Quotes / Robot Dog

Here's the friend I never had. / He's so good at being bad. / Here's my little doggy dude, and these are all the shoes he chewed... What?! / He goes walking down the street, biting everyone he meets. / Bark and snap and sniff and scratch; show some teeth and then attack. / I love my purple ball of fluff... / I'll flip a switch and turn him off!
—Robbie Rotten sings about his robot dog, "Trouble," on LazyTown

"No offense, but can you two just stop petting for a minute? Never mind the tin dog, we’re busy."
—Rose to Sarah Jane and the Doctor, Doctor Who

"He appears to be a cross between a schnauzer and a toolbox."
—Chase, Transformers: Rescue Bots, on the subject of Servo