Webcomic: The Meek

"Find the center, the lost one will know the way. A woman who cries but sheds no tears, and a man who hates in the name of love."

The Meek is a graphic novel about Angora, an inexperienced young girl who has been sent on a quest to save the world. War looms on the horizon, and at its helm is Luca DeSadar, the Emperor of the North, and his hellish adviser. The two countries are overwhelmed with as much terror, crime, disease and revolution as they are with those who wish to create peace. Armed with only her instincts and an unexplainable power, she must experience and judge the world and decide once and for all if it is truly worth saving.

Readers take warning, the first chapter is definitely Not Safe for Work. You know, cause she's naked for most of it. The comic has been on hiatus since 2012, thanks to numerous personal crises for the author (up to and including computer death), but updates have finally resumed in May 2015.

The Meek contains examples of: