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Comic Book: Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones is a Marvel Comics superheroine, originally created by Brian Michael Bendis. She was the main character of Alias (November 2001, also written by Bendis) which was the first comic released under the R-Rated MAX imprint, which notably had the word "FUCK!" on the first page.

Jessica Jones was known as Jessica Campbell as a teenager, and lived in Forest Hills, New York, where she attended Midtown High, where a certain wall-crawling hero also attended at the same time. On a family drive one day, her father lost control of the vehicle and collided with a military convoy carrying radioactive material. Her entire family (father, mother, and little brother) were killed and she ended up in a coma. When she awoke, she was adopted by the Jones family and she soon discovered she had superpowers.

She soon put on a costume and created a heroic identity: Jewel. She had a pretty low-key career and was somewhat known to the New York superheroes, especially Ms. Marvel, until she encountered the Purple Man, who seized control of her mind for eight months and subjected her to psychological abuse. He sent her to The Avengers' Mansion in order to kill Daredevil and she attacks the only person wearing red at the mansion: the Scarlet Witch. Jessica endures a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown by Iron Man and The Vision until Ms. Marvel saves her. Jessica slips back into a coma and is brought out only by psychic therapy by Jean Grey. Soon after therapy, and after a short stint as a hero named Knightress, Jessica decides to hang up the cape for good.

She goes on to start Alias Investigations, a private detective agency where she soon finds out she cannot outrun her past as a superhero (as it's brought up by almost everyone she meets). In between solving cases and snarking, she vacillates between romantic feelings for Scott Lang and for Luke Cage. By the end of the book, she realizes she's pregnant with Luke Cage's child and the both of them start a romantic relationship.

After Alias, she was a character in The Pulse (a series focusing on the Daily Bugle), in which she and Luke are a couple and she gives birth to their daughter, Danielle. She later marries Luke Cage in New Avengers and is a sometimes member of the team, when she's not being a mother. She also played a significant role in the first few arcs of Young Avengers.

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