Ship Sinking

"Also I think I ruined a solid year's worth of perfectly good shipping with recent revelations. WHOOPSEE DAISEE"
Andrew Hussie, after a particular twist in Homestuck

Ship Sinking is an event that seems to kill any reasonable chance of a romantic relationship occurring between two characters in the canon of the work. Though many producers and writers are aware of Shipping in their respesctive fandoms, that doesn't necessarily mean they like it. It may be because of the actions of the fans if they get too rowdy about it, or they just don't like the pairing involved, have intended the pairing to die for dramatic effect, or have simply decided on an alternative set of partners for those characters. Whatever the reason, the creator loads torpedoes to send the ship to Davy Jones' Locker.

It can be a betrayal, a very sudden familial connection, hooking up with someone else, having the respective love interest kick the bucket, really being only friends or like brother & sister, or maybe they just bring them out of the closet (or rarely, put them in), or the many varieties of a character being Killed Off for Real. Basically, the canon has sunk the ship. Ship Teasing often occurs before the sinking to enhance the dramatic effect of the sinking, and there some creators who are just plain sadistic and love to see their fandom squirm before they breach the hull and tell them to say hello to Jonah.

This may cause Abandon Shipping inside the fandom of the work, but don't always count on that; some ships refuse to sink, with the help of ludicrous amounts of Shipping Goggles or outright Fanon Discontinuity. Pairings can also be revived despite a Ship Sinking moment, in which case the creator could be said to be playing with the pairing, and as such, would qualify these revival moments as more examples of Ship Tease. At its most pronounced, this can be a Humiliation Conga for shippers. In any case, it's probably going to take a Retcon to get those two together. Sorry fans!

Compare No Hugging, No Kissing. A variation on Jossing. Another variation, the Anchored Ship, occurs when factors arise that preclude the characters getting into a relationship, but have the potential to be resolved (although the problems are not always resolved, and even if they are, other factors can still sink the ship). If an Anchored Ship is never resolved before a work is finished, the moment of the anchoring will become a Ship Sinking moment. See also Death of the Hypotenuse, where the author takes it one step further by killing off one of the characters instead of making them a Romantic Runner-Up. Contrast Shipping Torpedo, when a ship is sunk or attempted to be sunk by the characters, not the writers.

If you're looking for the trope where a literal sailing vessel sinks, you'll find it at Sinking Ship Scenario.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Air Gear The Ikki Minami/Kururu Sumeragi ship was hit by Oh!Great and took on water fast as of Chapter 327, since after gently thanking Kururu for her hard work, he chooses Ringo Noyamano as his "link turner" and Battle Couple partner.
  • Aoi Hana: Yasuko/Kyouko had its share of shippers, despite Yasuko's often cold behavior toward Kyouko. This ship finally sank for good when Yasuko starts studying in England and apparently begins a relationship with her roommate. The last smidgen of hope of Kyouko still winding up with Yasuko (or maybe even another girl) gets blown to smithereens when Kyouko gets back with her fiance, Kou, and marries him.
  • Attack on Titan: In an interview, Isayama corrected on the official guidebook describing Eren's feelings for Annie to be romantic, stating that Eren respects her, but romantic feelings aren't involved (which is pretty much pointing out the obvious given Eren's Chaste Hero status, and his and Annie's relationship being that of a mentor-student one.)
  • The Big O: Season one seemed to imply there was a growing attraction between Roger and Angel. But when she finally tried confessing her feelings for him, during season 2, she was crushed that he didn't reciprocate. Moreso, when she realized it was because he had feelings for R. Dorothy instead.
  • Bleach:
    • Any fan with an interest in seeing Momo and Captain Aizen get together had their ship sunk when Aizen almost fatally wounds her in a poignant Kick the Dog moment as the first act in his Face-Heel Turn betrayal of the entire Soul Society.
    • Ships of Orihime with Grimmjow and Ulquiorra are officially sunk. Orihime's feelings for Ichigo are still there and have remained there all the time, and Ulquiorra has been dead for a while already. Grimmjow's return to the story accompanied increased in-universe Ship Tease between Orihime and Ichigo.
    • Gin x Rangiku shipping was sunk due to certain revelations that were made about Gin which foreshadowed his death.
  • Captain Tsubasa sunk the two ships that had Kumi Sugimoto as one of the members. First, it was very obvious that she had no chance with Tsubasa and it was definitely sealed when he chose Sanae instead. And in World Youth Cup, the mildly-popular fan option Ishizaki got together with Yukari instead.
  • CLAMP:
    • During the initial run of Cardcaptor Sakura, they very intentionally did this after one artist misunderstood and drew Tomoyo being infatuated with Sakura's brother Toya, making her behavior later get a Retcon of being because she thought he resembled Sakura, the real object of her affections. The ladies got a good laugh out of this later.
    • In Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Fay D Flourite/Chii gathered a small but vocal fanbase. While this ship was pretty much doomed from the start in canon, due to Chii already having a canon soulmate in Hideki from Chobits, the ship was mostly based on a very misleading episode in the notorious Canon Discontinuity anime, 'Date With a Magician', in which Fay takes Chii out on a 'date' and Chii appears quite infatuated with him by the end of the episode. Also the two's affectionate behavior at the very beginning of the manga. The ship was officially sunk by CLAMP in the manga, however, when it was revealed that Fay had purposefully created Chii to look just like his deceased mother for her to protect and watch over his dead twin brother Yuui's body. People often forget that Syaoran's mother was Sakura too, but Sakura/Syaoran had been well known since Cardcaptors, so people don't think it is wrong..
    • Xxx Holic sinks practically every pairing to a certain degree by the end of the story. Watanuki/Himawari and Watanuki/Doumeki (and Doumeki/Watanuki/Himawari) all get sunk when it's revealed that Himawari now has a husband, and that Doumeki marries Kohane. But Kohane also was in love with Watanuki, so that under-the-radar ship got sunk as well in the process. Watanuki now has a Single-Target Sexuality of sorts for Yuuko. Then there's Yuuko herself who died 3/4 of the way through the series. Basically, come the last chapter, no one gets to be with the person they love the most.
    • In episode 18, the three alternate crushes are swiftly dispatched all at once during a tennis match, becoming increasingly miserable as Tomoya's unconscious behavior makes it crystal-clear what the Official Couple is. (There's always the Visual Novel, and the special episodes where Tomoya hooks up with Tomoyo or Kyou instead.)
    • The Visual Novel is not much less merciless, especially if you consider that more than a good third of the game (After Story, the canon sequel to the School Arc) is devoted entirely to Nagisa. Even if you ignore that third, the game still leans towards Nagisa.
  • Code Geass:
    • Lelouch/Shirley: Sunk in the first season by Lelouch's belief that he's too bloodstained to deserve someone like her, making her forget about him "for her own good". In the year between seasons, Shirley is murdered by Rolo in full Yandere mode.
    • Lelouch/Kallen: Sunk late in the second season after many Ship Teases and Moment Killers, when Kallen pours her heart out to Lelouch, and he doesn't respond at all, standing there with a blank look on his face, which leads her to believe that he doesn't care. In Kallen's character poem, which came with the DVD, she states that if he had said he loved her, even if it had been a lie, she "would even follow [him] to hell", and acknowledges that this is probably the reason he didn't answer her. Given that he was about to embark upon the path to world domination, only to have himself assassinated to facilitate world peace, it makes sense he'd want to distance himself from her.
    • Lelouch/C.C.: Sunk (or at least badly damaged) by Word Of God around the end of the first season, when Yukana (C.C.'s seiyuu) said in interviews that the love C.C. feels for Lelouch is purely motherly and not really romantic. They still did a little Ship Tease for the fans when an amnesiac C.C. seems to develop romantic feelings for Lelouch during the second season.
    • The possible Suzaku x Kallen ship, which may never have been meant to set sail from the get go, considering that Kallen truly despises Suzaku and has tried to kill him on many an occasion. But what really sunk the ship was when Suzaku decided to use Refrain on her, and then decided against it at the last minute, opting to drug her instead. Then in the next episode, just to make sure the ship stayed sunk, they had Kallen use a 7 hit combo to beat the tar out of him.
    • The possibility of Suzaku x Euphemia was sunk when Euphemia died after being shot by Lelouch in Episode 23 of Season 1.
  • Digimon Adventure 02:
    • Fan Preferred Couples Tai/Sora and Takeru/Hikari were sunk in the Distant Finale. Although, most fans tend to ignore said finale anyway.
    • Just for laughs, an episode had Daisuke doing his best to impress Hikari... and V-Mon trying to ship himself with Tailmon. It didn't ended well for them, and at the end of the series, both of them had given up on their crushes and moved on.
  • Elfen Lied: Fan favourite couple Lucy/Kouta seemed to have some floating in the anime, but when the Manga arrived to the part of having Kouta remember that she killed his family, all hopes came crashing down and he ended up with Team Mom Yuka — and this is after Lucy's death, much to the rage of some fans.
  • The first anime of Fullmetal Alchemist had one of these where essentially everyone was screwed. There was a lot of contention between Ed/Winry and Ed/Rose factions, but both ships were sunk with a single torpedo when Ed was shunted into another reality. OUR reality.
  • Fushigi Yuugi sinks Miaka/Hotohori to rock bottom. Hotohori gets over Miaka, realising he was in love with the idea of Suzaku no Miko, gets married to a court princess named Houki; Miaka gets married to Taka Sukunami.
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula: The Kaga/Kyoko relationship had enough Ship Teasing in Zero and Saga to hint at their relationship, and in the final episode of Sin, it looked like they may finally get together (they even kissed!), but then Kaga retiring from Cyber Formula for good and going to America on an airplane, with Kyoko walking away disheartened dashed all hopes of them being together.
  • Gundam:
    • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: The sequel novel Frozen Teardrop, written by the show's head author, has gone and put coffin nails in a few ships already.
      • Wu Fei/Sally: Sally has a daughter named Kathy, but not with Wu Fei (Kathy is his subordinate in Preventer).
      • Duo/Hilde: Between the show and the novel they got married, got divorced, had a son, and Hilde died off-"camera" with Duo never remarrying).
      • Heero/almost everybody: He spent the last 30-odd years in cryogenic stasis, meaning he's still a teen while the others are all middle-aged. The sole exception is Relena, who was also frozen, but Heero was thawed out to kill her. Even so, she's the most likely of the original cast.
      • A Zigzagging Trope in regards to Trowa/Quatre: At first Trowa (now Doktor T) was seen spending time with Quatre's little sister Catherine, and there was no word about Quatre. Then Catherine is also seen with Trowa Phobos, a young man trained by Trowa and Catherine Bloom... and also "Milliardo's" assassin., and her brother Quatre is now known as Instructor Q and Trowa's partner in building new Gundams. Neither of the two are married, and in the meantime, Trowa Phobos and Catherine are seen getting closer...
    • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: One reason why it's reviled by some fans of the original GundamSEED was the sinking of the (canon, rings and all) Athrun / Cagalli ship. Matters probably weren't helped by the pervading (and never proved) rumor that it was partially brought about by the storyboarder's personal grudges. The consequence? Absolutely * venomous* and misogynistic bashing of Meyrin Hawke and Meer Campbell coming from enraged Athrun/Cagalli fans, some of them going as far as bragging and flaming when poor Meer was tragically killed in front of Athrun in the blogs and fansites of some vocal Meer fans who were also more or less known BNFs, and later bitching AsuMey out in the Athrun/Meyrin LJ comm and other sites, giving the AsuCaga fans as a whole a horrible reputation that took years to cleanse.
      • Super Robot Wars Z does a better job at sinking the Shinn and Stella pairing partially by having Shinn and Luna's relationship not be so badly fumbled so that it lives up to Fukuda's claims that theirs was the ONLY pairing experiencing true love. In Setsuko's route, provided Stella is saved, one of Shinn's first lines when she comes on board is to tell Luna he considers Stella like a sister.
      • The heavily hinted at Dearka/Miriallia ship from SEED was also sunk in Destiny in an even more unsatisfying way. One scene where Athrun mentions he met Dearka on the PLANTs, and Miriallia's reaction is 'oh, him ', and the next scene when she arrives on the Archangel and Murdoch asks her about what happened between them, and she says 'I dumped him'. All off-screen, of course. In a bizarre semi-subversion though, some fans of the ship were actually excited about this, as it meant that the couple had gotten together at one point. To this day there is a great deal of Fanon that interprets their relationship as one of those bickering on again, off again things.
    • Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, by pre-releasing the character designs of the three Generational Protagonists from the very start, is a unique case where any and all other possible pairings involving the first two main protagonists (aside from Flit/Emily and Asemu/Romary) are essentially killed off before they even begin - or for that matter, before the series has even started airing in the first place. It's specially vicious in the first case since Flit's First Love Yurin is killed in the first arc, which actually took place before the series chronologically started.
  • Gunslinger Girl. Despite Ship Tease comments from cyborg Triela on how she feels for her handler Hilshire, the latter hooking up with prosecutor Roberta Guellfi appears to have killed off even a strictly platonic romance, with them instead reverting to their surrogate father/daughter dynamic. It doesn't help that Triela is Genre Savvy enough to realize that a good part of her feelings might be instilled by her training/brainwashing, hence deciding to not pursue him.
  • Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: The manga, apart from the popular (and author-preferred) Akane/Yorihisa ship, had quite a bit of fans of Akane/Tenma, Akane/Yasuaki, and to a lesser extent Akane/Akuramnote . The last one was technically doomed by defaultnote , and Akane becoming determined to defeat Akuram proved the ship to be too fragile to survive. Then the story continued going in the Yorihisa direction, firmly established when the incident with a not-fully-conscious kiss occurred. Even after Tenma was implied to have given up, the dramatic tension went on, since there was still a small possibility left that the manga might at least go for an open ending... until all alternate ships were sunk (or at least severely damaged) in the finale when Akane took Yorihisa to "our" world. Of course, Haruka being a franchise derived from a Dating Sim, it was bound to upset somebody...
  • Heat Guy J: The most famous (in its tiny Fandom) yaoi pairing (Namely, Daisuke x Clair) seems to have an attempt at this. First of all, Daisuke's feelings are towards Antonia, and later towards Kyoko. Secondly, Kyoko returns those feelings for Daisuke. Thirdly, Clair has a girlfriend in the manga, although she does not exist in the anime. Fourthly, Clair takes some interest in Kyoko (albeit subtle; he doesn't actually make any moves towards her). Fifthly, just for added insurance, Daisuke goes off on an adventure and only says goodbye to Kyoko, who tells him I Will Wait for You.
  • Hellsing: Any Ship with Seras Victoria other than Seras/Pip. Word Of God states that that "if Seras wasn't a vampire and Pip wasn't a mercenary, they would be the perfect couple, everybody would be envious of". See also their entry on the Official Couple page.
  • Honey and Clover: Quite a few fans kept hoping that Hagu would give Yuuta a chance, but saw all their hopes vanquished after Hagu starts avoiding Yuuta after his Anguished Declaration of Love.
  • InuYasha repeatedly attempts to sink Sesshomaru/Rin. Rin became a Shipper on Deck for Sesshomaru and Kagura, and the manga clearly portrayed that kind of thing as being ridiculous when the characters all found out that Miroku had proposed to an eleven year old girl to bear his child when she got older, and everyone was disgusted, even though Koharu had returned to Miroku when she was grown up. The shippers had their ship completely destroyed when the final chapter came out and it turns out that they not only never get together, Rin had also left Sesshomaru's side — with both parties consenting. The ship still goes strong, but hey, you tried.
  • Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl: The anime adaptation did this in a rather cruel way. After Hazumu gets her girl, and the final episode had aired, an OVA came out. Hazumu and Yasuna had broken up, because the latter wanted to be independent; which makes no sense since that didn't mean she had to break up with Hazumu. At the end of the episode, Hazumu and Tomari gain a Relation Ship Upgrade and get married. The OVA seems to be pure fanservice for the shippers, since most strings had been tied and the ending did nothing.
  • K-On!: Fans who had picked up on the chemistry between Yui and Azusa were very disappointed when in the movie, Azusa gets very upset when she suspects Yui might have feelings for her. But honestly, the fact that Azusa's emotional outburst from the manga got rewritten to be aimed at the whole group instead of just Yui should already have sounded some alarm bells.
  • Played with in Magi – Labyrinth of Magic, shippers of Alibaba x Morgiana were dissapointed when it seemed Alibaba started dating Toto while he was in Reim but as it turned out Alibaba was just lying in order to keep from disappointing everyone over the fact he couldn't get a girlfriend and Toto's blushing face was because she was drunk. So the only ship sunk was the one that was supposedly doing the sinking.
  • Lovely Complex: Done quite literally in the first episode with Risa's and Otani's crushes.
  • Lyrical Nanoha: The Chrono/Nanoha and Chrono/Fate ships were simultaneously sunk after the Time Skip, when they had Chrono and Amy get married with kids.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! sinks all the most popular ships at the clearly rushed-for-outer-reasons end. Negi tells Asuna who he likes and it's apparently someone surprising and definitely not her. Nodoka and Yue later indicate that they were both rejected, Evangeline is still after Nagi, Chisame is a NEET and even less popular options like Shiori and Anya seem to be shot down with their failure to even appear.
  • In Mai Hime, while Natsuki x Takeda never had much of a chance, "Natsuki no Prelude" included a scene in which Natsuki sent Takeda a letter saying she did not love him around the time the HiME fighting forced the school to shut down. The art books imply that she eventually ends up with Shizuru, which had been hinted at in the series itself, so it was sunk from the start.
  • Mai-Otome: Arika/Sergay gets torpedoed when in Episode 22, Sergay admits that he had feelings for Arika, but that he will put them aside to follow Nagi's orders to capture or kill her for Nina's sake, and Arika also acknowledges that she will do what she must. At the end of the series, Sergay loses his memories and lives on a remote farm with Nina, enabling Nina to establish a new and presumably romantic relationship with him as a mature woman, without Sergay remembering or even encountering Arika.
  • Mazinger Z:
    • Sayaka/Boss: Early on Boss was very infatuated with Sayaka who was totally smitten with Kouji. However, Sayaka's reaction during one of the finalr arcs of the manga suggests maybe Boss had one chance... but he did not take it. So he (romantically) cared no longer or he valued his friendship with Kouji too for trying anything with Sayaka.
    • Kouji/Erika: Erika was a enigmatic, amnesiac girl showed up one day in the Institute. There was a certain chemistry between Koui and her, but it went nowhere since it was revealed she was an android. And then she got murdered.
    • Tetsuya/Misato: Misato was Boss' cousin and a secondary character during Mazinger Z last season. She also showed up in the Great Mazinger manga penned by Gosaku Ota. Even though he liked Jun, Tetsuya found himself attracted to her, but then she got brutally murdered by Marquis Janus. Tetsuya himself died shortly after commiting a Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Kouji/Hikaru: In one episode it was told Kouji was infatuated with Hikaru but he never tried anything with her out of respect for his friend Duke. Cue Duke's sister Maria Grace showing up in the next episode (and keep in mind it was Sayaka who was meant to show up instead of her).
    • Duke/Rubina: Their parents got them engaged when they were kids, becoming a Childhood Friend Romance. Then her father invaded and Duke's planet, killing the whole population and accidentally turning it into a radioactive wasteland, and they became Star-Crossed Lovers. Later she met Duke and tried to convince him the only way to stop the war was they getting married. Duke accepted, but she got murdered shortly after for a scorned suitor.
    • Duke/Hikaru and Kouji/Maria: Both pairings kind of sunk at the end of the series when Duke and Maria left Earth, forcing themselves to leave their friends behind for the sake of rebuilding their homeworld.
  • Naruto:
    • Chapter 614 sunk the possibility of either Neji/Hinata or the relatively-popular Beta Couple Neji/Tenten, specifically because Neji is now dead.
    • The very final chapter was a shipsinker of epic proportions, as the major ship launchers all hooked up with someone else. Only Gaara stayed single, and Shikamaru and Temari had been fairly obvious for a long time.
    • One particular ship, Naruto/Sakura, was sunk in a spectacular fashion. First when it was revealed in the final chapter that they ended up with Hinata and Sasuke respectively. Secondly it was later revealed in a canon movie that Naruto's crush on Sakura was just another facet of his rivalry with Sasuke, the guy that Sakura had a crush on, and it ultimately never went beyond Platonic Friendship. The final nail in the coffin comes in when the anime voice actors of Team 7 revealed they knew that Sakura would end up together with Sasuke since the first airings of the anime because the author told them about it. . Also in an interview with the author stating that Naruto marrying Hinata was planned from some time ago and that all hints pointing otherwise were a deliberate mislead made to pull the legs of the shippers.
      • Prior to the above, there was Sakura's false love confession to Naruto (which itself was a verbatim reading of the favorite arguments made by the people who shipped them together) in order to relieve him of the promise he made to her of bringing Sasuke back for her and suffering greatly for it. Naruto sees right through her ruse, and rejects it outright. In hindsight, it was probably the definitive sinking of the pairing and all of the rest only cemented it.
    • The Sasuke/Karin ship has gone through several cycles of teasing, then sinking, and then raised again from the depths: First when Sasuke stabs through her to kill Danzo and as result Karin decides that she's through with him, but then during the Shinobi war, she immediately forgives him and has several Ship Teasing moments with him, but then, as it was mentioned above, during the finale Sasuke is shown married to Sakura, with a daughter, Sarada, and Karin nowhere to be found. Should be the end of it right? Wrong! In the Post-Script Season, Naruto Gaiden, it is hinted that Sarada might actually be Karin's, not Sakura's daughter, a DNA test even seemingly confirms this, but in the end it is confirmed that Sakura is indeed Sarada's mother and Karin was actually the midwife. Karin herself states that as long as Sasuke is happy she is happy too finally putting the ship to rest.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • The manga devotes quite a bit of time to shifting Kaworu's status with the rest of the cast. Namely, Shinji makes it vocally clear he can't stand Kaworu, while Rei instantly susses out what he is and tells him to stay far away from her.
    • The end of End of Evangelion sinks Shinji/Rei. Shinji has the chance to stay with Rei forever in Instrumentality, with no barriers between them, however he chooses leaving and returning to the real world, even though Rei cannot leave the Sea of LCL.
    • Rebuild of Evangelion sinks nearly every single ship involving Shinji, after delivering piles of Ship Tease for them. Rei is confirmed being his mom's clone and Shinji is aware of it, Asuka flat-out hates him, and Kaworu dies rather horrifically.
  • Ojamajo Doremi:
    • Aiko makes it ambiguous as to whether she likes Anrima or not, but they begin dating after Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n! However, Aiko mentions in Ojamajo Doremi 16 that they've broken up.
    • Marina and Kimura break up in Ojamajo Doremi 17 offscreen. It's not explicitly mentioned, but when you read the context of how it's implied, you can reasonably guess that they drifted apart in pursuit of their dreams, which matter more to them than their relationship.
  • One Piece:
    • Eiichiro Oda must be a least somewhat aware of fandom's shipping tendencies since he apparently had the foresight to launch a couple of good sized torpedoes at the potential Luffy/Hancock ship, such as Luffy explicitly rejecting her proposal of marriage after the Time Skip.
    • When Luffy hears that Absalom wishes to marry Nami, Luffy comments that he must be pretty brave to want to marry her.
    • The Zoro/Nami ship's main basis is the so-called "sexual tension" indicated by their fighting. It's repeatedly shown however that he's not even attracted to her, that his lack of interest is almost a running gag, dating back to the Alubarna onsen scene when he and the non-human Chopper were the only ones to not bother peeping at Nami and Vivi.
    • Inversely there seemed to be a short ship tease moment followed quickly with a sink in one of the series's side stories between Zoro and Robin where Zoro plays Sleeping Beauty and must be awakened by true love's first kiss. One panel after Robin sees Zoro she quickly turns away and calls him unlovable.
    • The Chopper/Robin ship's main basis is due to their mutual respect for knowledge in their studies. With Chopper stating quite bluntly that he's not interested in human women puts almost any pairings with Chopper involved under fire.
    • With the chapter 771 the Baby 5/Sanji ship has officially been sunk with Don Sai accepting her hand in marriage.
  • Ouran High School Host Club has minor Ship Tease for many different Haruhi pairings, but especially for Haruhi/Hikaru, to the point that many shippers of said pairing began to hope that it may become canon (although it was pretty obvious which pairing Haruhi would end up in), but that ship was sunk when it's confirmed in the manga that Tamaki and Haruhi would be together, and Hikaru gives up on her.
  • Pokémon:
    • The anime seems to attempt to sink Tracey/Misty every single time they appear onscreen together. Misty outright says Tracey is not her boyfriend twice in the Chronicles dub.
    • Takeshi Shudo, a former chief writer of the anime, managed to sink all Ash Ketchum ships from beyond the grave with his blogs. While it's not as if the current writers of the show are bound by that, the very nature of the show makes it unlikely to change.
    • In Pokémon Black and White, N/Hilda is a very popular pairing, but in Pokémon Special, the possibility of N ending up with Hilda's counterpart White has been blown to pieces when N convinced White's Tepig Gigi to side with him and leave her, the action of which caused White to fall off the Nimbasa Ferris Wheel while N just looked on coldly.
  • Princess Tutu: Are you still waiting for Ahiru to end up with the Prince, despite how dark the series has gotten since the end of episode 13? You'll change your tune come episode 24 because he prefers Rue and Ahiru seems to have chosen Fakir. A lot.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica fans always treated Madoka/Homura as the capital ship above and beyond all others, and were delighted by the mountains of Ship Tease Rebellion provided. Until the ending, when Homura's Protagonist Journey to Villain is completed and she imprisons Madoka, making any likelihood of them getting together extremely slim.
  • In Queen's Blade, though Irma and Echidna had a canonical Teacher/Student Romance as part of their backstory, in the present, Irma is no longer interested in Echidna. Making it very clear to her that when Echidna chose to up and leave her in the middle of the night, she ended their relationship permanently, leading to Old Flame Fizzle when they cross paths again.
  • Ranma ½:
    • Ranma×Nabiki: The story "Nabiki, Ranma's New Fiancée" saw Ranma's engagement transferred to Nabiki by Akane after a temper tantrum on the latter's part. Nabiki promptly spends the rest of the story indulging her Jerkass side, emotionally tormenting Ranma and selling him off to dozens of people (including, in the manga, a scene designed to showcase that the other members of Ranma's Love Dodecahedron are villains by having Nabiki offer to auction him off to them, only for them to decide that they can just kill her and take him), in between attempts to offer to let Akane, Ranma or both pay her to get her to switch the engagement back to Akane. When Ranma approaches her and asks her out on a date, Nabiki decides that things have gotten too boring and promptly arranges for Ranma and Akane to make up.
    • Ranma×Ryoga: In the "Koi Rod of Love" story arc, Ryoga acquires a magical fishing rod that will cause anyone he "catches" to fall in love with him for cheap, and promptly tries to use it on Akane, only to accidentally catch Ranma. When he realises why Ranma is acting so weird, Ryoga is so disgusted that he promptly bundles the (presumed) sleeping Ranma up and carries "her" deep into the woods, digging a grave and planning on killing Ranma in his/her sleep so that he can then bury the body out here, thus allowing him to woo Akane and, more importantly, getting Ranma to stop flirting with him. While he initially finds himself unable to do it when Ranma tells him that "she" is willing to let him do it, he promptly resumes trying to kill Ranma when she takes that hesitance for a sign of affection. When Ranma is finally cured, he promptly beats the snot out of Ryoga and is shown deriding him as a disgusting pervert in the finale.
    • Ryoga×Ukyo: In "Oh, Cursed Tunnel of Lost Love! Let My Love Be Forever!" Ukyo makes plans to see Ranma and Akane go through a haunted tunnel whose resident spirits exist to break up loving couples, with a reputation that those split up by the tunnel are cursed to never repair their broken relationship. However, to get in, she needs to partner up with Ryoga. Ryoga and Ukyo act much like they themselves do (bickering and squabbling over Ryoga's bungling), and Ranma and Akane jump to the conclusion that they are a couple (and seem to approve, amusingly enough), as do the ghosts who wind up ignoring Ranma and Akane's Belligerent Sexual Tension to focus instead on "breaking up" the seemingly-reconciled Ryoga and Ukyo. In the manga, the story ends with Ryoga and Ukyo vehemently blaming each other for things going wrong. Whether it means the curse struck or not, for the entire rest of the series they hardly spoke to each another again. The anime, however, hits a somewhat different note — while they are eventually forced apart, they are shown taking turns saving each other from the monsters, getting a Back-to-Back Badasses moment in the process, and the story doesn't end with them yelling at each other but collapsing and being teased as lovebirds by practically all of Nerima.
    • Shampoo×Mousse: It's hard to say that this ship was ever sunk, as Mousse was pretty much always portrayed as a Stalker with a Crush, but the second-last story of the manga has Mousse give up a chance to make Shampoo his devoted slave (which is rather jarring, seeing as how all of his Establishing Character Moments are about how amoral and obsessed he is with getting Shampoo's "love", even declaring he would happily participate in a rigged fight if it would get him Shampoo's hand)... with the next panel showing the freed Shampoo glomping onto Ranma and thanking him for saving her, acting as though Mousse isn't even in the room.
    • Nabiki×Kuno: A common Fan-Preferred Couple, as Kuno is rich and gullible, while Nabiki really likes money and enjoys messing with people for her own amusement. The result is a Ship Tease Filler story in both the manga and the anime, both of which end with the idea being made fun of. In the manga, Kuno and Nabiki end up momentarily falling under a Umbrella of Togetherness and Nabiki promptly demands that Kuno pay her money for being there with her, and is horrified that she charged such a (relatively) small amount when they are set loose. In the anime, a wandering fortune teller predicts that Kuno will marry Nabiki; while the horrified Kuno tries to reluctantly go along with what he believes is foretold, he finds himself unable to give up his perverse lust and ends up with a beating from all three girls after announcing he's figured out that he will wed Nabiki as his official wife and keep Akane and Ranma-chan as concubines. He then discovers that the prediction was totally wrong, because Sasuke accidentally used the wrong firewood in the mystic flames, and goes berserk, savagely attacking both of them off-screen as the end credits roll for putting him through such an experience.
  • Strawberry Panic! ended in disappointment for many Tamao x Nagisa and Yaya x Hikari fans to say the least.
  • The creators of Tiger & Bunny like to play around with this. Episode 4 reveals Karina's crush on Kotetsu, a Crusading Widower with a kid. She doesn't find out about his wife and daughter until ep.9, upon which she seems to abandon pining for him. But following a Love Epiphany in ep.14, she realizes she can't help her feelings. The 25th episode shows Karina apparently deciding that she wants to Romance The Widower after all (take a look at the picture on the trope's main page), but then...the series ends. Kotetsu's utter obliviousness throughout the story frustrated a lot of fans, to say the least. However, the creators' later comments that "her crush was meant to be depicted as hopeless" did little to deter some shippers.
  • Toradora!: Ryuuji/Minori, when he finally realizes he's in love with Taiga, and their friends force Taiga and Ryuuji to talk about their feelings.
  • Urusei Yatsura: The above Inuyasha example wasn't Rumiko Takahashi's first experience with Ship Sinking, either. While the accuracy of claims that she developed a deep dislike of the Fan-Preferred Couple as a result of Lum's status as the Ensemble Dark Horse, resulting in her being forced to retool her to be the Official Couple with Ataru Moroboshi, are highly questionable, it's a fact that she did this as the end result of any Ship Tease story that emerged in Ranma ½.
  • Wandering Son:
    • Two ships are sunk in the chapter they were first shown. Two children became infatuated with Takatsuki and Chiba in chapter 97, only for around page thirteen the mangaka stating they'll get married in thirteen years.
    • Takatsuki/Chiba itself was sunk when Chiba began dating Fumiya.
    • Takatsuki/Nitori, and Chiba/Nitori for that matter, were sunk when Nitori began dating Anna, and Takatsuki fervently denies dating Nitori. Anna and Nitori broke up but got back together later on. Takanito really sunk when Takatsuki, who now realizes she likes Nitori, confesses to her (though she's dating Anna) and Nitori doesn't reply. The ending chapter has Takatsuki tearfully holding Nitori's hand before she goes to college and clearly has Nitori/Anna as endgame.
    • Both Doi and Seya show attraction to Nitori however when Doi and Nitori become friends it disappears and Seya quickly becomes a happy Official Couple with Nitori's sister, Maho, and the attraction he feels towards Nitori eventually dies.
  • Fan hype got big when the trailer for When Marnie Was There was released showing two cute girls forging an emotional connection. Some fans in particular were excited for the lesbian representation. It seemed to be blatant shipping fodder, with the two girls even exchanging "I love yous" onscreen. The shipping fervor died immediately when the girls were revealed to be closely related, a fact unknown to either of them until the end of the movie.
  • The World God Only Knows had about nine One True Pairings (as listed in its YMMV Page, not counting the Played for Laughs Cargo Ship) as the story was nearing its closure. Come the penultimate chapter, FLAG 267, all but one of these were subjected to a mass sinking via a "Love Confession Wham Line"-class supercavitating torpedo barrage from the Author himself.
  • Yes! Pretty Cure 5:
    • When Komachi and Nuts's mutual attraction became undeniable in the middle of episode 26, you could practically hear the maniac screaming from the Coconuts and Karen/Komachi shippers. (Meanwhile the Rin/Nuts shippers just kind of whimpered.)
    • The adverts for the sequel, GoGo, announced Syrup was going to be shipped with Rin. Next thing you know, he forms some kind of bond with Urara, especially in episode 18 (and the very couple-hinting scene near the end. Cue the collective Squee from the Syrup/Urara fan base.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: People (in the West, anyway) started shipping Juudai with Asuka or Johan pretty quickly, thanks to all the Ship Tease / Ho Yay he was getting with them. Not only did he choose his Stalker with a Crush / Forgotten Childhood Friend Yubel instead, he swore to love her and only her forever, leaving the odds of Juudai/Asuka or Juudia/Johan happening practically nonexistent.
  • Though usually the writers don't bother to sink shippings, in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's they seemingly felt like doing so. Pretty unusual case though, subverting the common First Girl Wins. Mikage Sagiri was the very first female character introduced in the show, crushing on Jack Atlas since the very beginning. Still she got pretty much dismissed by him in episode 30, and eventually was completely (and pretty harshly) turned down by him in episode 45, in favor of a girl who appeared an entire season later.
  • Zoids:
    • Zoids: Chaotic Century: The Thomas×Fiona ship was sunk in episode 51, after Van went missing after being defeated by Raven. Irvine told Thomas that Fiona loved Van, and after this point, Thomas stopped flirting with Fiona.
    • Zoids: New Century: The Bit×Leena ship was sunk in the third episode. After Harry challenged Bit to a Zoid battle, Bit was horrified when he realised that Leena would go to the winner. After Bit defeated Harry, he told him that he could have her.

    Comic Books 
  • Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • One of the first ships, early in the comic's run, involved Tails and an Australian Freedom Fighter named Barby Koala. Despite that Barby was a minor character and significantly older than Tails, who was canonically 10 or 11, fans of the ship carried a torch for her for years because she was one of only two love interests Tails ever had in almost 20 years of publication (the other one turned out to be a robot). In a forum post, writer Ian Flynn torpedoed the ship with this statement: "Okay, let's stop the Barby/Tails wagon right here... There is no Barby/Tails. Barby's affections were entirely one-sided and extremely creepy. I'll find a way to write that one into the ground to bury and kill it later, but for now, there is no Barby/Tails. And there won't be so long as I'm on the book. Seriously... ugh."
    • Another one that Ian killed was Sonic/Fiona and Tails/Fiona, the former of which hooked up near the end of Ken Penders' run. Some had theorized that Ken had done so due to the fact that Sonic and Fiona were a couple in a fan comic Ian had done before coming to Archie. Ian promptly sunk it by having Fiona reveal that she only fell in love with him because she thought he'd be the same as his Evil Twin, Evil Sonic. Fiona, then, sunk Tails/Fiona by telling him how gullible he was to think he felt that way about her and backhanded him. Interestingly, Sonic's relationship with Fiona would be a point with a small falling out between Sonic and Tails.
    • Sonic Universe Issue 58's off-panel takes a jab at Silver/Blaze. Blaze burns Marine's paper, with Marine complaining that she's "sinking her ship".
    • According to Ian Flynn, years of dealing with the shipping wars lead to him throwing his hands up in the air and end the Sonic/Sally pairing in the post-Super Genesis Wave universe. This is easily shown by the fact their interactions show nothing remotely romantic despite the fact that they had gotten back together prior to her roboticization. But then again, fans will find ways around this...
  • Spider-Girl:
  • Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in the comics based on the DCAU - Ivy crashing the Joker and Harley's wedding leads Harley to dissolve their friendship once and for all. And in Gotham City Sirens #24 the Les Yay between Harley and Ivy is acknowledged and weaponized by Harley against Ivy when Ivy tries to "save" Harley from the Joker's influence. Near the end of the issue, Selina turns on Ivy as payback for one of Ivy's attacks in the past.
  • Blackest Night sinks Kyle Rayner/Donna Troy, with both Kyle and Donna taking great pains to explain to Jade how utterly not interested in each other they are.
  • X-Men:
    • In Ultimate X-Men the Nightcrawler/Colossus ship was brutally sunk when it was revealed in issue 67 that despite being persecuted for being a blue demonic mutant and otherwise being one of the purest nicest guys on the team, Nightcrawler is suddenly a homophobe with a creepy obsession with Dazzler.
    • Back in the mainline Marvel Universe, Jim Shooter wrote a romantic sublot for Colossus in the middle of Secret Wars for the express purpose of finally putting an end to the Kitty/Colossus relationship, a longstanding point of complaint by Shooter (for good reason — his concern was not with the relationship itself, but with the fact that Kitty was at the time 14 and Colossus was 19, and so was concerned with reasonable worries about how the relationship would be perceived by Moral Guardians.) The followup issue of Uncanny X-Men was Claremont taking the plotline and running with it. Despite this, Joss Whedon tried to bring the relationship back during his Astonishing X-Men run. At this point, Kitty was an adult so the age wasn't a problem anymore.
    • In X-Men Forever, Kitty starts to have romantic feelings for Gambit. Gambit turns her down, pointing out that at the time this is going on, she is going through a massive amount of mental and physical trauma concerning her assimilation of Wolverine's claw and powers, and that she is not thinking straight.
  • Teen Titans:
    • Mixed with Die for Our Ship. So Devin Grayson doesn't like Dick/Kory and prefers Dick/Babs? Easy way to solve it: she makes Kory a shrill bitch to favor Babs. And then it gets worse.
    • Beast Boy and Raven was sunk before it really got started. Fans had been shipping the couple almost as soon as the animated series got off and running. Not long after Geoff Johns took over the Titan comic book, he made it pretty clear he was a Gar and Raven fanboy and after a year of teasing, put them together in 2005. Infinite Crisis and 52 came and went, and one timeskip later courtesy of One Year Later, and Gar and Raven were broken up. Once Johns left, other writers teased the two getting back together for a few more years, and eventually they DID get back together in Teen Titans #100... but then the New 52 relaunch happened, rebooting the timeline and placing Gar on The Ravagers, another team entirely (alongside his other love interest Terra). However, in the last issue of The Ravagers, Terra is captured by Deathstroke and Beast Boy is left for dead, but Raven finds him and takes him to the Teen Titans to stop Trigon.
    • Within the New Titans run, Marv Wolfman played with Terra II and Damage having feelings for each other, but quickly sunk the ship by the end of the series (with Damage feeling too put upon by Terra). Terra II also had feelings for Beast Boy, but he rejected her advances due to her resembling the original girl who betrayed him (although some fans still wanted to pair them together, regardless). Meanwhile, in the same run, any chances of Gar continuing to be paired off with his non-superhero girlfriend Jillian were sunk (and Jillian vanished forever) after Terra II got into a catfight with her and threatened her life to "stay away".
    • Wonder Girl and Superboy were the Official Couple throughout most of volume 3, but after Kon died for a time, Adam Beechen and Sean McKeever both had the intent of a Robin/Wonder Girl pairing... which wound up sunk itself and not lasting long. Kon then returned from the dead, but the Superboy/Wonder Girl ship wound up sunk when they broke up in JT Krul's run.
  • Robin (Tim Drake) and Secret from the Young Justice comic. Robin/Secret fans kept on sending letters to the editor about how they want them to end up together, despite the fact that Robin was never interested in any of his female team members and it looked like Secret's crush was unrequited. Finally, Peter David addressed the 'pairing' in issue #30, where Secret finds out about Robin's girlfriend Stephanie Brown, stalks her back to her house and attacks her in a jealous rage. After that, Robin kept being oblivious to Secret's feelings for him and she ended up being unstable and went over the dark side in the last few issues — which resulted in her attacking Stephanie for the second time. If this isn't ship sinking I don't know what it is.
  • Marvel has attempted to break up Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson many times. They tried The Clone Saga, then they tried killing MJ in a plane crash, but neither worked for long. Then the infamous One More Day storyline broke them up for good.
  • After the second Book of the Anathos Cycle in Les Légendaires, fans started elaborating hypothesis about Anathos not being as evil as it seems and assuming he might have feelings for his female Dragon Dark Jadina (to be fair, most villains in this series are subject to Even Evil Has Loved Ones, so it might have been partially justified). The author quickly sank the shipping in the next book by revealing Dark Jadina was indeed kinda Anathos' Dark Mistress... only to have him killing her from cold blood after she failed to defeat Jadina.
  • Every new creative team of Runaways since Vaughn and Alphona's departure from the series has made sure to sink at least one ship during their run. Joss Whedon sank both Nico/Victor by having Nico willingly step aside to let Victor pursue Lillie McGurty, and put a good-sized hole in Nico/Karolina by having Xavin finally stop trying to pretend to be male all the time. Later, Terry Moore all but obliterated Karolina/Xavin, by having Xavin take Karolina's place when she was accused of war crimes. Kathryn Immonen apparently tried to sink Nico/Chase by having Chase get hit by a car after possibly running into Gert, but then the series was cancelled. Nico/Karolina took another broadside, after the Runaways appeared in Avengers Academy, which led to Karolina hooking up with Julie Power.
  • An issue of Hawkeye seems to do this to all three of his most prominent romantic relationships: he cheats on Jessica who breaks up with him, finally signs divorce papers for his marriage with Bobbi, and Natasha is thought of as his work wife.
  • Similar to the Spider-Man example above, New 52 seems to be trying to do this with Superman and Lois Lane. It started off with pairing Lois with Jonathan Carroll or trying to set Clark up with her sister, and then Superman dating Wonder Woman. The torpedo, however officially seems to have been launched when Lois reveals to the public that Clark is really Superman. Then, they go and fire a second torpedo towards Wonder Woman.
  • A fandom favorite in Marvel Comics as of recently were between Robbie Reyes, the All-New Ghost Rider, and Kamala Khan, the All-New Ms. Marvel, even though they never met. The Secret Wars (2015) one-shot Secret Love finally makes this both Ascended Fanon and this trope when the two team up and Kamala proceeds to declare them "Crossover Besties 4 Lyfe!", much to the relief of their canon love interests.

    Fan Works 
  • Readers of At Soul's Edge, one of the numerous adaptations of the original plot of Baldur's Gate, were apparently suggesting the heroine would make a good match with Edwin, who hadn't even appeared in the story so far. The author disagreed. So Edwin made his appearance - the characters happened upon his hanging, which was executed without interruption.
  • Evangelion 303: Mari seemed initially interested in Shinji, but as soon as she found out that Shinji and Asuka were together she stopped to see him like "possible boyfriend" and started to see him like "way to get Asuka deliciously angry".
  • HERZ: Shinji/Kurumi sank long before the story started when Kurumi got Shinji drunk and took advantage of him… and Shinji thought she was Asuka through the whole thing. After that night he started to avoid Kurumi, and she knew she had lost.
  • Higher Learning: Whatever relationship that Misato and Kaoru had crashed down when Shinji left NERV temporarily and Misato blamed Kaoru for it. Their relationship died definitely when Kaji reunited with Misato after nearly getting assassinated.
  • The One I Love Is: The last scene of the second-to-last chapter sinks Shinji/Rei. At the end Shinji chooses Asuka and says a relationship between Rei and him would be bad because he would take everything, giving nothing back, and Rei would never complain or protest. He would be using her to run from reality again, and it would be unfair to her.
  • Subverted in Kyon Big Damn Hero. Kyon has accepted he has some feelings beyond friendship for all girls in the SOS Brigade but has refused to take the initiative on any of them (his Arranged Marriage and the kisses received from all of the girls from the brigade adding extra pressure doesn't help). Yuki comments "It is not ... mutual" when Kyon stayed to comfort her (Yuki had to save Kyon of something that makes her afraid). After Kyon's answer, who believed she was talking about their relationship and even had to give himself a Better as Friends inner monologue, Yuki explains that she really wanted to say is her own actions aren't on par of what she expected Kyon to do.
  • Deliberately done in Ultimate Spider-Woman: Change With The Light when Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker realize their shared origins. They feel a special Like Brother and Sister bond, and wonder if they could have gotten together... and then they burst out laughing at the sheer idiocy of the idea.
  • In White Devil of the Moon, Nanoha/Yuuno is ruled out as an option when it is mentioned that Nanoha and Yuuno have drifted apart over the years because of how busy they were at their respective jobs. Later, Nanoha/Mamoru gets sunk when Nanoha's date with him goes poorly, and after visiting the moon and rejecting her past life as Princess Serenity, Nanoha and Fate kiss.
  • Meanwhile in Blood That Flows, the premise pretty much involves Lina not being paired with any one of the Slayers cast in order to make Lina marry Shiro and become the biological mother of Nanoha. Gourry does get paired with Sylphiel as consolidation. Later, fan favorite pairing Filia/Xellos got tossed aside.
  • The Elder Scrolls: Equestria. Depending on your point of view, it might have one of the most heartwarming ship sinks out there. Shae confesses that she loves Caro. The feeling is mutual, and they share an embrace... but the narration makes it clear they do so as friends and nothing more. And given that's their most intimate interaction in the whole story, we can consider that ship dead and buried.
  • What About Witch Queen? has some Ship Tease between prince Ferdinand and Anna. It sinks this ship in scene when They Do is most probable - the former is naked in the bathtub, the latter sits next to him, dressed only in bed quilt. Then Anna states that she still misses Kristoff and Ferdinand admits that he's gay.

  • For people who haven't read the books, the scene in Jurassic Park III between Ellie's kid and Alan was a major blow when we discover he is not the father.
  • Star Wars did this with Luke and Leia. Lucas strung the fans along until the third movie and BAMM! sprang the family relations card.
    • The Force Awakens gets a subversion. Han got depressed and left Leia after his son Ben aka Kylo went to the Dark Side. He returns and the ship seems salvaged, only for Kylo to end up killing his father and, short of a miraculous save in the next film, sinking the ship for good.
  • If you liked the weird romance between Stu and Jade in the first Hangover film, the sequel will disappoint you.
  • Ghostbusters had Janine having feelings for Egon, although by the time of the second film, she's moved on to be interested in Louis. This is due to the fact that Harold Ramis found the idea of Janine and Egon together to be too "mawkish", and thus sunk the idea of pairing them together in the sequel. Didn't stop them from expressing their feelings in the animated series
  • The sheer brutality of the main plot twist in Frozen was meant to do this for the Hans/Anna ship. Thanks to Fanon Discontinuity, ignoring the confirmation that the character in question is and always was a sociopath and Draco in Leather Pants, the ship ultimately survived and is alive and well on fanart sites.
  • Hawkeye/Black Widow was a major ship ever since The Avengers (2012). It was completely and utterly sunk in Avengers: Age of Ultron, partly due to the developing Widow/Banner relationship, but mostly due to the reveal that Hawkeye has a wife and two kids, with a third on the way. They remain Like Brother and Sister, however, and the rest of Hawkeye's family loves her just as much. The kids refer to Widow as "Auntie Nat," and the third is going to be named after her. Heck, pretty much any Hawkeye or Black Widow ships, like Hawkeye/Mockingbird or Black Widow/Captain America, were completely and utterly sunk in the span of about two hours.
  • In The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, Katniss confirms out loud that she's in love with Peeta, thus sinking the Galeniss ship.

  • In Tamora Pierce's Provost series, the Beka/Rosto ship favorite is sunk in a big way when she ends up falling (really quickly) for a completely new character, Farmer, effectively nulling all the delicious ship flaunting from the first and second books. While the new Love Interest is perfectly acceptable (even likable), the fandom is still in hysterics.
  • Louis and Lestat from The Vampire Chronicles. After becoming super religious after a death in the family, Anne Rice had all Vampire Chronicles fanfiction removed from, had Lestat date the Queen for awhile, then pawned Louis off to a witch with Lestat's blessing. She also did this to Marius, who ended up with neither Armand nor Pandora.
  • In Naomi Novik's Temeraire series, despite the vocal Laurence/Emily Roland shipping presence on Deviant ART, this ship is sunk when Emily displays clear romantic affections for Demane in Crucible of Gold. Not that the ship wasn't creepy to begin with.
  • In Twilight's first three books, Bella comes to love Jacob and even agonizes over whether to choose him or Edward. Although it's pretty obvious she'd end up with the vampire, there is some tension in the third book. At the very least, the huge Jacob fandom hoped for some sort of relationship before the inevitable. Then the ship was totally torpedoed in the fourth book when Jacob imprints (soul-mate, true-love, only-one-for-him recognition) on Bella's infant daughter. Bella's infant daughter.
  • It almost seems like Louisa May Alcott wrote the first sequel to Little Women deliberately to sink the Jo/Laurie ship ("I won't marry Jo to Laurie to please anybody," she wrote in her diary); Jo March's marriage to Professor Bhaer in Little Women is a confirmed Authorial Take That to Jo/Laurie shippers. Alcott showed NO mercy to her fans' demands of having Jo marry Laurie — a Like Brother and Sister speech, an Ill Girl who chases all thoughts of other love from Jo's mind, Jo marrying her other best male friend and beta-reader (the aforementioned Bhaer) when she's "back", and a Last Minute Hook Up for Laurie with Jo's little sister Amy. According to the Introduction to the Penguin Classics edition of the book, Louisa May Alcott wrote the following to a friend, Alf Whitman:
    Alcott: "Jo should have remained a literary spinster, but so many enthusiastic young ladies wrote to me clamorously demanding that she marry Laurie, or somebody, that I didn't dare refuse and out of perversity went and made a funny match for her. I expect vials of wrath to be poured out upon my head, but rather enjoy the prospect."
  • Harry Potter:
    • J. K. Rowling had to do this thrice for the Harry/Hermione ship. First, in an interview about the possible pairing, Rowling said she didn't think they were suited for each other. Secondly in Half Blood Prince, with Harry/Ginny and Hermione/Ron becoming canon (and then the internet exploded). To drive the nail in the coffin, the last book has Harry giving the "Like Brother and Sister" speech to Ron, right after a scene in which Harry and Hermione appear as an evil illusion intended entirely to enrage Ron into attacking Harry. And it uses frequent Harmonian arguments, at that.
    • The Pottermore Lupin biography led to much wailing and gnashing of teeth by Sirius/Remus shippers, when it omitted any mention of Remus/Sirius at all from the story of Lupin's life.
    • Luna/Neville took a torpedo after Order of the Phoenix was published. When asked about the seeming rapport that the "two misfits" of the Order had, JKR said that she had no plans to make that a pairing, noting that she thought Luna was far too weird for Neville's comfort levels. Word Of God post-series sunk it even harder, as Neville and Luna end up with different people. The last movie makes Luna/Neville canon, one of the few major book/movie relationship differences - until even that got sunk, when Matthew Lewis (who plays Neville) stated that the film's pairing was just a "summer fling", and that both characters did eventually move on to their canon pairings.
    • Draco Malfoy and his fellow Slytherin girlfriend, Pansy Parkinson. Rowling stated that Draco went on to marry Astoria Greengrass, a Slytherin girl two years his junior who never appeared in the books.
    • Percy Weasley and Penelope Clearwater; according to Rowling, Percy married a woman named Audrey who also was not seen in the books.
    • Ron/Lavender Brown was sunk in the books themselves. Initially a popular Beta Couple among shippers of Harry/Hermione even though there was little interaction between them in the books, in Half Blood Prince Lavender briefly becomes Ron's girlfriend and rapidly turns into a Stalker with a Crush, becoming wildly jealous over his poorly-hidden feelings for Hermione. This did seem to have the desired effect of putting fans off the ship.
  • Gone with the Wind: ... now that you mention it, probably every potential ship involving Scarlett, all very painfully. Proof that beauty doesn't guarantee true Official Couple status?
  • Artemis Fowl:
    • A possible relationship between Minerva Paradizo and Artemis Fowl seems particularly well-sunk, as she is barely mentioned in the two books since her introduction. In order to send the ship straight to the bottom, Colfer said on Twitter that she would not be appearing in book 7, as she was "involved with a skier in the Alpes Maritime at the moment and only has eyes for him."
    • Fan-favorite pairing, Artemis Fowl II and Holly Short, is treated rather inconsistently by Colfer. They kiss in book 6 and book 7 is very focused on Artemis's feelings for Holly, with the book description itself playing up "embarrassing professions of love to a certain feisty LEPrecon fairy." yet Colfer has said, as the final book approaches, that Artemis and Holly will not end up together.
    • Trouble/Holly was torpedoed in the eighth book, when it's revealed that they were thrown out of a crunchball match on their third date and promptly broke up. And then Trouble started dating Lili Frond, and has been for a while, apparently.
  • Star Wars Expanded Universe:
    • The authors are split into two major factions: those who approve of Jedi in love, and those who disapprove of Jedi in love. Since any author is allowed to write about any character, an anti-love author can respond to any pairing with the power of canon behind them. The marriage between Leia and Han is untouchable, but any other Jedi who fall in love will — without exception — fall to the dark side, die, suffer the loss of their love interest, go insane, and/or worse. The most maligned is probably Mara Jade's death in Legacy of the Force, sinking a pairing that had been around for more than a decade and very popular from the get go.
    • The New Jedi Order novels Conquest and Rebirth built a lot of potential romance between Anakin Solo and his childhood friend Tahiri Veila, right down Anakin giving Tahiri her First Kiss, except that in the next novel Star by Star Anakin is killed.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • Harry/Luccio, at the end of Turn Coat.
    • Harry/Susan is also looking unlikely after the former is forced to kill the latter to destroy the Red Court at the end of Changes.
  • The Will of the Empress spent so much effort on sinking ships between Briar and any of the girls, you'd think these ships were out when Tris decided to play with some hurricanes.
  • Stephanie Barron did it via a previously unmentioned and unexpected love interest for Lord Harold in Jane and the Stillroom Maid. Still bitter.
  • The Pendragon Adventure sets up Bobby/Loor only to knock it down a few books later.
  • Though it is a Crack Pairing JayxStick of Warrior Cats accumulated quite a fandom. In The Fourth Apprentice, Jayfeather breaks the stick. Word Of God says that JayxStick was a romance and therefore it had to be doomed like many other romances in the series.
  • Much to the surprise and sadness of the series' fans, Inkdeath brutally took down Meggie and Farid, who had already achieved Official Couple status in the previous book. Instead, they paired Meggie up with some inventor guy who hadn't even been mentioned in the previous books and had almost no importance to the plot. Then they made it seem, intentionally or not, as though Meggie picked him instead Because Destiny Says So.
  • The Lifebonding of Dirk and Talia in Arrow's Fall , third novel of the Arrows trilogy of the Heralds of Valdemar series, officially shot down any hope of Skif and Talia hooking up, setting their Like Brother and Sister promise firmly in stone.
  • Many fans of the Skulduggery Pleasant series watched the buildup of ship hints between Tanith Low and Ghastly Bespoke with growing enthusiasm. Then, in the fifth book, when it was beginning to seem like Ghanith would become canon... a Remnant possessed Tanith (possibly for good), leading her to run off with Billy Ray Sanguine. The shippers were displeased.
  • Aragorn/Éowyn got torpedoed in The Return of the King. Éowyn's Lady of War and Dogged Nice Girl qualities are no match for Arwen - Love Interest, World's Most Beautiful Woman, and Interspecies Romance. Unlike most modern Ship Sinking, this torpedo is vital to the plot:: Aragorn himself says she's Loving a Shadow as he's trying to heal her massive injuries, and he's proved right when she doesn't wake up from her subsequent coma when Aragorn calls out for her, but hearing her brother Éomer call out for her is what brings her back since she knows him well and loves her like the kind brother he is, instead of loving an image of him like in Aragon's case. Also, she ends up falling in love with Faramir once they get to know and love each other for the persons they actually are.
  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay kills off Katniss/Gale with authority when President Coin orders a False Flag Operation, which Gale had previously suggested, that kills Katniss' kid sister Prim. Observant fans will notice that the ship begins to sink as early as the first half of Catching Fire when Katniss follows up her scene of seemingly choosing Gale by going to bed and wishing Peeta was there to hold her. It takes another serious blow in Mockingjay when Katniss declares that if she can't have Peeta she wants to kill Snow and then die herself, rather than move on and be with Gale.
  • Mommy and Hunter are two points of a Love Triangle in The Fire-Us Trilogy, but are so incredibly squicked out after receiving The Talk that they can hardly even bear to look at each other for most of the third book. In spite of this, by the end it appears that their freindship, at least, is almost certainly salvageable.
  • GONE Caine and Diana had a pretty passionate- and large - fandom, in spite of, or perhaps paritally because they were are both villains in love, and appeared to be redeeming each other and bringing out the humanity in the other, especially in LIES...Then Caine spends the next book lying to Diana for sex, betraying her, threatening to rape her and then bragging to the entire town about it. Diana then leaves him when she realises she's pregnant, and doesn't want Caine anywhere near her baby.
  • Bridget Jones: Anyone hoping for Bridget to end up with Daniel Cleaver had their ship sunk at the end of the second book, where Mark Darcy asks her to move abroad with him. Bridget/Mark was then sunk by the third book where Bridget is Mark's widow after he died five years previously ( and by the end of the book, Bridget is common-law married to another man and has adopted his children), causing fans to become furious when the news leaked on the internet before the book's release.

    Live Action TV 
  • Heroes:
    • The Reveal of Peter and Claire being related came almost immediately after the Peter/Claire ship was reaching full-steam.
    • During the finale of Season 4, Hiro's girlfriend Charlie who was sent back in time is revealed to have grown old, married and had a family. Even Hiro himself admitted that the relationship was wonderful while it lasted, but otherwise done.
  • Supernatural:
    • Sam/Dean was sunk when the two of them reacted with disgust at the fanfics of them that shipped them with each other.
    • Dean/Castiel was sunk by CW exec Chad Kennedy and various other writers, causing a massive outrage in the Destiel fandom. Eventually, Dean learns about Destiel in "Fan Fiction" and is as much disgust as he was with wincest.
  • On Glee, Finchel (Finn/Rachel), once one of the most popular ships in the fandom, was instantly sunk by the sudden death of Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson, from a drug overdose. Monteith's girlfriend and Rachel's player, Lea Michele, and producer Ryan Murphy both agreed to also kill Finn off in the show, and the entire cast honored Monteith and Finn's character in a special memorial episode. In the episode, Rachel also laments that she had always planned on marrying Finn and having kids with him, but now she would never get the opportunity to, verifying that Finchel was indeed planned as canon before Monteith's demise.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • The Buffyverse as a whole has a weird relationship with Buffy/Angel in that it keeps pulling out things to get in the way and make it seem more likely that they will never end up together, but still maintains that the two of them have a frankly invincible mutual attraction when in close proximity to each other. First, they have sex and Angel turns evil. Then Buffy kills evil!Angel and sends him to hell, just as he's transformed back into good!Angel. Then he comes back but can't stay with her because he feels like she'd be wasting her life with him, and so leaves town. Then, on Angel, the two come to a very serious (almost physical) confrontation over what to do about Faith when she escapes to LA, seriously hurting any kind of lingering friendship. Over the next few years they barely interact and are paired off with other love interests. Despite all this, Joss teases the possibility of future Buffy/Angel in the Season 7 finale with a funny cookie metaphor (she wasn't ready for a relationship at the moment). And in the Grand Finale of the Season Eight comics, they are both endowed with superpowers by the universe so that they can have crazy, flying sex in order to create a new, "better" universe, which they then abandon to save their friends, but which comes back after them with a vengeance, possesses Angel, and makes him murder Giles right in front of Buffy's eyes. Un-possessed Angel was being rehabilitated by Faith, and Buffy couldn't even bring herself to look at him and has yet to comment on her current feelings for him in Seasons 10 You'd think this would kill the ship forever, but who can tell with this series.
    • Buffy Season 8 issue #15: Buffy isn't Willow's type. Damn!
    • In the episode "Band Candy" Giles and Joyce have sex while under the influence of candy that causes them to act like teenagers. It kills any and all sexual tension between them, despite the fact that Giles is effectively Buffy's surrogate father.
    • In "Graduation, Pt. 2", Wesley and Cordelia (who have been infatuated with one another since they met) finally kiss. The kiss is awkward enough to wipe out half a season's worth of chemistry, and when the two of them end up on Angel together, they hardly ever so much as flirt again and they end up with a Like Brother and Sister relationship.
    • Willow/Xander sinks after Willow finally chooses Oz (who she previously cheated on with Xander). Cordelia refuses to forgive Xander for the cheating, so Xander/Cordy is also out. Willow/Oz got sunk when Oz gets Put on a Bus and when Willow chose Tara over him when The Bus Came Back.
    • Buffy/Riley when she catches him essentially seeing vampire prostitutes in Season 5, followed by him giving her an ultimatum and then literally leaving the show when she didn't agree to it, followed by him showing up again in Season 6 with a wife. Then again, considering who Riley is, this was seen more as a good thing than not.
  • In the fifth season of Angel, Fred hooking up with Wesley sank any possibility of Spike/Fred ever happening, even though there was some subtext that supported it. But when Illyria came on the scene, it suddenly became plausible again.
  • Doctor Who:
    • The new series is a strange mixture of both ship teasing and sinking, resulting from the change of focus to the relationships between the characters while still being influenced by the No Hugging, No Kissing policy of the original series. After Rose spent two seasons as the Doctor's Implied Love Interest, she was trapped in an Alternate Universe with no hope of return. The end of season 4 has them briefly reunited, but then the Doctor fobs her off with a half-human clone of himself and leaves her again, in a spectacular example of confirming and sinking a ship simultaneously.
    • The Eleventh Doctor's first series effectively shoots down the much-teased Doctor/Amy pairing in the series finale when Amy and Rory marry, and River hints that she is or will be the Doctor's wife. With the very unexpected revelation that River Song is the daughter of Amy and Rory in series six, the Doctor/Amy ship is very, very thoroughly sunk. (Not that this prevented the Doctor from kissing Rory later on...)
    • "The End of Time, Part 2" sank Martha/Tom Milligan, which had become a popular Ship Mates to Doctor/Rose and was canon in the revived series four, by showing that Martha had married Mickey.
    • "The Power Of Three" utterly sank the Doctor/Alistair ship of the classic series. (Barring rule one: "the Doctor lies".)
    • Doctor/Sarah Jane was Ship Teased heavily throughout the Fourth Doctor/Sarah Jane years, but shot through both of its hearts when she gets unceremoniously Put on a Bus. After the departure of Leela, the producer at the time had wanted Sarah Jane to return as companion and to develop the relationship in a more blatantly romantic direction, but Elisabeth Sladen declined to return and so Romana was created as a (very loose) Suspiciously Similar Substitute.
    • Doctor/Master is a bit of a Yo Yo Plot Point. At first The Reveal was going to be that they were brothers and so he was the Doctor's Friendly Enemy. Actor Existence Failure meant that the reveal never happened, leaving the reason for the Doctor's affection for him ambiguous. Since Evil Is Sexy, fans speculated. "The Deadly Assassin" attempted to sink it hard by re-envisioning the Master as a sexless rotting corpse powered by hatred and willpower, and the new Doctor feels nothing but disgust for him and mentions several times he wants him dead for real. Then, when the Master was brought back in "The Keeper of Traken" and "Logopolis" by a much more gay-friendly regime, the Foe Yay is obvious, due in part to him being played in a more Camp style, partly due to him getting a handsome new body and partly due to Tom Baker clearly playing his part of the relationship like a contemptuous ex-girlfriend. The Ho Yay is even stronger throughout the Davison era but scales back a little by the McCoy era due to the Master being played in a more cold, calculating style. Then the new series, run by people who openly shipped the pairing back in the day, goes about as close to stating it as possible, as well as Jossing the idea that they're brothers (and having the Doctor mock people who think this). Then in "Dark Water" a Gender Flipped Master refers to the Doctor as her 'boyfriend' and kissed him.
    • Doctor/Romana, one of the most popular pairings of the original series, was thoroughly sunk when the new series made the Doctor the Last of His Kind. Some fans still hold out hope, though. After the saving of Gallifrey in the 50th anniversary special, it's up in the air whether Romana is alive or not and whether the Doctor might meet her again one day.
    • Doctor/Jack seemed like a legitimate possibility between Jack and the Ninth Doctor — they flirted a lot, and even snogged at one point. However, while Jack maintains interest, the Doctor loses all of his due to a combination of 1) him regenerating into someone with a personality that does not enjoy adversarial flirting and 2) Jack getting Touched by Vorlons in such a way that time doesn't work normally on him, which the Doctor can sense and finds thoroughly disturbing.
    • The Eleventh Doctor and Clara Oswald definitely fancied each other, and their mutual flirting fuelled much of their initial interaction. Both of them seemed to respect each other and their incompatible lifespans too much to ever go beyond a close bond and some friendly canoodling. The Twelfth Doctor, though he continues to love and admire Clara as a platonic friend he trusts utterly... just isn't interested in her romantically, leading to a very necessary display of brutal honesty:
      Twelfth Doctor: I've made many mistakes. And it's about time I did something about that, starting right now... Clara... I'm not your boyfriend.
      Clara: I never thought you were.
      Twelfth Doctor: I never said it was your mistake.
    • However, as the relationship between Clara and the Twelfth Doctor continued to deepen, despite the introduction of Danny Pink as Clara's boyfriend, the bond between Clara and the Doctor only deepened, with the episode "Mummy on the Orient Express" all but suggesting a "ship rescue". Word Of God (Steven Moffat) is that the Doctor is still "crazy for her" but his new persona is less outgoing about it.
    • The Eighth Doctor Adventures sunk Doctor/Leela by heavily implying that Leela was the half-human Doctor's mother. The Big Finish Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Adventures, which take place in a separate continuity, ignore this and ramp up the UST further than what they got on the show, to Implied Love Interest levels.
    • Missy sinks a romantic ship between her and the Doctor in series 9, while at the same time confirming even further a platonic one.
      Clara: Mmm! Must be love.
      Missy: Oh, don't be disgusting. We're Time Lords, not animals! Try, nano-brain, to rise above the reproductive frenzy of your noisy little food chain, and contemplate friendship. A friendship older than your civilization, and infinitely more complex.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise spent its first two seasons establishing a fairly obvious ship between Captain Archer and T'Pol, only to sink it in Season 3 by having her unexpectedly take up with Trip Tucker. After the finale though, in which Trip is killed and there's a certain amount of Ship Tease in Archer and T'Pol's last scene together, everything's up in the air again. This should have sunk Trip/T'Pol except that the large amount of hostility towards the finale led to the post-series novels effectively declaring the episode Canon Discontinuity and having Trip and T'Pol live Happily Ever After.
  • House:
    • Even though they still tease the pairing, the House/Cameron fans were crushed when "Kids" and "Love Hurts" happened. In the former, Cameron telling House that she would only come back to work if he would go out on a date with her was seen as blackmail, and in the latter their distastrous date consists of small talk, an extremely misguided Cameron and House eventually telling her that she doesn't love him — only pities him because he's crippled and emotionally damaged.
    • The Cameron/Chase ship, after being an Official Couple for two years, got sunk in season 6. She effectively declared that she considered Chase mentally incompetent.
    • House/Cuddy, after becoming the second Official Couple at the very end of season 6, got sunk as well when the two broke up a season later, and Cuddy left the hospital on very bad terms with House. The pairing already got a nice nod to Ship Sinking quite early on in the show:
  • Kamen Rider:
    • In Kamen Rider Den-O, if Hana being de-aged didn't derail Ryotaro/Hana shippers, revealing that she was his niece surely did.
    • Kamen Rider Double:
      • The Shotaro/Akiko ship was sunk by making Akiko and Ryu the Official Couple in episode 44, although by then she had started getting ship tease with both. Fully sunk as of Movie War 2011, where Akiko and Ryu marry.
      • The awkward attraction between Wakana and Philip is both ruined and justified with the revelation that she is his long-lost, barely remembered sister. It's the reason they seem to feel drawn to each other but romance would be a bit...awkward.
    • Kamen Rider Gaim has all three of the main male characters as potential love interests for Mai, but she finally becomes the "Woman of the Beginning" along with Kouta and ascends to another planet, sinking the other two ships. By this time Kaito has died anyway, and Mitsuzane kidnapped her partly because he believed she loved Kouta instead of him.
      • Gaim also played up Minato as a love interest for Kaito, but this ship is sunk when she dies to protect Kaito. Although he's kind to her as she's dying, in the next scene he says he still wants Mai.
  • Firefly devotes an entire episode to having Wash suspect Zoe of having feelings for Mal, and being repeatedly proven wrong.
  • In Scrubs, the end of the third season and beginning of the fourth season seems to sink JD and Elliot forever. There's JD realizing he only wants her because he can't have her, and the final torpedo seems to come in "My Common Enemy" with JD's quote, "That's when I realized that Elliot and I had absolutely no romantic feeling for each other anymore. No matter what the situation. It was a little sad, but maybe it meant we could be friends today". It was stated definitively by Word Of God that J.D. and Elliot were not supposed to end up back together but both the fans and the actors liked the pairing too much to let it go. The ship is revived at the end of the sixth season and gets back into Ship Tease before they finally get together in the eighth season. Rather nicely for the trope, though, is that they expressly comment on the fact they were both too immature to work as a couple and spending several years as Just Friends allowed them to grow up. The ninth season/spinoff shows them married with a baby on the way.
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • In the first episode, after playing up the Ted/Robin romance, they revealed that Robin would be the honorary aunt of Ted's children, thus killing any future relationship before it begins. This ship was finally sunk in the episode "Symphony of Illumination" (Season 7), where it is revealed that Robin cannot be the mother of Ted's children. Subverted; the finale reveals that the mother died six years before Ted tells the story to his children. After that, Ted considers to move on and relink his relationship with Robin.
    • The much disliked finale sunk both Barney/Robin and Ted/Mother. The former divorce three years after their wedding because she travels a lot for her work and never got back together. And the latter is sunk when it is revealed the mother was Dead All Along. The alternate ending subverts this, keeping them together.
    • Every major Love Interest for Ted has had this happen at the end of their arc. Victoria moved to Germany and then broke up with Ted after he tried to cheat on her with Robin, and later left him again after they tried to get back together when he wouldn't choose between her and Robin, Stella left him at the altar for her ex-husband, Zoey lied about deleting a recording of Ted and tried to use it against him in court, and The Mother was Dead All Along. Victoria in particular seems to have been brought back in season 8 because the initial sinking didn't take and she had managed to remain a popular Fan-Preferred Couple with Ted, which the writers saw as a threat to the canon ships.
  • Robin Hood:
    • Poor Guy/Marian shippers. It was always doomed considering that the show was called Robin Hood, but then Guy went and killed her. If that wasn't enough, after his Heel-Face Turn he eventually admits to Robin that "she was always yours." Then Robin dies and is reunited with Marian in Heaven, at which point she tells him that she's his wife: "now and forever."
    • For the very few people shipping Robin/Kate, Robin's Together in Death with Marian sinks that one too. Just prior to the scene, Kate tries for a Last Kiss from Robin, but he deliberately turns his face away and she has to settle for a Last Hug.
  • Super Sentai:
    • Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, in the fourth episode, hints on the eventual Ryuunosuke-Mako pairing, with Ryuunosuke being the first visual victim (of the opposite sex anyway) of Mako's Cooldown Hug, first eater of her cooking, and they slept on the same futon TOGETHER. When Ryuunosuke wants to finally officialize it, Mako sent down a torpedo to the ship before it even sailed. And afterwards, they never get a pair-episode again and Ryuunosuke never bothers to mention it again.
    • The popular Masumi/Natsuki ship in GoGo Sentai Boukenger was sunk when both actors stated in an interview that they considered the characters' relationship akin to a father and daughter. They never became an Official Couple, although it was hinted that they might.
    • Nanami and Isshu were an Official Couple in Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger, but when the show got a reunion movie titled 10 Years Later (and actually made ten years after its initial run), the characters were no longer together and Isshu has become a playboy. In the crossover movie with Hurricaneger's successor Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger, Nanami turned down a date with Isshu, so the ship may have been sunk as early as that.
    • Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger has Amy, Yayoi and Meeko as potential love interests for Daigo; so his Last Minute Hook Up with Amy sank the other two ships. Nossan and Candelira were also shown to be attracted to each other, but the final episode sinks this when she chooses not to stay with him.
    • Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger sinks Schwarz/Gritta when Schwarz sacrifices his life for Gritta's.
  • The Burn Notice episode "Where There's Smoke" is devoted to two things. The first is Fiona saving the client from kidnapping/murdering Mexicans while being kidnapped herself and generally being a badass. The second is hammering in the point that Jesse has absolutely no chance of getting between the big Tsundere love of Fiona and Mike. Maddy even takes Jesse aside and talks to him specifically to makes sure he knows it.
  • Dollhouse: Claire and Topher ia ship at the beginning of Season 2, when Claire enters his room and forces herself onto him. He protests, she works out her emotional issues due to being a doll and being too afraid to give up the body to whoever had it before, and then she admits she hates the smell of him.
  • Chuck:
    • Sarah and Shaw. First, it was revealed that Sarah killed Shaw's wife for her "red test" to become a member of the CIA. Then, when Shaw decided to betray the CIA and tried to kill Sarah, Chuck killed Shaw with three bullets to the chest. It didn't take, but still...
    • More drastically, this was done to Morgan and Anna, who were heading toward being an adorable Beta Couple...then she was used very sparingly in the second half of Season 2, then fired altogether in Season 3. In one of the most crushing, aggravating moments in shipping history, Anna returned in a special appearance at the end of Season 3, for thirty seconds, JUST for Morgan to shoot her down and dump her for good. This episode was hyped as the "return" of Anna.
  • The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon/Penny has never been anything but a 'fandom' ship, and the cast and crew try to sink it through Word Of God. Actress Kaley Cuoco was asked about the Sheldon/Penny ship, and replied that if they ever did date, she'd end up killing him. Jim Parsons commented that he would be confused if the writers went for Sheldon/Penny and that he didn't see it happening EVER. When Leonard and Penny broke up briefly it brought hope to the Sheldon/Penny shippers, but the third season finale and especially when Priya came along showed that Penny's romantic interest would only be with Leonard. Sheldon then entered into a relationship with Amy Farrah Fowler, and the same episode they made their relationship official had Sheldon try to ask Penny out on a date to make Amy jealous. The resulting conversation has Penny shoot down any concept of romantic feelings between them.
    Penny: (regarding a story of a guy she liked) You are not the guy.
    Sheldon: Are you sure? It would explain so much. Your constant presence in my apartment, your baffling dalliance with Leonard just to be near me, the way you call me 'sweetie' all the time
    Penny: I call everyone sweetie.
    Sheldon: tramp!
    Penny: Look, all I'm saying is strap on a pair and go talk to Amy.
    Sheldon: A pair of what? Roller skates?
    Penny: (Beat) Oh sweetie, you are SO not "the guy."
  • A small version of this may have just occurred on the FX show Justified between Raylan and his ex-wife Winona in "Hatless": Winona's husband gets into trouble with some bad men over land and Raylan comes to her rescue to ensure she won't be hurt. The potential for Big Damn Heroes is completely averted since Winona doesn't want to leave the house, especially since her husband is MIA. Later, she explains why she chose her new husband over Raylan (even though Raylan is tougher, funnier, and better looking) and still goes back to him at the end of the episode despite his bad decisions that endangered her. If there were any Winona/Raylan shippers, they're probably feeling pretty bad right about now. Happily, the ship has been temporarily unsunk as of "Father and Sons", but the two still have loads and loads of problems to deal with in the meantime.
  • 30 Rock: Tina Fey has often said in interviews that Liz/Jack will never ever happen. Didn't stop them from being accidentally married for the duration of an episode, though. The ship was fully sunk in the seventh season, when Liz married someone else. A few episodes after that, in "Florida", Jack and Liz actually discuss how stupid it would have been for them to get together.
  • CSI NY:
    • Many fans ship Mac/Stella, but it was sunk when Melina Kanakaredes did not return for season 7.
    • After this, the pairing of Mac with Stella's replacement Jo became popular with some fans; but was sunk when the show ended with Mac proposing to his girlfriend Christine. According to Word Of God, it could have gone the other way: one idea considered if the show had continued longer was that the next anniversary episode would show Mac's wedding, ostensibly to Christine but with a Bait and Switch reveal that he was marrying Jo instead.
  • Skins:
    • Naomi and Cook's bantering developed into an Odd Friendship, but some Nookie shippers (mainly those on the Everyone Is Bi horse) saw plenty of UST there, despite the fact that Naomi's Single-Target Sexuality is firmly pointed in Emily's direction. The book tried to sink it with some very impassioned statements from Naomi; the show finally managed it.
    Cook: I'm never going to get to bone you, am I?
    Naomi: No. I love someone.
    • Cook/Effy was sunk when Effy addresses Cook as "a friend".
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:
    • The producers continue to insist that Elliot and Olivia are Platonic Life Partners/Like Brother and Sister/The Not-Love Interest (which there is plenty of evidence for within the show), which pisses off the Bensler nuts.
    • Olivia has said that she's straight, thus pissing off the Alex/Olivia shippers. Stephanie March, however, has saved the Alex/Olivia ship from sinking. She has said that she has not discounted the possibility of an Alex/Olivia romance in her own mind, and finds it quite possible that they have been quietly in love for years.
    • Popular Beta Couple George/Alex (to Elliot/Olivia) got sunk when after years of debate, George was canonically confirmed to be gay.
  • The producers of Passions decided to pair Luis with Fancy and then they decided to Sheridan with Luis' lackluster brother Antonio. Needless to say, Sheridan and Luis fans were NOT happy .
  • Merlin:
    • Season 3 hammered some nails into the coffin of Arthur/Morgana, establishing that they are half-siblings.
    • After the show had hinted at Merlin/Gwen in season one, the ship was sunk in the following season when Gwen falls in love with Arthur and Merlin meets Freya.
    • Fan-Preferred Couple Merlin/Arthur supporters knew it was never going to happen, but even after Arthur falls in love with Gwen, there's still hope for a unspoken unrequited love story from the side of his servant, right? Enter Merlin, Arthur/Gwen Shipper on Deck. He ships it more than the couple does. Whenever a threat to the pairing emerges, he becomes rabid fan-girl in the throes of Die for Our Ship.
  • The Vampire Diaries:
    • Stefan/Elena is sunk in "Our Town". Possibly Caroline and Tyler too.
    • Caroline and Tyler got a permanent end after she slept with Klaus.
    • Katherine and Stefan came to a complete halt after she possessed Elena, nearly tricked him into killing his own brother, and tried to rape him.
    • Elena and Stefan sank after her repeatedly choosing to be with Damon in seasons 4 and 5.
  • True Blood:
    Bill: For all you know, everything I did was an act, calculated to elicit a certain response.
    Sookie: But you are unique among all the vampires I've ever met. You are capable of love, and sympathy!
    Bill: I told you the first night that we met. Vampires often turn on those they love the most.
  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show's penultimate episode, "Lou Dates Mary" addressed the MaryLou ship. They went on a date, kissed... and immediately burst into giggles and both admitted it would never work.
  • iCarly: The three main ships on the show were thoroughly Zig-Zagged:
    • The end of iOMG, 10 episodes after Sam revealed she had a crush on Spencer, pretty much sunk what little chance the Sam/Spencer ship had. Then Spencer reminded Sam of the crush in a later episode.
    • Sam/Freddie shared their first kiss, then looked sunk as Carly/Freddie happened in "iSaved Your Life". Then "iOMG" happened, made the Sam/Freddie relationship canon... until they sunk the ship by spending 3 episodes showing how bad they are as a couple. "iPear Store" then sank it even deeper by having Freddie go on a massive rant against Sam and her personality after she spent the entire episode ruining a job he just got.
    • Carly/Freddie was torpedoed, split in half, sunk followed by dropping depth charges on the wreck after "iSaved Your Life" ended with the pairing breaking up, never referencing the relationship and then having Sam and Freddie get together in "iOMG". When Sam and Freddie broke up it gave hope to the shippers. "iOwn A Restaurant" saw Freddie ask Carly if it was 'too late for you to love me' which re-floated the wreck, and then the finale "iGoodbye" had Carly initiate a kiss with Freddie.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place:
    • The writers sunk the Justin x Juliet ship by turning her into an old lady. Then they dropped depth charges on it by having Harper pretend to be Juilet and tell him to move on, Alex repeating 'Juilet's never coming back', Justin dating an OC Stand-in at the last minute, and Old Lady Juliet looking on and approving of this. The Icing on the Cake? The plot was used up in 15 minutes, so the second half was nothing but the first half repeated. The episode served no further point than to make fans forget about Juliet. (Then Juliet returns AND is a young girl again in "Wizards Vs. Everyone", with no logical explanation what-so-ever. Huh?)
    • The writers had a few torpedos left, so they sunk Justin X Harper too, by having Harper tell Justin that she was in love with his sidekick, Zeke.
  • La Femme Nikita (the original TV show, not the 2010 remake) ends Season 4 with Nikita saying to Michael "I don't love you. I never did", and walking away without looking back. The next season revealed that that wasn't the truth, but in the end there's no Happily Ever After for these two because Nikita ends up running the restructured Section One and Michael ends up being one of very few to leave Section alive, needing to take care of his son, whose mother suffered a Bus Crash, and trusted by Section's new leader to keep its secrets. It's an ironic twist on where they started - Nikita was strong-armed into joining and Michael was the consummate agent, and so each wound up where you thought the other would.
  • Smallville:
    • Chloe Sullivan/Lex Luthor used to be fairly popular, until an episode where after it's revealed that Chloe is a mutant, Lex kidnaps her and has his scientists perform sadistic experiments on her. Naturally, the ship became noticeably less popular after that.
    • For years, a rather vocal contingent of fans wanted Clark to end up with Chloe. Chloe eventually moved on to other relationships, and many former Clark/Chloe shippers got on board with these new ships. Then the Grand Finale finally showed, in no uncertain terms, that Clark married Lois, and Chloe got married to someone else (heavily implied to be Oliver) and had a son, as seen in the final scene Distant Finale.
  • Stargate Atlantis: Sheppard/Weir is sunk when she turns into a replicator, and Teyla/Sheppard when she becomes pregnant with a random off screen guy no-one had ever seen before. Which hasn't stopped the lead writer of the relaunch novels from marginalizing the father of her child and bringing back the Teyla/Sheppard Ship Tease. The Katie Brown/Rodney McKay coupling is sunk when Rodney makes it known he's thinking about proposing, but isn't sure to go through with it. This makes her think he wants to break up, and she goes back to Earth.
  • Stargate Universe: If Eli being symbolically shown as Chloe's 'brother' in Cloverdale didn't do enough to convince viewers that pairing was sunk, Epilogue torpedoed it then dropped some depth charges on the wreck just to be sure. The killing blow may have been Eli entering a relationship with Ginn. Most Eli/Chloe fans had long given up any real hope of seeing them together, so when Eli did find someone, they jumped ship.
  • Lost:
    • The writers took perverse delight in zig-zagging this trope, long after the majority of its fandom had stopped caring about Jack/Kate vs Sawyer/Kate. If Kate was interested in one of them, it was only a matter of episodes before a plot twist drove them apart and seemingly killed off the ship for good... only for it to be resurrected next season when Kate fled the other one's arms. The rival Fan Dumbs fell for it every time, going both sides through a cycle of gloating and trolling the supposedly dead/sunk ship, only to retreat and grumble about "endgame" when their own ship was pushed aside. Jack/Kate ended up as endgame, but Sawyer/Kate fans seemed angrier about Sawyer/Juliet.
    • Sun and Michael's mutual interest was killed dead after Jin was humanized and Sun fell back in love with him.
    • Ben's interest in Juliet was revealed to be very much one-sided. And creepy.
    • Jack/Juliet was firmly sunk after Juliet realized he was in love with Kate and let him go.
    • Daniel/Charlotte was the rare ship not to get a revival in the sideways timeline. The two interacted briefly but did not "flash" off each other like so many other pairings, both platonic and romantic. Although neither were seen in the afterlife, so theoretically they could eventually get together.
  • Power Rangers Zeo contains a Ship Sinking so big that it still can cause arguments in the fandom over 15 years after it actually happened. Kimberly, offscreen, sends Tommy a Dear John letter.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Irri and Rakharo, two background Dothraki characters who shared plenty of Belligerent Sexual Tension despite not really interacting in the books. Promotional material for the second season confirmed that Irri had a thing for him. The season two premiere also had a heartfelt scene that inspired quite a lot of shipping between Daenerys and Rakharo. The second episode crushed any hopes for both ships by killing off Rakharo, who is still alive in the books.
    • The sinking of the very popular Dany/Jorah ship was moved to the middle of season two. In the books, Dany becomes aware of his attractive at the beginning of A Clash of Kings and didn't spurn his affections until the next book. The ship's popularity can be attributed to Iain Glen, who is much more handsome than Jorah's book description.
  • As a political satire, The Thick of It isn't exactly famous for exploring personal relationships, yet the tensions between Nicola Murray and Malcolm Tucker in Series 3 led to shipping by many fans. In series 4, however, Nicola Murray goes from a minister to Opposition Leader, where she is awful. The ship-sinking happens when Malcolm's irritation with Nicola messing up (yet still ultimately appreciating her work as a minister) is replaced with utter contempt and hatred for her incompetence dooming the entire party, and culminates in him orchestrating her political downfall. It is VERY clear that the love/hate relationship between the two is now just hate.
  • House of Anubis:
    • Joy and Fabian seemed to be doomed to be the titanic. No matter how much Joy tried, Fabian kept rejecting her advances as he loved Nina. Then Joy went kind of crazy to get his attention and temporarily became the most hated person in the house. In season three, when Nina was finally out of the way, she still got rejected and Fabian didn't even attempt to sugar coat it. So, basically, if you shipped Joy and Fabian, there was really no chance to set sail. Which is alright, with the addition of Joy and Jerome's pairing, which is wildly popular and has managed to stay afloat.
    • The ultimate fate of the after-mentioned Fabian/Nina ship due to a major case of Real Life Writes the Plot two episodes within Season 3.
  • Pretty Little Liars:
    • Emily tells Alison that she is done with her after her latest lie results in an innocent man being framed for her kidnapping. The Emily/Alison fandom would later take a torpedo to the hull during Season 6, when both characters were set up with two new love interests. The pair never discussed their feelings for each other (despite the showrunners assuring fans on social media that they would). The writers also never even bothered to continue exploring the pair's romantic history, and their storyline was basically dropped completely. Needless to say, shippers were enraged, due to the ship being constantly hyped-up over the previous two seasons.
    • Erza and Aria break up after it is revealed that he was using her and her friends to write a book on Alison, who he had previously dated.
    • Emily dumps Paige for telling the police that Alison was alive, thereby endangering her to A.
  • Graceland did this to Mike and Paige in the second season. After she learned that he covered up the death of one girl during an investigation into a human trafficking ring, she ratted him to one of the bad guys. This led to said bad guy possibly killing him in the season finale.
  • Once Upon a Time:
    • The creators stated at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 that Emma/Regina (Swan Queen) would never happen. The Swan Queen ship later took a torpedo to the hull when Robin Hood was revealed to be Regina's soulmate (not that it deters any of the shippers). Further sinking occurred later when Emma/Hook had their Relationship Upgrade, and was later confirmed that Emma/Hook had been planned since the very first episode.
    • Regina/Robin is in jeopardy, as Emma's time travel trip brought Maid Marian back with her and it turns out Regina was one who previously killed her.
    • Emma/Graham ("Gremma") was completely torpedoed with Graham's death at the hands of Regina. Word Of God has also dictated that once a fairy tale character dies in Storybrooke, they're gone forever, destroying any future chances of Gremma.
    • Emma/August ("Wooden Swan") was thoroughly sunk when the Blue Fairy turned August back into a very young Pinocchio.
    • Mulan/Aurora ("Sleeping Warrior") was sunk when Mulan was to confess her feelings for Aurora to the princess, only for Aurora to announce that she was happily pregnant with Philip's child. Heartbroken, Mulan joined Robin Hood's Merry Men. Not surprising, however, since Philip broke Aurora's sleeping curse with "true love's kiss".
    • Henry/Peter Pan was completely obliterated when it's revealed that Pan is Rumple's father, Colin, and therefore Henry's great-grandfather.
    • Emma and Neal following his death. Not long after, Emma and Hook/Killian became an Official Couple.
    • Baelfire/Wendy, once his identity was revealed (Emma's ex/Henry's father, Neal) and she was shown to still physically be the same age as when Peter Pan kidnapped her.
    • A few people shipped Emma with Snow White/Mary Margaret before she was revealed to be Emma's mother.
  • Friends:
    • Several longer-term relationships of the main gang have been sunk. Phoebe/David was temporarily sunk early on, when he went to Minsk and permanently sunk at the end of the series when she picked Mike over him. The hated Ross/Emily ended with their messy divorce.
    • Richard/Monica was sunk very thoroughly bit by bit: Started in the Season 2 finale when they split up over wanting/not wanting children but as they still loved each other there was some wriggle room. Sunk a bit more in Season 3 when she got over him, dated several other guys including her Second Love who she considered marrying. Further sunk in Season 5 when Monica and Chandler fell for each other and Monica flat out said she felt nothing for Richard and loved Chandler more than anyone else ever before. Sent to the bottom of the ocean in Season 6 when Richard returned and asked Monica to marry him, (devastating Chandler), only for Monica to turn around and stage her own proposal to Chandler.
    • This also extends to relationships between the main cast: Joey/Rachel decided they were Better as Friends and the purely Ship Tease Joey/Phoebe ended when she married Mike.
  • Revenge ended any chance of Daniel/Emily happening when Daniel shot Emily after learning she had faked her pregnancy to get him to marry her instead of breaking off the engagement for Sara. They stayed married for a while, until reports of the fake pregnancy leaked and Daniel was able to press for divorce without worrying that Emily might try to name him as the shooter. Then the writers got out a giant inflatable life-raft for them, in his dying moments Emily tells Daniel it wasn't always a lie, not with him, and he responds that he knows.
  • The Good Wife tried to sink the Fan-Preferred Couple of Will/Alicia several times through the years, but finally managed it with Will's sudden death in a courtroom shooting about two-thirds of the way through Season 5.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:
    • Agent Triplett was apparently added for two reasons - to dispel accusations that the show has no heroic black characters, to sink Skimmons, and possibly put a damper on Fitzsimmons.
    • Ward/Skye gets what is quite possibly the most spectacular ship sinking ever. After Ward is revealed to be a HYDRA agent, Skye calls him disgusting, a "lying backstabbing traitor", a Nazi, and a Serial Killer. When Ward insists his feelings for her are genuine, she says she thinks she's going to throw up. Damn. About half a season later, when he helps rescue her from Whitehall, she responds by shooting him three times in the chest and leaving him to die. While he survived, even he got the hint after that.
    • Pretty much any Ward ship was nuked from orbit but special mention goes to Ward/Simmons for Ward becoming awful enough to merit Simmons facing him down and promising to personally end his life if she ever sees him again. This from the woman who spent her post-mission time ensuring that he didn't bleed to death, or develop lasting injury from combat ops. She attempted to make good on her promise by attempting to kill him with a splinter bomb.
    • Fitz/Ward along with Simmons, Skye, and May but especially because of the lasting impact dropping Fitz and Simmons into the ocean in a supply crate had on Fitz' health. Causing lasting brain trauma and a severe panic attack once Fitz sees him again
  • Hart Of Dixie:
    • Zoe and George spent most of the series apart, even though he stopped his wedding for her. First, she rejected him so that he could find himself, only to hook up with Wade. Then, he was with Tansy, only to have her wreck that relationship with an ill-timed love confession. He got lost, then he lost Tansy, only to see Zoe hook up with Wade again. After five months apart, they met up only to have him blame her for everything wrong in his life. Since then, he has dated Lavon's cousin Lynly, and reunited with Tansy, only to be led back to Lemon (more on that below). Meanwhile, she moved on with both Joel and Wade.
    • Lavon and Annabeth were the perfect couple, until he couldn't commit to her. After they broke up, and she hated him for a while, everyone wondered why he couldn't be with her. Turns out, he is still in love with Lemon.
    • Wade and Vivian broke up by her leaving him for her ex.
    • Zoe and Joel had lost-distance issues leading to their break-up.
  • Starting in Season 4 of The Walking Dead, there was a heated rivalry between Bethyl (Beth/Daryl) and Caryl (Carol/Daryl) shippers. The former was promptly torpedoed in the Season 5 midseason finale, which featured Beth's death.
    • In fact, if you see some Ship Tease between any of these characters but they don't outright hook up while they're on screen, just be prepared for automatic Ship Sinking. The Anyone Can Die nature of the show makes it unlikely for any ship tease to ever last too long.
  • The 25-year Ginnungagap toward the end of the fifth season of Xena: Warrior Princess put paid to the Gabrielle/Joxer 'ship, which the producers never supported beyond Joxer's unrequited love and the characters' permanent friendship. However, the actual purpose was to (as Lucy Lawless put it) "eighty-six the baby" (Eve), thus getting the series out of the corner it had painted itself into by writing Lawless's real pregnancy into the series.

