No Punctuation Is Funnier

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For some reason, a statement can become a bit funnier if there isn't any punctuation at the end. Compare the following:

  • Oh, my God! That is the most amazing thing I've ever seen!
  • oh my god that is the most amazing thing ive ever seen

Whereas the first one is grammatically correct, with punctuation in all the right places, the second has no punctuation. The reason the one without punctuation could possibly be funnier to you is that punctuation implies inflection. Without punctuation, the statement gives off the feeling that it was said in an emotionally blank voice, akin to the Flat "What.". Alternately, it might come across as breathless, as if the speaker was so excited their comments came out too quickly for punctuation. And, in particular, without the pauses denoted by commas.

The phenomenon is common on the internet, where people seem to often forget that a keyboard has keys for periods and commas. In that respect, people might also associate punctuation-bereft sentences with those inexperienced with computers, adding another possible source for amusement. It's also used to suggest a silly point of view in an enthusiastic-but-not-too-bright manner, often with All Caps (another sign of being unfamiliar with computers): HEY YOU GUYS THIS IS THE BEST PAGE ON THE WIKI

Compare Wanton Cruelty to the Common Comma and The No Punctuation Period, where the poor grammar is a source of annoyance rather than amusement. Contrast Nothing Is Scarier, where the lack of something invokes fear rather than humour. See Motor Mouth for dialogue equivalents.