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08:36:22 PM Feb 27th 2014
In light of recent events, should 'creator breakdown' be listed?
11:11:35 PM Feb 27th 2014
Oh, absolutely. This is a textbook case.
05:08:54 PM Jun 16th 2012
there is something strange going on with the links in this article

they don't lead to the comics they're talking about

what is this

i don't even
06:02:41 PM Jun 16th 2012
the author changed the website system so now everything is super messed up
08:28:27 PM Nov 24th 2012
edited by TacTac
guess my endless rereads of the archives from before the website changed paid off because i just fixed 15 links

it is tough to fix the rest though because the oh no robot search seems to be working on only half the comics in the new archive and the wayback machine cannot crawl it

i have a handful of favorite alt text lines saved on my computer if anyone has a suggestion on how i might incorporate them into this page for posterity

the alt text was always so great it would be a shame to just ditch it
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