Reviews: The Meek

But what is it ABOUT?

When reading The Meek, I keep getting the feeling that we're leading up for something, that the audience is being purposefully kept in the dark until some kind of reveal can take place. But until that reveal shows up, or any, I really have a lot of trouble figuring out what's going on. The story drops us in the middle of the action, implying some cool stuff happened beforehand, but all we're seeing the results of it, displaying plot without context.

The Meek does have good things to its name:
  • Characters with lots of personality. It's great to see so many individual traits and fleshing out in each!
  • Colorful artwork. I wish could do shading and lighting half as well as this artist can.
  • Funny dialogue. And it doesn't ramble either.
  • The author's commentary and bonus artwork is also pretty funny. It's nice to see a writer not always take his own story too seriously.

But the one flaw still remains: Just get to what it's about. Is it about a girl who's traveling, and why? Is it about two country's politics, and why? Is it about the smuggling thieves' world, or about the traumas of a dictator? Who are these animal spirits? Why do a few characters suddenly have magical powers? What are these nations? What is supposed to be the objective? What on earth is going on?

You can tell me how The Meek's plot goes. But what is it about?

EDIT: See the comments for my copy/paste of the author's reply.