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Names To Run Away From: Shady Names
A form of Names to Run Away From Really Fast: When a character has a name referencing crime or criminality, you can't really be sure what you're dealing with.



  • Double subverted with Wormtongue, who was given the name because of his Treacherous Advisor ways. And yet his true name is "Grí­ma, son of Galmod", directly translated from Anglo-Saxon means "Mask, son of Licentious". Nice. Even in modern English, it just sounds "Grimy".
  • Would you expect anything other than monkey business from an ape named Shift?
    • Subverted with his friend Puzzle the Donkey, who's actually a good guy.
  • Would you trust a rat named Twirltongue?
  • Would you trust a man named Janos Slynt?
  • Would you vote for a Congressman named Hornswoggle?
  • Vermin in the Redwall series. When characters with names like Scumnose, Mangefur and Cheesethief knock on the door of your abbey, do you follow the dictates of peace and let them in, or do you put up all the barricades and start hunting down Martin the Warrior's sword?
  • One heroic example is Lyra "Silvertongue" Belacqua, clever heroine of His Dark Materials.
  • S. Wendell "Swindle" Palomino from Gordon Korman's Swindle.
  • If you went to prison, would you trust your prison mate if he was named Low-Key Lyesmith (Loki Lie-smith)?

Live-Action TV


  • From Adventures in Odyssey, the evil Dr. Regis Blackgaard ("blackguard" means a troublemaker). Arguably subverted in that he has a twin brother, Edwin, who shares the name but is only guilty of being a Large Ham.

Video Games

Web Animation
  • Or buy something from a street vendor named Shifty?

Web Original
  • Would you play Quake with someone with the nick "Camper"?

Western Animation

Real Life
  • Would you buy a house from Crook & Blight?
  • There's actually a financial service company named Standard & Poor's. Meaningful Name much?
  • There was a famous embezzler during the recession from about 2008 in named Bernie Madoff (pronounced "made-off") Robin Williams lampshaded the irony about an embezzler having such a name, "What's next? A law firm called Dewey Fuckyou and How?"
  • Creflo Dollar's last name sounds like something one would want to change the name from before becoming a televangelist; not to.

Other/Multiple Media
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