    Multiple Media 
  • There was some undeniable shipping in BIONICLE's early years, such as Macku/Hewkii, Jaller/Hahli, Matau/Nokama and Roodaka/Sidorak (from the latter's perspective, at least), not to mention all the fan preferred couples. These were declared non-canon when the creators ruled that the characters are incapable of feeling romantic love, seeing as they're artificial. Most of these relationships, no matter how blatant, were written off as close friendships (with some scenes outright ripped from canon), and the would-have-been marriage between Roodaka and Sidorak was revealed to be strictly political, with both viewing the other as a tool to gain power (and Sidorak also got killed). Kiina and Mata Nui were the only official "couple", but that ship sank when the latter transferred his soul into a mask. This was mostly Executive Meddling: according to LEGO, kids find romance icky, and given the subject matter (toys), the story writer agreed.

    Video Games 
  • The clumsy (but perfectly in-character) romantic subplot involving Naomi Hunter in Metal Gear Solid 4 was arguably added to distract from the fact that Snake and Otacon had been living together for nine years and had recently adopted a daughter together. It failed to work — shipping carried on as normal, but now everyone just hates Naomi. It's the two men who end up "together" at the end, anyway. (Plus Otacon is required by divine law to kill one woman a game.)
  • At the end of Xenosaga, the obviously romantic subtext between Shion and KOS-MOS is abruptly shoved aside when Shion ends up with Allen, the series' resident Butt Monkey. In a case of Throw the Dog a Bone, KOS-MOS and Shion can't be together, but will be in another Reincarnation. So hey, he gets to be with her since she can't be with her soul-mate.
  • Xenoblade has curious in-universe example: Sharla encourages Melia to keep fighting for Shulk's affection despite that his Childhood Friend Romance girlfriend Fiora is Back from the Dead. Melia eventually gives up on him, though.
  • Guilty Gear:
    • Many people were surprised to find out Ky Kiske is unofficially married to a Gear and fathered a son. Ky/Jam supporters got an ouch there and for some reason, Ky/Dizzy fics are starting to pop up more often.
    • Weep for Dizzy/Testament. Because at least Sol/Ky fans got a consolation prize thrown at them, what with Ky's son Sin having Sol as his mentor. But Testament? Nooooooo...
  • BlazBlue:
    • Hazama/Makoto was sunk in Decision when he tried to kill her. The scrap was smelted in Slight Hope when Makoto's continued interference slagged Hazama's plans and drove him to murderous rage.
    • Hazama/Trinity was sunk in Phase Shift 4 when Terumi manipulated her into lifting Mind Eater, and then he proceeded to kill Nine and Trinity before tossing them into the nearest cauldron.
    • While there are people who think Ragna/Nu is cute, Chronophantasma Extend arcade suggests that losing to Lambda has driven Nu completely off the deep end, changing her goals from "merge with Ragna" to "everybody dies". How this pans out in the next game is yet to be seen.
  • While Goemon/Omitsu are the de facto Official Couple of Ganbare Goemon, there's an instance of Goemon/Yae teasing that's almost directly followed by sinking in Kuru Nara Koi! Ayashige Ikka no Kuroi Kage. Partway through the game, an injured Goemon is too weak to take the medicine brought to him by his friends, resulting in an impending Medicine Kiss scenario. A flustered Yae states that "Goemon's life is an irreplaceable thing!" ... So she has an obliging Ebisumaru perform the task instead - No Yay, indeed! (Just to rub it in, the conversation following that scene has Goemon and Yae make it very clear that Omitsu is the one he's truly concerned about.)
  • In Baldur's Gate II, there's plenty of interaction and fondness and loyalty between Imoen and the main character...and then, boom! Half-siblings. (Didn't stop some people, and was even referenced in-game.)
  • In Neverwinter Nights 2, Bishop/FemalePC was sunk a grand total of three times. First, when he betrays her; second, when the infamous Kill 'em All ending happens; and third, when his soul is eaten in Mask of the Betrayer. Seeing as they are a Fan-Preferred Couple, mods exist to change this.
  • Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World intentionally creates and sinks a ship as a distraction. the "Love Letter" Raine gives Regal was actually a note asking him to keep an eye on Emil's personality changes
  • Playfully done in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with the "Unwanted Suitors" event. Zelda and Samus fight off a long approaching stream of invisible Luigis and Captain Falcons, and since Samus/Falcon was the most popular het pairing in the fandom before Brawl came along...
  • Some WarCraft fans interpreted an interlude in Arthas: Rise of the Lich King as sinking the Thrall/Jaina ship. The official sink is pairing Thrall with a Mag'har shamanka in The Shattering. In the Tides of War novel Jaina and Thrall's friendship falls apart and Jaina starts a relationship with Kalecgos. As of World of Warcraft patch 4.2 Aggra and Thrall are now life mates (married, for you non-orcs) and Aggra is pregnant. The complete and final nail in the coffin came with Mists of Pandaria, wherein the destruction of Theramore Isle has caused Jaina to become fervently racist against the Horde, orcs in particular, encouraging Varian to rally his guardsmen and slaughter the present Horde leaders, her "friend" Thrall among them during their choosing of a new Warchief after the turmoil following Garrosh's defeat. Just so the ship sank even further, when Jaina is included in Heroes of the Storm, even at her pre-Mists of Pandaria phase, one of her 'annoyed' quotes reflect that she finds the concept of shipping her and Thrall ridiculous and she preferred blue over green, referring to her romance with Arthas (who prominently wore blue when he's human) and Kalegcos, and the last two people pursuing romance with her ends up as world-destroying Omnicidal Maniac (the aforementioned Arthas, and also Kael'thas), so she settles that her OTP is with studying. Being a game in a more 'lighthearted' setting, this is done more for laughs.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn sank Ike/Elincia pretty hard. Not only did they lack the chemistry and Ship Tease of the previous game, but Ike's ending has him taking off either alone or with Soren or Ranulf, while Elincia's only ending is with Geoffrey. Granted, lack of paired endings doesn't mean other ships are Forever Sunk, but in this case it all but seals this pairing's lack of presence.
    • An odd (and cruel) example is in the first series. Nyna/Camus doesn't work out because he dies. But then in Fire Emblem Gaiden, he is now with a women named Teeta. This would leave Hardin/Nyna and they're married at the end of the first game. Sadly, even that is sunk in the third game when it is revealed Nyna had been faking romantic love for Hardin for the sake of their kingdoms and he soon falls victim to Love Makes You Evil and Brainwashed and Crazy. And when Camus (under the alias Sirius) saves Nyna from Medeus' hypnosis, he makes his intentions clear that he will go back to Valentia and live with Teeta instead. Hence, two ships for Nyna are sunk, and her ending implies that she never gets over Camus...
    • While the sources are somewhat unproven, in the prototype of Genealogy, Seliph/Julia was a hard-lined Official Couple, but in the release, it was given a "490 -5t" love growth, making it practically impossible... unless you've got some mad skills and LOTS of patience.
    • Ike/Soren took a hit thanks to the Canon Welding Awakening... Priam is in some fashion a descendant of Ike. Then again, given that his sister Mist does have an option to marry at the end, it allows Intelligent Systems to use Ike's popularity while still giving some level of Fanservice. note 
    • Awakening also has Chrom/Cordelia, which has the sad, sad honour of being sunk by the game mechanics themselves. Cordelia is all but stated to have an unrequited crush on Chrom, but she's one of the few women he can't marry and they can't even support!. And it got worse in the Summer Scramble DLC, where the developers finally gave Cordelia a conversation with Chrom, which is filled with awkward moments... and ends with Cordelia sinking the ship herself!
    • A minor but otherwise important one happens in regards to Eliwood's wife in Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals. While he can marry either Ninian, Fiora, or Lyn in the prequel, Blazing Sword, a support conversation Roy has with Marcus in the former implies that his mother probably isn't Lyn. The reason? Marcus mentions that Eliwood gave his wife her favorite flower "from the snowy highlands," and the only snow area on the continent is the country of Ilia. This makes it far more likely that Roy's mother is either Fiora (a Pegasus Knight; they're all from Ilia) or Ninian (an ice dragon who was born and raised in Ilia), compared to Lyn, who is a native of the Sacae Plains. Even then, the game leans Ninian as the closest to Eliwood's canon wife, and the novelization of Blazing Sword (whose canonicity can go either way) puts them together.
  • Though some fans actually like Bowser and Peach together, that ship sunk in Super Paper Mario when it was revealed that the marriage of Bowser and Peach was the first step to summoning a massive black hole that would devour all existence.
  • Mass Effect 3:
    • A missile was sent at Jacob/Shepard and Thane/Shepard. Jacob cheats on her, and Thane is killed by Kai Leng.
      • As far as Thane's romance goes, if Shepard hasn't gotten involved with anybody else, Thane, as a spirit, shows up at the end of the Citadel DLC and it's implied that he's waiting for her on the other side. There's still hope for them if Shepard's patient and devoted.
    • What's that? You liked Kal'Reegar and Tali's interactions in the previous game and wanted to see more of them? Too bad, he gets killed off-screen.
    • Joker/Shepard is torpedoed, too, what with him getting together with EDI, although he does admit he'd totally date her in another universe.
    • James/Shepard doesn't happen either. (Honestly, FemShep's options in the game are pretty limited if she's heterosexual.) James/Shepard shippers are thrown a bone in the final DLC, Citadel, but he only agrees to a drunken one night stand after repeatedly insisting that he's not interested in her for numerous reasons. By the end of it, Shepard is basically sexually harassing the guy.
    • Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 have the option of the player doing this to themselves, romancing someone then getting them killed in certain spoileriffic scenes.
  • Team Fortress 2:
    • Much rage erupted among fans who ship Heavy/Medic when the WAR update gave the Demoman the Medic-specific domination quote: "DOMINATED! And I've been shagging your wife!" It is possible, though that Demo was drunk as hell when he said this.
    • One of the Soldier's domination quotes over the Sniper is: "I'll send condolences to your kangaroo wife." Given that this is, well, the Soldier, fans are much less inclined to take this as evidence that the Sniper is not secretly snogging the Spy senseless.
    • Said Sniper/Spy fans are also apt to pretend that Scout's Mom doesn't exist.
    • The Demoman/Soldier pairing came courtesy of Valve pre-sunk as the Excuse Plot for the WAR update was that the Administrator was out to destroy their friendship.
    • "Meet The Pyro" reveals that the entire team is terrified of Pyro, which makes the most of the Pyro-related pairings now rather unlikely.
    • Miss Pauling had been subject to Ship Tease with the Scout for some time, only for Jay Pinkerton to reveal her to be a lesbian on Twitter.
  • Final Fantasy:
  • In the trailer for The Passing, an expansion campaign for Left 4 Dead 2, Francis (L4D1 Survivor) and Rochelle (L4D2) see each other; Rochelle randomly says that she hates stairs. Francis, who has a meme of hating everything, says with genuine interest "Oh my god... you hate stuff too?". Rochelle says she hates various things, with Francis happily agreeing with her. Then she crosses the line and says "I hate your vest!", to which "I don't think this is gonna work out."
  • Metroid: After Metroid: Fusion, many fans had shipped Samus with Adam Malkovich. With Other M, the writers fired a Super Missile at said ship with this single line: "Because I was so young when I lost both of my parents, there's no question that I saw Adam as a father figure."
  • Golden Sun:
    • Many a Mudshipper (Isaac/Mia) weeps at the revelation that Matthew is the product of Valeshipping (Isaac/Jenna).
    • Mud and Flame (Garet/Jenna) were far from the only casualties of the sequel. Whole squadrons were scrapped to make way for Generation Xerox.
    • Imilshipping (Mia/Alex) also took a hit after Dark Dawn clarified their relationship -They're cousins. In the first two games, their exact relationship wasn't known, only that they were from the same clan and Alex was once a pupil of Mia's father, making them a frequent target of Childhood Friend Romance.
  • The Touhou fandom, due to ZUN's Shrug of God and the lack of an Official Couple, usually doesn't have to worry about this. Usually. Aya/Momiji shippers got a nasty kick in the pants when Double Spoiler reveals that there's actually a bit of bad blood between the two. This has not stopped the fan art from rolling in the slightest, though, some deciding to simply take their shipping in a bit of a different direction.
  • Falco Lombardi and Katt Monroe from Star Fox are not only a Ship Sinking, but an Incompatible Orientation. There was not much of an associated fandom Humiliation Conga in the West, because the canonical manga this appeared in was Japan-only (packaged with Star Fox Adventures), and only started to surface in the West in recent years through Scanlation, long after Falox had already become the dominant Falco ship in Japan and the Western fandom had long since already broken over Krystal (introduced in the aforementioned Adventures).
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Word Of God confirming the split timeline sinks every single Link pairing. At the end of Ocarina of Time Zelda sends Link back in time to when he was a child. This creates two timelines, the "Adult Timeline" where Link defeats Ganon and where most of the game took place, and the "Child Timeline", the timeline only briefly seen during the ending where Link is a child again (certainly he ends up with someone, as the Link of Twilight Princess is his descendant, but no indication is given as to whether it's any of the characters from Ocarina of Time). In the "Adult Timeline", Link ceases to exist and it eventually leads into The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker while the "Child Timeline" eventually leads into The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. While technically Link can still be paired in the "Child Timeline", the versions of the characters you meet during the game are the "Adult Timeline" versions. Not only do none of the shipping options happen, none of Link's friends ever see him again after the ending. Furthermore, in Wind Waker, Tetra is supposed to be a direct descendant of OOT Zelda, which implies that in the Wind Waker timeline, OOT Zelda did eventually marry someone who wasn't Link. And what leads to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past naturally makes any romantic relationship involving OOT Link impossible there as well.
  • In Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten near the beginning we get a nice comment courtesy from your friendly neighborhood Werewolf Fenrich, that implies something may or may not happen between main character Valvatorez and Action Girl Fuka. It turns out nothing happens between the two and Fuka ends up shipping Valvatorez and Artina. And even if you do get Fuka's epilogue, she ends up sinking her own ship by choosing not to pursue Valvatorez, knowing that she would have to deal with Artina and Fenrich and break the "friendship rule" if she did.
  • Dragon Age II gives you a chance at playfully flirting with one of your companions, Aveline. This of course is during the beginning of the mission where you have to play match maker with the guy she's actually interested in.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Word Of God says that Amy will keep chasing Sonic, and Sonic will keep running from Amy, but they'll never get together with each other or anyone else.
  • Soul Series:
    • Soul Edge sank the Seong Mi-na/Hwang pairing, during her ending for that game, when she runs away from home and leaves a note for her father saying "marrying Hwang wasn't for her." By the following game, Soulcalibur, her father was trying to wed her to another of his students named Kim, which angered Mi-na, causing her to run away from home again. From SCII onward, her father took the hint and let it drop. SCII through SCIV also sink the possibility of rival naval vessel Mi-na/Yun-seong, as Mi-na interacts with him in a sisterly manner and an official relationship chart in the fourth game (and Broken Destiny) strictly defines their relationship as platonic.
    • Soulcalibur V continued the trend with other characters:
      • The Kilik/Xianghua shippers were teased when the latter's replacement and daughter Leixia appeared wearing Kilik's Dvapara-Yuga necklace. However, it sunk HARD when it was revealed Xianghua married the Ming General Yan Wujin. Guess who Xiba's parents are, though.
      • Tira's story profile appears to have sunk the Nightmare/Tira pairing. The story itself seems to lend (more) credence to Tira/Soul Edge, though.
      • Hilde is now an Action Mom? And she's travelling with Siegfried as a mercenary now? Yes! Hilde/Siegfried Battle Couple finally confirmed! Oh, yes! Ye—wait... Word Of God... is that children aren't his.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Revelations Lucy/Desmond was sunk when it was revealed that Lucy did not survive being stabbed at the end of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Fans of the ship held out hope that She's Just Hiding. Then Assassins Creed III killed Desmond, and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag showed us that he was definitely Killed Off for Real.
  • In Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time, Penelope undergoes a Face-Heel Turn and it's made very clear that she and Bentley are done.
  • Professor Layton: Azran Legacies effectively sunk every popular ship that has been introduced in the prequel series. Descole is Layton's older brother, and Bronev is Layton and Descole's father. And Claire? That ship was confirmed and burned at the same time! And boy... did it burn.
  • Prior to the release of Bioshock Infinite, Booker/Elizabeth was a popular pairing. Anyone who continued to ship them in-game would have been in for a nasty surprise the ending reveals Elizabeth is Booker's daughter.
  • The King of Fighters:
    • The rather popular Athena/Kensou may have been sunk in KOF XIII. If you fight as the Women's Team and find the Psycho Soldiers in the Story Mode, Athena straightforwardly rejects the idea of dating Kensou and says he's her "companion" when asked about it by Mai, and later cuts off Kensou when he attempts to declare his feelings in public. She stops him from confessing again in their pre-fight talks. At this rate Athena seems to be gearing towards Celibate Heroine, since as an Idol Singer she can't exactly date anyone or her career will be damaged by "scandals" (She uses this to avert going out with Benimaru, too.)
    • Athena's unrequited love for Kyo Kusanagi seems to have been sunk, even when it was mostly exclusive to materials on the periphery of canon. Their KOF XIII pre-fight talks sound devoid of Ship Tease, and the one with NESTS!Kyo alludes to Kyo's girlfriend Yuki, whom Athena is in good terms with. The semi-canon KOF:KYO manga/game and 2000 CD drama also shoot it down: in the first Athena's initial interest in Kyo switches to them interacting in more friendly terms after she learns of Yuki and befriends her (and in the game, having Kyo flirt with Athena may make the player lose favor with her), and in the second Athena finds a missing Kyo and begs him to come back home... but while Kyo listens to her, he refuses to come back home since he doesn't want his friends and family to be targeted by NESTS, and shows her a talisman that Yuki gave him as they speak.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, during the middle way part of the last case, it turns out that Apollo and Trucy are brother and sister, forever ruining that pair.
  • Umineko no Naku Koro ni sunk one popular couple — Ange x Amakusa — in the EP6 tea party by revealing that Amakusa was just getting close to Ange to use her as bait to lure out Kasumi. Once he's killed Kasumi, he shoots Ange. And he doesn't even do it out of any particular strong emotion, which could still be worked off of for shipping purposes, but simply because she had outlived her usefulness. EP8 sinks it even further: in the end of the "Trick" ending, Ange shoots him. In the head.

    Web Comics 
  • Boy Meets Boy:
    • The first half heavily implies at a future romance between Cyanide and Skids. Then the author took a closer look at them, decided that they actually weren't compatible, and hooked Cyanide up with the female Ronnie. To clear away any doubt, Skids says outright that Cyanide isn't his type, is revealed to have a long-time crush on Harley (which is ultimately futile, as Harley is happily with Mikhael), and is paired up with Tybalt at the end. Many fans did not take this well, as lampshaded in this comic.
    • Fuhr did this again in later comics, with the added gut punch that a canon couple (Fox and Collin), formerly seen as unshakeable due to their best-friends-as-well-as-lovers status, were split up in the gap between Friendly Hostility and Other People's Business - with one of them marrying someone else in the time between. This time, however, she told readers that they were free to label the later comic as an Alternate Universe and pretend everyone in Friendly Hostility got a happy ending - Cy and Skids, on the other hand, were lampooned The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy-style: in the creator's mind, they would never be together. A small mercy for F.H. 'shippers, but a mercy nonetheless.
  • In Tower of God Twenty-fifth Baam spends a great time chasing after Rachel, who left for the eponymous tower. He finally finds her and since she can't go on without him, he tries to take her along with him. This had a reasonable amount of ship tease. Then she pushes him into an abyss, it is revealed that she has been psychotically obsessed with getting away from the world she and Baam had lived and is shown to be scared of Baam himself, who is getting stronger by the minute. We discover how she has been leading him on all along and how both were used as pawns in Headon's and Yu Han Sungs plan. Shipping between the two stopped immediately after that.
  • General Protection Fault sunk any chance of Nick/Trudy not only by having Nick get together with Ki, but by having him permanently reject her after learning of her plans in Surreptitious Machinations ("I can't love someone I can't trust.") Todd gets this twice, with a grown-up Sidney in the Bad Future (who stays behind to let him go back in time, getting captured and executed), and an amnesiac Mischief, (who regains her memories while forgetting her feelings for him, much to his dismay).
  • Gunnerkrigg Court:
    • Author Tom Siddell is well aware of the flimsy premises a lot of shippers use, and jokingly sinks Zimmy/Jack in a comment at the end of their first meeting ("ZimmyXJack? More like shutXup"). Tom being Tom, years later he revealed that Jack actually does have a crush on her, even after being freed of his astral parasite.
    • The brutally blunt ending of Alistair and Kat's relationship. Ali leaves, and the narrator states "And [Kat] never saw him again."
    • Chapter 34 has the bastard do it again with Jack x Annie.
    • Chapter 45 deals a major blow to Annie x Kat, with the latter in a relationship with someone else and the former very much in support of it. While also delivering piles of Ship Tease for them. Oh Tom...
  • Eerie Cuties sank both fandom ships regarding Layla, whom the readership hoped was in denial about not being a lesbian, or at least bi, because they wanted her to hook up with Tiffany or Brooke.
    • In the former case, the comic's editor plainly said the following:
    T Campbell: "Her friendship with Tiff was always meant to be just that: friendship, the thrill of two largely isolated people finding each other."
  • Heroes Of Thantopolis The author preemptively sinks ships right off the bat by making Cyrus and the other ghosts Asexual
  • Homestuck:
    • Two of the (at the time) most popular pairings were destroyed by revealing that both of the pairings involve ectobiological siblings. In the words of the author: "Also I think I ruined a solid year's worth of perfectly good shipping with recent revelations. WHOOPSEE DAISEE"
    • And another ship or two (John/Dave and John/Karkat) have been sunk by John's admission to Karkat: EB: i am not a homosexual.
    • Any hopes that Eridan and Feferi would get together were cruelly crushed on the 01/22/11 update.
    • In a less dramatic fashion, Nepeta/Karkat was simultaneously confirmed as canon and then sunk when it was brought up as being a one-way crush of Nepeta's.
    • Apparently, Hussie has done enough of this that he feels a need to parody it in a pesterlog between Jade and John.
    • Hussie's proven himself such a master of the art of Ship Sinking that he manages to confirm a ship being canon via it's sinking, in the case of Jade/Davesprite.
    • Kanaya's hatred of Gamzee was speculated by some to be a Blackrom (in-spite of the Incompatible Orientation). When asked Kanaya confirms her hatred is not romantically linked, and in an interactive Gamzee tells Rose "[he wouldn't] even give that dayglow chainsaw bitch - [his] time of day in any quadrant."
  • In Kevin & Kell, the Toy Ship of Nigel and Coney was first sunk when he and Catherine Aura went back in time at the end of the Y2K storyline, raised when they returned to deal with Rudy's webcomic, and sunk again when the two of them left for the human world to maintain the balance. While Nigel still harbors feelings for Coney, his mother does not allow him to contact her and hopes he will forget about her.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Lampshaded (like so many tropes) after Therkla (a potential alternative love interest for Elan) was killed by Kubota:
    Elan: You were her captain... now you're going down with her ship.
  • Out There: Martha, echoing a large part of the audience, thought that Sherry and Miriam had been sleeping together in their younger years; Sherry shoots the idea down flat, apparently genuinely surprised Martha thought so—although Martha herself still isn't convinced.
  • Ow, my sanity is a young webcomic. The David/Collette ship was a young ship. It died young.
  • In Penny and Aggie, Sara broke up with Daphne for reasons including, though not limited to, wanting to get with Lucy, her Reality Show costar. However, Lucy eventually made it clear she wanted to be Just Friends.
  • Questionable Content:
    • The surprisingly popular Marigold/Hannelore pairing was deliberately sunk, in a strip that's even titled "Suck it, Shippers." In his comments, the creator candidly admits it probably won't work.
    • Poor Marigold. She gets Angus (shot down here) and later Tai (similarly destroyed here), neither of which work out too well.
    • Marten/Faye one, officially sunk with just one question:
  • Schlock Mercenary introduced 19-year-old Lieutenant Ventura at the beginning of the previous arc. She started to get along a bit too well with commander Andreyasn until his girlfriend showed up to sink that ship in a very clear and precise manner. At the end of the arc, she pretty much singlehandedly promoted a Red Shirt to Mauve when he saved her life, and the subsequent affection she showed him because of it. That ship was sunk early next arc when said Mauve Shirt assured his fellow crewmates he doesn't like little girls.
  • Readers have lost track of all the times that the Something*Positive Davan/PeeJee has been sunk, unsunk and then resunk. Word Of God says the person PeeJee's is based on has only one request regarding the comic: The Davan/PeeJee ship NEVER sails. In the immortal words of that famed philosopher James Storm: Sorry bout your damn luck, shippers.
  • Two Guys and Guy sunk the Guy/Wayne ship without doing anything with the characters or the story.
    Rickard Jonasson (as a homeless man): Hello, friend, I'm Rickard, the creator of TWOGAG. I thought I'd drop in to share the news; twogag's got a patreon's page. Just link down in the description and show your support for this comic. There's some nifty rewards for donators so be sure to take a gander at those. And remember a little can go a long way!
    Fellow Homeless Guy: Okay, how about if Wayne finds Guy's diary, right. And it turns out she's been in love with him this WHOLE ENTIRE TIME!?
    Rickard Jonasson: Get out of here, Ivan.

