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"whatever happens you guys will do great-ish things, probably. unless you don't, like most people. but you will be doing it together. unless you get divorced."
gary describes the the toast he wants to give at his brother's wedding

pictures for sad children was a webcomic by merry gravesnote , until the author removed all comics from the website and forfeited on her kickstarter on february 27 2014.

the comic featured a minimalist style of art, humor, and grammar. originally, the comic also featured character-driven stories about a ghost and some other people

it used punctuation only sporadically which is why this article is written this way not because we are too dumb to find the shift key. blame merry graves

the two main characters were paul and gary, although sometimes the comic would follow the other minor characters for a little bit

paul, who was a ghost, who was wearing a bedsheet, died just before the first strip. he wore the bed sheet to look ghosty of course. he hated everything and didn't care

gary was a grad student who worked at a call center that took the overflow of indian help lines. people called him and hilarity ensued

after 226 pages, the story of paul and gary came to a very abrupt and inconclusive end. since then, the comic continued as an unconnected series of surreal one-shots w/ sometimes story arcs but not as long as the big one

the world of pictures for sad children was cynical. most of the characters were depressed even though they knew that they had no real problems. the main characters also resigned themselves to a life of unfulfilled dreams and crushing meaningless jobs.

there were many magic realist elements to the world as well, like an ipod that played you your regrets, a family that had the powers of jesus, and passive-aggressive post-it notes that seemingly came from no one

in march 2014 the author suffered a mental and emotional breakdown and tore down her entire webcomic page and burned the unshipped books (encapsulated dead wasps and all) that she promised to her kickstarter backers. in may of that year, max temkin (of cards against humanity fame) managed to get and ship out all of the originally promised books.

this webcomic provides examples of: