Trivia / The Meek

  • Schedule Slip: Happened once due to a catastrophic computer failure, and, more recently, due to the author getting a new job. After 01/03/12 no new pages were released until 10/15/12. The comic continued to release regularly once a week until November, upon which the author suffered a colossal Creator Breakdown and has not updated since.
    • In April 2014, the author said that the series will resume updates in 2015. In the meantime, there will be some amendments to the webpage, some reworked pages and panels, and other work done.
  • Series Hiatus: An apparently unscheduled one starting in July 2011, and a longer one from January to October 2012 due to health and work issues. After a few weeks of updating in late 2012, the comic has gone on another indefinite-term hiatus due to the artist "...struggling with a total loss of interest and motivation..."
  • The Wiki Rule: The Meekipedia It appears to have been set up by the author, Der-Shing, to make sure there's a manual for all the things that don't fit in the comic.