    Web Original 
  • Gaia Online:
    • Gee Boi Turbo item has the boss of the Dark Elves going to a Gaia-centric anime convention and finding... compromising... fanart of himself with Devin.
    Kuro: Seriously, guys... this isn't canon.
    • How they sun the Meredith X Ivan Ship.
    Lex: Ivan! Hey Ivan! Why was your opposite self married to Meredith? Don't you like her?
    Ivan: Well, yeah, I love her very much.
    Lex: Then why—
    Ivan: Because she's my cousin.
    (awkward silence)
  • Linkara/MarzGurl was sunk for good when Lewis's girlfriend, Iron Liz, became a part of his show. Though most fans seem to like Liz, so this isn't the problem it would be in other fandoms.
  • Because of the Double Standard with The Nostalgia Chick chasing Todd in the Shadows being seen as cute but Todd chasing Obscuras Lupa being seen as creepy, Lindsay had to announce on facebook that she and Todd decided at the very beginning the characters were never going to get together. For bonus points, she also had the Chick go through Sanity Slippage to sink it even further.
  • Pretty much everyone who watched Team Starkid's original production Starship hopped on the Taz/Up (Tup) ship from the second song of the musical. However, since then the Team has at least attempted to sink the ship by pointing out their age difference, something usually ignored in fanfictions/fanvids/fan-anything. Lauren Lopez (paraphrased) remarked "She's like...sixteen...and he's like...eighty." Most fans regard this as an adorable exaggeration and the ship is still sailing strong, despite a few holes.
  • Worm:
    • In Imago 21.1 Tattletale specifically told Parian that none of the other girls on the Undersiders were gay (killing both Tattletale/Skitter and Skitter/Bitch).
    • In Sting 26.3 Clockblocker rants about "some dingbats online" shipping him with Weaver.

    Western Animation 
  • Teen Titans:
    • The finale may as well have been titled "Sorry, Shippers". What's worse is the fact that the episode was also Terra's Back from the Dead moment, making BB/Terra the ship so nice they sank it twice.
    • Beast Boy/Raven was sunk after the heavy amount of Relationship Writing Fumble, when they declared that all the titans are like siblings (except for Robin and Starfire). Unfortunately for them, this was counteracted by the actual comics, where those very same characters did hook up right around the same time, apparently by coincidence.
    • Teen Titans Go! Resinks the BB/Terra ship with one episode that's devoted entirely to BB getting hot and bothered by Raven's legs, and Raven in the end when she switches back to her leg obscuring costume intentionally gives him fanservice with a flirty grin.
  • While Blackarachnia/Optimus was fairly obvious in Transformers Animated, "Predacons Rising" killed off any hope of Sentinel/Blackarachnia. He isn't just disgusted by her, he actively wants to murder her.
  • Many Ben 10: Alien Force viewers suspect that Ben/Julie and Gwen/Kevin was designed to drown the popular Ben/Gwen pairing from the original series.
  • The head writer of Code Lyoko confirmed in an interview that there was no romantic affection between Odd and Aelita, and that their relationship was purely platonic, like the cousins that they pretend to be.
  • Glenn Eichler of Daria has admitted in interviews post-show that he never intended from the beginning for a Daria/Trent relationship to actually be possible. Some fans took the creation of Tom Sloane as an example of Ship Sinking, but the sinking had already been in action before Tom's conception. Coincidentally, the episode in which Tom was introduced, "Jane's Addition" was also the one that sunk the Daria/Trent ship. The conversation the two have near the end about Trent's failure to provide the music for their school project, is basically stating the reason why the two can't be together ("not good with deadlines" indeed).
  • Codename: Kids Next Door sunk Numbah 1/Numbah 5 when the finale has the latter end up with Numbuh 2.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • It seems the writing team absolutely HATE the Katara/Zuko (Zutara) pairing. They've tried to torpedo the pairing via canon a few times... once just outright teasing them with a scene that looked like Katara was going to lead Zuko to the path of righteousness, but immediately dumping him once Aang shows up to rescue her and further destroying it by having Zuko head back to The Dark Side... and when Zuko finally goes good for real? Katara threatens to kill him if he betrays them again and means it.
    • Mike and Bryan confirm in the commentaries for the third season DVD box set that it was all about the Kataang and Maiko from the beginning, noting that "[the Zutarians] are probably mad right now". In the "Sozin's Comet" novelization interview, according to Mike, Zutara was "never intended" while Bryan said, "Come on, kids! "Zutara" never would have lasted! It was just dark and intriguing."
    • The writers parodied the Zutara ship in "The Ember Island Players" (an episode explicitly meant to be a humorous nod to the fandom in general), where the versions of the Gaang in the play behave exactly how the most rabid Zutarians would like them to — "Katara" is dreamily nursing a crush on "Zuko" while she and "Aang" gleefully declare themselves to be Like Brother and Sister. The reactions from the real characters had both Zuko (disgusted) and Katara (incredulous) rapidly putting as much space between them as they could, while Aang became even more depressed.
    • The most notorious instance: The "Book 4: Air" July 2008 Comic Con prank. If all of the above sunk the ship with nuclear torpedoes, then this one dropped a + 50 Asteroid of Smiting on it.
    • Toph/Sokka ("Tokka"), a popular Beta Couple to Aang/Katara, was sunk in the second half of season three with Sokka being paired with Suki.
  • The Legend of Korra:
    Michael DiMartino: One thing you can always expect from Avatar is a little romance... and Bolin is really trying to find his way in life and love, which leads him into an awkward relationship with Eska. Asami will always be a friend. I don’t think there’s romance in the cards for them.
    • In the the Book 2 finale, Mako/Korra ("Makorra"), made an Official Couple in the Book 1 finale, was unexpectedly sunk when Mako and Korra agreed that they weren't right for one another, and broke up "for real this time". However, Makorra began sinking as soon as the first few episodes of Book 2, when Korra and Mako struggled with fighting, Korra's Avatar duties, and the gradual souring of their romance.
    • Also in Book 2, Bolin/Eska ("Boleska") was sunk two times: first when Bolin got fed up with Eska's abuse and fled on the night of their wedding, and a second time in the finale, when they realize that their reconciliation was a thing that happened in the spur of the moment and that their relationship wouldn't work despite their feelings for each other.
    • Book Three has Makorra and Masami both tanked, with both girls joking and laughing about the entire awkward situation, the entire fiasco seemingly bringing the two closer together. Both ships are outright destroyed in the Grand Finale, with the final scene of the series being Korra and Asami, hand-in-hand and gazing into each others' eyes, going on a spirit world vacation together, which is enthusiastically confirmed by Word Of God to be them starting a relationship.
  • While it might not sink the ship completely, The Spectacular Spider-Man's Spider-Man and Black Cat are now unlikely to ever have a relationship. Let's just say alone time with the girl whose father killed your uncle, the closest thing you had to a real father would be awwwwwkward.
  • The Futurama episode "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" torpedoed Fry / Amy.
  • Kim Possible:
    • The episode "Emotion Sickness" could've been interpreted as a mockery of both Kim/Ron shippers and Drakken/Shego shippers — Until it was revealed that Kim and Ron were supposed to have ended up together all along.
    • Season four's "Stop Team Go" features Shego being turned good by a Mirror Morality Machine and immediately becoming best friends with Kim. It's like a gift to KiGo shippers for their support and promotion of the show, and even has the Ship Tease-baiting line of Shego saying "You know, Kimmie, I couldn't tell you this when I was evil, but—" Right then, she's flipped back, flies away crowing with her partner in crime, the machine is smashed to pieces and Kim and Ron pretty much say "Shame, but maybe it's for the best". It's as if the Word Of God was saying "Well, wasn't that fun? But no. No, it's just not going to happen".
  • In The Venture Bros., any hopes of progression for Brock/Molotov may have also been sunk after "Operation: P.R.O.M." Not only does Molotov claim she's in love with Monstroso, she crosses the Moral Event Horizon once again by threatening to have all of the people Brock cares about murdered by her Black Hearts if Brock doesn't let her go. Oh, and she fell off of a cliff in a limo and may be dead... And promptly floated back to the surface again in Seasons 5 when it is revealed in the opening minutes of the first episode that they Never Found the Body after that car explosion, Monstroso and Molotov are still alive, only for Monstroso to be taken by The Investors, and Molotov was a Double Reverse Quadruple Agent.
  • DCAU:
    • In Justice League, Batman/Wonder Woman was sunk before the series had even started, with Batman Beyond showing that Bruce stayed a bitter, lonely man into retirement age.
      Bruce: When I was young, women used to throw themselves at my feet all the time.
      Terry: What did you do?
      Bruce: Step over them.
      Terry: Smooth.
      Bruce: I thought so.
    • Batman Beyond also sunk the Dick Grayson/Barbra Gordon ship. She ended up married to some guy who had never even been mentioned before this series. After she dated Bruce.
  • Total Drama:
    • The Total Drama Action special might have done this for Trent/Gwen shippers: not only do the two have no one to one interaction at all in the special (significant enough in itself) but Gwen admitted she finds Duncan attractive while Trent has already begun dating different girls.
    • Total Drama World Tour dropped a thermonuclear warhead on the the Courtney/Duncan ship before doing a Colony Drop on the ashes.
    • Word of God from Teletoon stated that the only reason Duncan/Courtney, Gwen/Trent and even Owen/Izzy were split up is because they didn't want to give kids the wrong idea about relationships, and instead that "true love only happens once" (which probably explains why only Bridgette/Geoff survived the duration of the series.)
    • Heather/Alejandro, after Heather chose the prize over his love, sealing her decision with a Groin Attack. Fortunately for fans, they went through a Relationship Upgrade in All Stars.
    • Relatively popular pairings in fandom like Heather/Harold and Heather/DJ (both had some Ship Tease in previous seasons) were sunk, the first in the first TDWT Aftermath and the second in Newfoundland. And before, Sierra/Chris, after Chris angrilly eliminates her for blowing up the jumbo jet. Come next episode, he deserts her, prompting her to tell her mother to make sure that the museum is destroyed by the time she got home.
    • In Total Drama All Stars the Gwen/Duncan ship was officially torpedoed when Gwen broke up with Duncan because their relationship was no longer thrilling, and he still showed signs of being interested in Courtney Then the season just proceeds to beat the ashes of the already sunken Courtney/Duncan ship by showing that the fomer has completely moved on at this point, having no interest in the latter whatsoever and instead pursuing a relationship with new comer Scott.
    • In Total Drama Pahkitew Island Dave loves Sky, unfortunately in the finale, Sky is already spoken for, resulting with Dave's Face-Heel Turn.
    • The Ridonculus Race has officially obliterated the idea of Noah playing for the other team, and the Noah/Owen fan ship, since Noah's interested in Emma.
  • Adventure Time:
    • Three seasons were spent alternately teasing and sinking Finn/Bubblegum, with Finn sporting an enormous Precocious Crush on her but Bubblegum not showing any romantic interest in him, despite them getting progressively closer over the seasons. "Too Young" is the pinnacle, with most of the episode depicting them having adorable bonding moments, only to swerve into a sinking ending. The ship was cut in two with the "Incendium"/"Hot to the Touch" two-parter and Finn's new crush on Flame Princess, then sinks to the bottom of the ocean when Finn states in "Burning Low" that he doesn't have feelings for Bubblegum anymore. It's refloated again and again, most especially in "Too Old" and "Breezy", but only to confirm Finn's feelings haven't magically gone away and that Bubblegum still has no interest in him.
    • Finn/Marceline was often proposed as an alternative to Finn/Bubblegum. Cue the episode "Go With Me", which shows they do not have any romantic feelings for the other.
    • The canon Finn/Flame Princess ship was sunk in "Earth and Water" when she breaks up with him for breaking her trust, and in "The Red Throne" FP once again rejected Finn and reiterating that she's no longer interested in him. It didn't help Finn's case that he caused all sorts of trouble trying to get back into FP's good graces and Cinnamon Bun, of all people, ended up saving the day and declaring his (probably platonic) love for Flame Princess, which has shippers up in arms.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • The flashback scene where Doofenshmirtz takes Linda on a date (which ended badly) was intended to sink the idea that Doof is Phineas' father.
    • "Minor Monogram" sinks Vannesa/Johnny.
    • "Act Your Age" sinks Vanessa/Monty.
  • ThunderCats (2011): Although Cheetara and Lion-O had a lot of Ship Tease moments, that ship was thoroughly sunk in Episodes 12 and 13 when it's revealed that Tygra had a crush on Cheetara since childhood and Cheetara returned his feelings but put her duty to Lion-O above her feelings for him, topped off by Cheetara and Tygra sharing their first kiss in front of a shocked Lion-O!
  • In Transformers Prime even after a rather rough first encounter with each other in the episode Metal Attraction, Airachnid and Breakdown were shipped following a line from Breakdown that even though he felt she was domineering and her extra arms were weird, he found himself intrigued by her. Come the Season 2 episode Crossfire however, she kills him. Because he was willing to kill her under orders. Ship sunk indeed.
  • Young Justice:
    • Even canon ships aren't safe. The second season is kicked off with Miss Martian suddenly kissing Lagoon Boy, even though she was dating Superboy at the end of first season. Granted, a lot can change in five years, but the show didn't address their breakup until the next episode.
    • Robin and Zatanna seemed to have something going on in the first season, but by season two they were just close friends. Word Of God confirmed they dated and broke up sometime during the five year Time Skip.
    • Wally dying in the show's finale puts a pretty big dent in the Wally/Artemis ship, or any ships involving Wally.
  • On Jimmy Neutron, Sheen/Libby was made official near the end of the series, but in the spin-off Planet Sheen they gave him a new love interest, Blue Skinned Space Babe Aseefa. He never even mentions Libby.
  • We'll never know for certain what the writers for The Powerpuff Girls thought about the fans clamoring for a relationship between Professor Utonium and Miss Keane. What is certain is that they were determined not to let romance take over the show. Utonium and Keane did hit it off, but proceeded to spend nearly the entire episode doing nothing at all but exchange baby talk. Worse, they did it over the PPG emergency line, meaning that the girls couldn't respond to crises (which quickly made the city an extremely unpleasant place to live). They finally broke it off because Keane owns a cat, and Utonium, thanks to a harrowing encounter with one in the past, can't tolerate the presence of one.
  • The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! apparently dashed all hope of The Mighty Thor and Dr. Jane Foster becoming a couple after The Vision attacked Jane and The Wasp while searching Avengers Mansion for Captain America's shield. Jane and Wasp barely survived, but Wasp subsequently advised Jane that continuing to date a superhero might prove too dangerous for her.
  • Played with in-universe in the season 3 premiere of Superjail: After the relationship between Lord Stingray and the Mistress falls through, Jared and Charise conspire to have the Warden and Mistress sleep together so that Superjail can be restored to glory (and that they themselves might have a chance at being together if their bosses are). The potential is sunk when the Warden proves to have no clue what to do, and Alice winds up sleeping with the Mistress instead. The Mistress then decides she doesn't need a lover, and relinquishes Superjail back to Warden, further undoing the assistants' hopes and plan. The fans that had shipped Warden and Mistress together wound up distraught, while a few others had decided to latch on to shipping Mistress/Alice instead.
  • On T.U.F.F. Puppy, the episode "'Til Doom Do Us Part" is dedicated entirely to sinking the Dudley/Kitty ship.
  • The Regular Show episode "Steak Me Amadeus" sunk the Mordecai/Margaret ship after four seasons of Will They or Won't They?.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
  • Steven Universe:
    • Pretty much every ship involving Garnet suffered a major blow after "Jail Break", which revealed that Garnet is the fusion of two gems named Ruby and Sapphire, whose relationship is confirmed as romantic via Word of Gay. "Love Letters" torpedoed any remains that might've been still floating when it's made explicit that Ruby and Sapphire are monogamous.
    • In "Say Uncle", Uncle Grandpa literally sinks Lars and Sadie's ship with a "head cannon". This episode is however non-canon and lampsheded as so (though it could still be a stealth Foreshadowing).
    • "The Return" and "Jail Break" also sunk the popular Lapis Lazuli/Peridot ship with the two not even interacting directly, Peridot not seeing Lapis as anything more than a prisoner, and Lapis fusing with Jasper in order to trap both of them at the bottom of the ocean.
  • Gravity Falls:

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