Fish, Eddie the Eel is depicted as a trickster who prevents Freddi and Luther from trying to go where they needed to, unless he is bribed.
  • Volteel Biblio from Mega Man Zero 3 is a very sneaky character, his level being particularly trap-infested and snaking through secret passages all over his Boss Fight arena to get the drop on you, being That One Boss of the game.
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