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Welcome to... is a series of videos by JelloApocalypse, each centering on a specific website under the guise of an instructional video for using said site. While it does teach you a lot about the site, most of the videos are dedicated to mocking the hell out of the site and its users.

The videos include:
  • Welcome to DeviantArt!
  • Welcome to Facebook!
  • Welcome to YouTube!
  • Welcome to Twitter!
  • Welcome to Tumblr!
  • Welcome to Vine! (April Fools' Day 2014)
  • Welcome to Fanfiction.Net! (and Wattpad)
    • This episode also has a "Welcome To Extras" side video, showing off outtakes and deleted scenes.
  • Welcome to Steam! (April Fools' Day 2015)
  • Welcome to Kickstarter! (teased at the end of Fanfiction.net, but not yet released)

Starting with Tumblr, the creators are allowing suggestions for future videos in the comments.

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  • Accentuate the Negative: The flaws of the sites and their communities are the most-focused on aspect of the series. This is less out of outright hate (usually) and more for humor potential.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms: Heavily implied at the end of Steam, after "Joe" leaves to do do something... while taking his drawing of a shirtless, muscular guy with a steam factory head with him. He's not very subtle about it.
  • Alliterative Name: "Predisposition Pete".
  • April Fools' Day: Vine in 2014. It's a five-minute long video... with 6 seconds of of actual content. The rest is Jello throwing some jabs at his fanbase.
    • Steam in 2015. It's made by "Joe" from Vine. He can't animate or commentate well. You should be able to guess how well it goes.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: While listing the various fandoms of Tumblr:
    • Then there's the female host's attempts at insulting other sites:
    "DeviantArt? More like "Grand Theft Art-ro"! Facebook? More like "Flake-book"! 9gag? More like 9... gag... nailed it!"
  • Art Evolution: Youtube saw a significant bump in art quality, with the pegs gaining a more defined style.
  • Art Shift: Fanfiction.net uses a different art style for every story example; "Slash Fiction" has still images with less-cartoony art, "Self-Insert Yaoi" uses Animesque art in a Visual Novel layout (complete with bottom dialogue box), "Creepypasta" has scratchy art using only red and black, and "Wattpad" uses very crude crayon drawings.
  • Author Avatar: JelloApocalypse is seen in Welcome to Tumblr talking into a microphone before he is interrupted by a penguin.
  • Big "NO!": The guide in Facebook does one after seeing the mess that is Duck Fayce's profile page.
  • Biting-the-Hand Humor: Welcome to Youtube takes the piss out of the website that hosts Jelloapocalypse's videos.
  • Blush Sticker: Shown repeatedly in Tumblr, most noticeably on the female host.
    • The "Self-Insert Yaoi" segment of Fanfiction.net deliberately overuses them. At one point, they even shoot off of a character's face.
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: Tumblr recommends you upload videos to YouTube, Dailymotion, or X-Videos instead of Tumblr itself.
  • Broken Record: Used during Tumblr to show off how terrible the site's video player is.
  • Cat Girl: Marissa-chan.
  • Cherry Blossoms: These appear out of nowhere in "Our Duet" when Gakupo is confessing his feelings to Len-chan.
  • Clucking Funny: In one outtake for Fanfiction.net, the narrator says that chicken characters are the most likeable, and that you should fill your story with them, citing "Chicken One" as proof.
  • Contemptible Cover: Used for Youtube's thumbnail image, as a parody of the many, many other Youtube videos with similar thumbnails. Done to a lesser extent for the Tumblr and Fanfiction.net thumbnails, and Steam uses a male version.
  • Corpsing: The narrator cracks up on the line "Are fanfiction.net's standards just too high for you?"
  • Credits Gag: The Welcome to Vine credits list JelloApocalypse under the title "Handsome" four times in a row.
  • Cultural Translation: In the yaoi story "Our Duet," Len Kagamine is eating onigiri on a hotdog bun.
  • Don't Like, Don't Read: Used jokingly in Fanfiction.net's opening to deter "haters" in the comments, and again in the "Self-Insert Yaoi" fanfic example for a "Yaoi Warning".
  • Exact Words: Welcome to Facebook has WTF Guy sarcastically suggest to Duck Fayce that she should like and share a page as she would have a chance to change the world. The screen then displays "0% is a chance" in brackets.
  • Excited Show Title!: All episode titles end with an exclamation point.
  • Face Fault: Lampshaded by Marissa-chan: "We fell down like in anime when there is a joke or a baka."
  • Fan Fic: Mocked in DeviantArt:
    "...many people also post their writings in the Literature section, because the internet's number one art website is the best place to go to post literature. Here you can find everything. Fan fiction, poetry, original screenplays, fan fiction, comedic writing, non-fiction, fan fiction, and erotic fan fiction. And it doesn't matter if your writing isn't very good and you're 'soory you don't have time to correct the misspells, because someone in the DeviantArt community will always be amazed that you were able to put words in the box."
    • Also mocked to hell and back in, well, Welcome to Fanfiction.net.
  • Fangirl Japanese: Excessively mocked in the self-insert yaoi story in Welcome to Fanfiction.net.
    • Kaito makes his friends bento boxes for dinner.
      • Marissa-chan comments that they are "watashi's favorite!"
    • "Sugoi" is used as a verb.
    • The honorific used for Len changes each time, eventually to "nii-chan."
    • The story ends with a "tsuzuku!!" in the bottom-right corner.
  • Fanservice: Most of the One Direction story. Specifically, Niall is topless and Zayn is wearing a suit and has a rose in his teeth. Also, some of the thumbnails contain Fanservice in a way.
  • First World Problems: Starbucks raised the price of Duck Fayce's favorite drink by TWO WHOLE DOLLARS.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: All the videos have this somewhere or other, but Twitter is filled with them.
  • Fun T-Shirt: Subverted in the Welcome to Fanfiction.net creepypasta: in a lazy attempt to depict cool college students, the art shows the two roommates in the story wearing shirts that say "COOL." In the twist ending you are a skeleton also wearing the "COOL" t-shirt.
  • Fun with Acronyms: Facebook has the titular program: Welcome To Facebook.
  • Fun With Hormones: "Theirs know too wheys a bout it."
    • "Grow a pair! #homophones" is a tweet featured alongside the image of a manly peg with a pear on his crotch.
  • Furry Fandom: Mocked several times in Tumblr.
    • Most notable is the "otherkin" portion, using it mostly as an example of people who are stuck up or offended about subject matters that mostly don't affect them in anyway, such as an otherkin griping at the narrator when he says "every human" when she is so "clearly" a wolf in a human's body.note 
  • Gender Bender: In the "Creepypasta" segment of Fanfiction.net, the main character's roommate seamlessly changes from male to female due to a spelling mistake.
    • In "Our Duet," author Marissa-chan puts Rin Kagamine in the bath scene instead of Len for one sentence, though still refers to her as male.
  • Get Out: Said in Tumblr after the narrator questions if the peg is a white cisgender straight male (a parody of social justice warriors). Also said to the viewer at the end of Twitter.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: Parodied in DeviantArt, as the narrator states that the site has its own language program, where you can learn words like "desu", "kawaii", "sugoi", "nii-chan", "neko", and "waifu":
    "...which all roughly translate to FUCK OFF."
    • Appears again in the "Self-insert Yaoi" section in Fanfiction.net.
  • Gross-Up Close-Up: One section in Tumblr has a penguin trying to convince others that it's going extinct, before revealing that it was a lie:
    "...but one day [cue close up] IT MIGHT NOT BE."
    • Duck Fayce has one in Facebook after the Narrator deletes someone from her friend-list.
    • Twice in Fanfiction.net; once with "Ally" in one of the stories, and again with The Author/Scary Ostrich Man at the very end.
  • Hermaphrodite: A peg in Tumblr tries to claim to be this by slapping a picture of a vagina over his crotch. The narrator tells him that the term is racist (somehow), telling him to call himself "vagin-abled" instead.
  • Hilarious Outtakes: Included in the extras video for Fanfiction.net.
  • Hive Mind: One segment from Tumblr has the Delightful Children from Down the Lane complaining about discrimination towards these.
  • Hypocritical Humor: One of the listed steps to BECOME FAMOUS! in YouTube is to slap a pair of big cartoon boobs on the thumbnail of your videos — the illustration being on the thumbnail for the video itself, of course. Something similar occurs in Tumblr.
    • In the same video, the narrator mocks the idea of reminding people to like and subscribe in videos. As he says this, a scene with a "Like" and "Subscribe" button (the latter links to Jelloapocalypse's channel page) appears, and the buttons are emphasized while a peg representing the narrator attempts to casually drink water and drag the scene out.
  • Informed Self Diagnosis: Parodied in Tumblr:
    "Do you worry about tests sometimes? You have ANXIETY DISORDER! Do you touch the doorknob before opening doors? Then you've got CRIPPLING OCD! Do you sometimes itch yourself in public? Then it looks like you're TURNING INTO A WOLF!"
  • Inherently Funny Words: Duck Fayce's "QUACK!" in the Facebook video gets funnier every time. Especially because it's an adult man's voice attached to a 13-year-old girl.
  • The Internet Is for Porn: Jokes about porn or erotica on the internet are made often. A particularly notable one in Tumblr, when the propeller-beanie peg is searching for art in some tags:
    Narrator: *at a door* Knock knock!
    Propeller Peg: Who's there?
    Narrator: PORN! *hundreds of "boobies and tits" crash through the door, crushing Propeller Peg*
  • Lame Pun Reaction: The narrator in Tumblr recommends pandering to a fandom - or "pandom". Cue several "boo"'s flying across the screen.
  • Long Title: One of the stories in Fanfiction.net, "One Direction Goes One Direction, And That Direction is Towards My Vagina".
  • "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer: In Tumblr, the URL the Wheel Of Shipping comes up with for a blog about shipping the Once-ler with himself is "thisactuallyhappens.tumblr.com". For the record, it does.
    • One of the Welcome to Twitter tweets quotes a 0/10 review of The Iron Giant with the footnote: "An actual review I saw for 'The Iron Giant' on Rotten Tomatoes once."
  • Non Sequitur:
    "Harry, I made you MUFFINS!" Even though that is so not what they were talking about!
    • Joe's various stories as he tries to fill up time.
    "One time, an armadillo winked at me."
  • Number of the Beast: One of the creepypasta clichés mocked in Fanfiction.net
  • Occidental Otaku: The more negative kind of them is a frequent target of mockery in the series. Most prevalent in Deviantart (which mocks using Japanese words in place of English for no real reason) and in Fanfiction.net's "Self-Insert Yaoi" example (which is a demonstration of what happens when you cram too many anime elements into a story).
  • Political Correctness Gone Mad: Tumblr's social justice warriors are repeatedly made fun of in its accompanying video.
  • Psycho Strings: Used at the end of Facebook, when Duck Fayce is adding the Narrator to her friend-list.
  • Precision F-Strike: Generally once a video (except for Facebook).
  • Punny Name: Mrs. Preecay's Pre-K.
    • Duck Fayce, the duck with a permanent duckface in Welcome to Facebook. Judging by her Facebook email address, "Duck" is short for Dulcinea.
  • Recurring Character: When Scary Ostrich Man holds up a picture of "Nathan from school," you can see it's the same peg wearing sunglasses that was featured in Welcome to Youtube.
    • The nerdy peg in Welcome to DeviantArt tries submitting her "literature" to the website's fanfiction category and appears again writing stories for Wattpad in Welcome to Fanfiction.net.
    • Predisposition Pete appears as part of the "being sad" sequence in Welcome to Tumblr and later in the angry mob confronting Jello in a bathrobe about a pro-Republican post. He's also a history teacher and a therapist in Welcome to Twitter.
    • The propeller peg whom the narrators try to guide in Welcome to Tumblr can also be seen in Welcome to Youtube in the section about comments, saying "I like your ghost costume" to a KKK member and in Welcome to Twitter selling lemon grenades and later pointing to a sales graph. He's also in Mrs. Preecay's Pre-K class and finds naked pictures of George Costanza while hunting for Easter eggs.
    • One tweet merely reads "Girls" with a background filled with several posing Duck Fayces.
    • The tattoo artist peg drawing semi-colons in Welcome to Fanfiction.net also brought the alphabet to Pre-K show and tell in Twitter.
  • Re Cut: Facebook got an HD reupload, which, in addition to higher quality, edits some clips and adds a joke that was outdated due to updates on Facebook.
  • Rouge Angles of Satin: Mocked several times, most explicitly in DeviantArt. All of the fake fanfics in FanFiction.Net contain this to varying degrees, with the animations illustrating the typos as well.
    • Marissa and the Vocaloids eat in a diner called Vocaloid Dinner. A flickering neon sign on the outside of the building emphasizes the typo.
    • Ally has low self-estem, illustrated by a twig sticking out of the ground. In the Welcome to Fanfiction.net outtakes video, Jello specifically corrects Larry Bundy Jr. when he pronounces the phrase correctly.
  • Running Gag: Youtube repeatedly mentions "BECOME FAMOUS!" as a goal.
    • Several commenters interrupt the narrator in Youtube with the phrase "like if _____" before they are cussed out.
    • The song used in the "AMV" in Welcome to Youtube, "Pocky Pocky Mr. Sweetie," appeared again as an elevator music arrangement as the music during the Fanfiction.net self-insert yaoi.
    • "You Triedth place" is used in both Welcome to Youtube and in the Welcome to Twitter toothpaste gurgling contest as a placeholder general rankings beneath first.
    • The artist in the beginning of Welcome to Tumblr wears the same kind of glasses as the "BECOME FAMOUS!" peg once she gains popularity.
    • In Welcome to Fanfiction.net, a person named Nathan is frequently blamed for the authors' own shortcomings.
  • Said Bookism: Parodied extensively in Fanfiction.net, especially in the deleted purple prose story shown in the extras video. Plenty of the "said" substitutions also try (and fail) to verb the nouns.
  • Sdrawkcab Name: The "Wattpad" story example in Fanfiction.net uses "Mr. Noitcerid Eno" as a "code-name" for One Direction.
  • Self-Deprecation: Youtube jokingly suggests making an Abridged Series as a way to attract attention from the anime community. The narrator then sarcastically says "Those are always a success!," providing a link via annotation which reads: "What loser would even try something like that, am I right?". The link leads to Jello's own Abridged Series.
  • Self-Insert Fic: Mocked thoroughly in Fanfiction.net, with all but one of the example fics containing a narrator obviously meant as a stand-in for the author. Most evident in the last fic, titled "One Direction goes One Direction And That Direction is Towards my Vagina."
    • Scary Ostrich Man cautions against using an Author Avatar name too similar to your own, lest Nathan from school figure out it's a self-insert.
    • Also in Welcome to Fanfiction.net, Jello as the narrator says to think of a handsome name for your titular character, then promptly types "Jello."
  • Shipping: invoked Mocked often.
    • In DeviantArt:
    "Finally, the world can see your opinions on which Professor Layton characters will make the best couple."note 
    • The AMV explanation in Youtube mentions showing off your favorite and/or imaginary Axis Powers Hetalia pairings in them.
    • In Tumblr, a "Wheel Of Shipping" is used to determine someone to ship the Once-ler with for a blog. It lands on the Once-ler. Which may still be better than Gene Wilder, another option.
    • Given that it involves fanfic, Fanfiction.Net contains a lot of jokes about it.
  • Shout-Out: One part of Facebook uses the Saturn Valley music from EarthBound.
    • The time skip in Facebook has a title card done in the style of Majora's Mask.
    • There are several video thumbnails shown at one point in Welcome to Youtube, one of which shows the well from The Ring. While the narrator discusses other types of videos, Samara Morgan emerges from the well and comes towards the viewer.
    • When the narrator in Welcome to Tumblr mentions cosplay, there is a peg wearing a Vyse costume.
      • The straight, well-off peg shows off his heterosexuality with a stack of Playboy magazines.
      • A peg diagnosed with "anxiety disorder" takes on the facial expression from The Scream.
      • Another segment involving fandom shows a peg dressed as Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece. Jello thanks One Piece in the credits for "giving [him] 142 episodes of something to watch" during the making of the video.
      • During the fandom montage the narrator mispronounces "Attack on Titan" as "Attack on Titania," represented as little dots attacking a giant Titania from Fire Emblem Tellius.
      • The female narrator recommends pretending to have a gold rush era disease while night blogging to keep enraged followers at bay. Cheat Commando Gunhaver gives the same advice to discourage cheating Blue Laser minions in "Commandos in the Classroom."
      • The peg with the pink afro complaining about typical gender roles is clearly a magypsy from MOTHER 3.
      • A Cirno peg says "What is air?" towards the end of Welcome to Tumblr, in reference to a SuperJacket comic dub about the same meme in which anthropomorphic Tumblr was played by a voice actress under the alias "Cirno."
    • Twitter has several, usually hidden in the hashtags.
      • The chalkboard outside the lemonade stand has a sign advertising "lemon-gren-ades."
      • The tweet "Get Jiggy With it" literally features a peg dancing with two jiggies from Banjo-Kazooie.
      • #YouCantHideWhatsInside
    • Welcome to Fanfiction.net (and Wattpad) also had a few:
      • While the narrator uses one too many homophones for "you" during a segment, several versions of the narrator guy in various costumes come up in bubbles. One of the various costumes was the Persona 4 protagonist Yu Narukami.
      • Another one, used for "show", is a Sho Minamimoto peg.
      • Coldsteel the Hedgeheg, a joke character used to lampoon original Sonic the Hedgehog characters, appears when the narrator is encouraging writers to steal characters liberally.
      • Boss and Putt-Putt both make an appearance in the Wattpad story. A strangely realistic crayon version of Ryan Stiles appears when Ally confuses him for Harry Styles.
  • Show, Don't Tell: Parodied inversion in the fanfiction video.
  • Slash Fic: Parodied repeatedly in Welcome to Fanfiction.net.
    • Oliver Twist: The Twisted Fates is "rated T for FaginxDodger!;)" which one of the reviewers complains about.
    • The bucktoothed peg with glasses writes a story for Wattpad called Harry Styles and the Sorcerer's Stone also gay"
    • Len Kagamine and Camui Gakupo are paired together in the Self-Insert Yaoi. The story is done in the style of a visual novel, and the player deliberates on the main menu between New Game and "Naked Mode."
    • Ally's boss can't decide which of his four male secretaries is Mr. Noitcerid Eno because "all of them was [his] boyfriend." Later the members of OneDirection start kissing and touching each other's butts (but they still like Ally the best).
    • The story explicitly labeled as slash fiction, however, clearly features a heterosexual couple (Female Wii Fit Trainer and Olimar), which may have been the point.
  • Stylistic Suck: The fanfic segments in Welcome to Fanfiction.net were actually written by JelloApocalypse et al.
    • Also in Welcome to Fanfiction.net, an excerpt of the Oliver Twist story is shown, and the grammar of which leaves much to be desired.
    • The narration, clearly supposed to be a guide written by a fanfic author, has TONS of clearly intentional examples. One of the first things in the videos is this joke "Let's start with the basics. Because where else would we start, the acidics? AUTHOR'S NOTE: That was a chemistry joke!" note  Mistakes Like that are peppered throughout the "guide".
    • All of Steam. It's the only video without animations, being made by drawing on papers, and it focuses on "Joe", who' trying to make his own video due to Jello not making one.
    • Duck Fayce's entire profile.
      • Her favorite books are the Bible and "Jonas Brothers." Activities she has liked include "breathing," and her workplace is listed as the Krusty Krab.
      • She attributes a famous Marilyn Monroe quote to Marilyn Manson.
      • She also has a profile for her unborn child, though the father is unknown.
  • Suddenly Sexuality: Joe discovers that he's gay during Steam after drawing an attractive male figure and calls his girlfriend off-camera to break up with her.
    I'm not gay... but I might be gay.
  • Take That: The videos are mostly made of these towards popular sites and users.
    • Through the whole series, many MANY potshots are taken at the very concept of "micro-blogging".
    • DeviantArt mocks people who overuse Japanese terms, inflation artists, and shippers.
    • Facebook mocks people who whine about their (very simple) problems on Facebook, along with people who take bad photos and don't admit it, people who friend people they barely know and refuse to unfriend anyone, and people who misuse the site in general.
    • YouTube mocks people who make comments about the like/dislike bar, comments that say "Thumbs up if [X] brought you here", users that upload certain types of videos, and Youtube's copyright system, among other things. Specific channels that get a Take That against them include Fred, The Annoying Orange, Pony.MOV, Ray William Johnson, and PewDiePie.
    • Twitter only gets 140 letters into the video before cutting out. The rest of the video is a slideshow of nonsensical tweets made by Jello himself, ending with "Get Off Twitter". It appears to be a Take That against Twitter's very concept.
    • Tumblr mocks fandom, night bloggers who post flame bait, people who reblog important causes without seeing if said causes are real or not, and especially social justice warriors.
    • invokedVine pretends to be 6.5 seconds long, ending with "and that's it". Instead of taking any more piss out of Vine specifically, the rest consists of Jello himself talking to "Joe" and taking the piss out of his own commenters and their suggestions for future videos.
    • Fanfiction.net (and Wattpad) mocked the huge grammatical errors some of the authors make, Mary/Gary Sues, ripping off another person's works, and self-insert fics. They also like to make fun of Occidental Otaku, like Deviantart before it.
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: Duck Fayce in Facebook wears a bow.
    • The Shia LaBeouf fan peg has a large purple bow and no other discriminate female features.
    • Two monkeys in Welcome to Tumblr are given a top hat and a pink bow to depict men and women, respectively.
  • The Ditz: When WTF Guy asks Duck Fayce what her dead classmate's favorite color was, she guesses rice.
  • The '90s:
    "Don't like that picture! Everybody remembers Hey Arnold!note , it's not an old show."
    "You are not a 90's kid, you were born in '99."
  • Time Skip: The titular guide in Facebook is deactivated a minute into the video by Duck Fayce, and reawakens four months later to find that she's utterly ruined her profile page.
  • Title Drop: Near the beginning of every video.
  • Twist Ending: Parodied at the end of the "Creepypasta" fic in Fanfiction.net. The twist: YOU were the main characters (both of them), so you became a skeleton. Then you wrote the fanfic you just read.
  • Unreliable Narrator: In the Fanfiction.net creepypasta the author claims to live alone at first but suddenly acquires a roommate halfway through, who then changes genders as the author forgets again. He also explains that Etsy is just "hipster eBay" and refers to his Gameboy Advance as a Playstation. The roommates are able to load up the game while seemingly forgetting the author just broke it in half.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: The protagonist of the "Creepypasta" story in Fanfiction.net acts pretty casually to seeing several warning signs that his game is not right. Likely a mockery on the many creepypastas that could've been avoided had people stopped being ignorant earlier.
    Creepypasta Protagonist: *after seeing the game spell "your dead" with Unowns* Preety suspicion," I think but probably just something in my eye???
  • Viral Marketing: invoked Parodied. All of the tweets in Welcome to Twitter were actual tweets on Jello's twitter.
  • Visual Pun: Several installments represent "boobies" and "tits" with the respective birds.
    • In Welcome to Youtube, Veteran users of the website are called "old tubers" and represented by an elderly potato. Old Tuber is shown being sliced open on a cutting board when the narrator talks about cooking shows.
    • The user in Facebook is an anthropomorphic duck and is literally named "Duck Fayce".
    • Twitter shows "hash tags" — that is, tags that have been hashed. Also, during the extended post-credits bloopers, one tweet reads "grill up some hash and then tag it!"
    • Predisposition Pete gets off on seeing a banana next to a flower in Welcome to DeviantArt.
    • The title card for the creepypasta in Welcome to Fanfiction.net shows a creepy plate of pasta.
    • Ally is One Direction's biggest fan, which she explains by suddenly becoming the size of a skyscraper.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Ally mentions her best friend Samanther is also in the office in the One Direction story, but after that she is never referred to again.

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