Web Animation / Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz

Mickey the Dick

A 2010 Animated Web Series created by HotDiggedyDemon, Wacky Game Jokez for Kidz (abbreviated WGJ4K) is a videogame-based comedy show that centres around Mickey the Dick, a cynical, belligerent street thug from the slums of New York City who is kidnapped by the corporation Videogame Videos (VGV) (for reasons never explicitly stated) and is forced into being the creator of a online videogame parody series, alongside his production crew in the form of hardcore gamers Eric and June.

What makes this an unbearable punishment for Mickey is the fact that he has a massive disdain for anything related to videogames, and frequently expresses this by tormenting his co-workers, destroying equipment, not co-operating with orders and generally acting like, yes, a dick, much to the chagrin of his boss, who is equally no stranger to Mickey's abuse.

The ten-episode series can be found on Newgrounds or onHot Diggedy Demon's YouTube channel. Despite the story ending on a very ambiguous note, creator Max Gilardi has no intent on reviving the series for a second season or shorts. Instead he dumped the storyboards for the scrapped season 2 here.

This series provides examples of: