YMMV / Jessica Jones

(For YMMV tropes about the 2015 Netflix show, see here.)

  • Base-Breaking Character: Shares this status with her husband when it comes to New Avengers. Either she's an awesome Action Mom with a really interesting background, or she's a shallow Spotlight-Stealing Squad and Creator's Pet with little to make her unique.
  • Creator's Pet: As stated before, many view her as this by her being a member of the New Avengers, which saw her creator replace a number of classic Avengers with characters he preferred. Her being the one to stop Scarlet Witch's breakdown in a What If? and her and Luke being the ones to bring down Spider-Man's archenemy Norman Osborn, rather than Spidey himself, in the opening arc of The Pulse didn't help.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Being in a MAX series meant that Jessica had a limited crossover with the Marvel universe, since Marvel did not want their mainstream characters showing up very often in such an edgy, provocative series. In order to free her from that restriction, Bendis toned her down significantly when she was brought over to The Avengers. Many fans of Alias were less-than-pleased with this change.