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Names To Run Away From: Redneck Names
A form of Names to Run Away From Really Fast: Anything that sounds like it belongs to a proud resident of the Deep South can indicate someone Bad Ass, Ax-Crazy, rapey, racist or otherwise seriously disturbed.


Comic Books
  • Carnage's real name is Cletus Kasady.
  • The Authority: Seth Angus Bubba Joe Billy Cletus Clement Callum Cowie. His mother named him after all of her brothers, because she wanted to be sure to name him after his father.
  • Zebediah freaking Killgrave is now a threefer. He's an evil guy, to be sure, but he's not nearly as Badass as that name makes him sound.
  • Empowered has Willy Pete. He's Ax-Crazy, rapey, and on fire, the last of which makes more sense when you find out his name is also a nickname for white phosphorous.
  • Billy Bob and T.C. from Preacher. The former is a kid so inbred he has only one eye, and the latter is a murderous Jerkass who'll screw Anything That Moves (and quite a few things that don't).


Live-Action TV
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer 's season 6 Big Bad is named Warren Mears, which kind of foreshadows his future mental instability. (Of course, ironically, the actor's a Jew from New York, although his chick's from Alabama, but she's definitely not a redneck. And she's the one he shot.)
  • On The Shield, Shane Vendrell is not a nice person. Further, he uses the alias "Cletus van Damme".

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