Self-Proclaimed Love Interest

A Comedy Trope where one character claims that they are someone else's love interest, even though the two are not actually in love, dating, or (in extreme cases) even anything more than casual acquaintances. This character may exhibit traits of Stalker with a Crush, although they will deny that they are any such thing. They will also become a Green-Eyed Monster if they see their "boyfriend/girlfriend" anywhere near another boy/girl, even though they have no legitimate claim to the person. For maximum comedy, the object of their "love" may find themself dragged out on a date against their will.

Can be Truth in Television. The psychological disorder Erotomania causes an extreme manifestation of this trope wherein the afflicted individual comes to believe that a specific person is in love with him/her and acts based on that belief. The fixation can be triggered by something as innocent as a smile from the person as they pass the afflicted individual on the street.

Compare Clingy Jealous Girl, Crazy Jealous Guy and Stalker with a Crush. Contrast She Is Not My Girlfriend. Also, this kind of behavior is typical of the Yandere.


Anime and Manga
  • Boa Hancock from One Piece claims to be Luffy's soul mate, despite the fact Luffy has never shown even a passing romantic interest in her. Elder Nyon mentioned that Hancock is under some sort of "love sickness," and whatever it is seems to be affecting her pretty badly. She interprets even the vaguest, most non-chalant show of affection or camaraderie from Luffy as a sign that he's her husband and that they are meant to be together for eternity. It's also a hint of her Dark and Troubled Past, which started breaking Hancock when she was just 12 years old — deep down, the powerful Amazon Queen is still an emotionally-stunted young girl... and Luffy was among the first non-females who was kind to her.
  • Tokiwa from Ask Dr. Rin! plays this trope for drama while he's possessed.
  • Megumi "Nodame" Noda from Nodame Cantabile, so much. She actually declares herself Chiaki's wife, and some people take her seriously, but they're actually just neighbors and members of the same orchestra, and Chiaki mostly thinks of her as a pest outside of being a genius pianist. She pretty much hangs around him so much that eventually he stops correcting people that she's not his girlfriend, and even starts referring to her as his girlfriend and eventually they get married.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!, Rebecca Hawkins started claiming that Yugi was her "boyfriend" during her second appearance and kept it up through the end of the series. She at least managed to make Yugi blush and Anzu jealous if nothing else.
  • Ranma ˝: Tatewaki Kuno, poor deluded fool, is this for any woman he has the slightest interest in.
  • Death Note: Immediately after meeting Light, Misa declares herself to be "his girlfriend." Lampshaded in the dub:
    Misa: "Light-darling!"
    Light: "D-did you just call me darling?!"
    • Of course, this quickly becomes a very dark example, considering who Light is and what becomes of Misa.
  • Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts: Shouko is this to Yuuji. Considering their shared past, however, things aren't as easy as they seem.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia: Sweden once said that Finland was "my w'fe", much to Finland's shock.
  • In an episode of Pokémon, Shauna, the Girl of the Week, introduces herself as the girlfriend of Dewford Gym Leader Brawly. Naturally, Brawly knows nothing of this when he shows up, but he takes it in stride.

  • Peanuts: Sally is like this towards Linus. "I am NOT your sweet Babboo!"

  • From time to time in The Vinyl And Octavia Series, Vinyl will claim that Octavia is secretly hot for her or something similar.
    “Can you believe this mare, Octavia?” Vinyl laughed. “Just because you’d totally do me, she thinks that we’re in a relationship!”

  • Stuntman Mike from Death Proof seems to have this for his victims, but he's a serial killer, and his feelings weren't Played for Laughs.
  • In Singin' in the Rain, the in-story main couple are rumored to be together—and Lina goes along with this, because she read it in the tabloids. A few scenes are devoted to Don trying to convince her it isn't true.
  • The romantic comedy When in Rome runs on this trope with several suitors enthusiastically chasing the protagonist around.
  • The French film À la folie pas du tout (in English, He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not) features Audrey Tautou as an erotomanic who displays this behavior towards a happily married doctor who is barely aware of her existence. She takes his rejection about as well as you might expect.
  • Eddie Brock has this opinion of his 'relationship' with Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man 3. Gwen comments that all they've done is have coffee together.

Live-Action TV
  • Wizards of Waverly Place had Harper dabble in this trope for a few seasons with Justin before moving on to Zeke. She would routinely talk about her (imagined) relationship with Justin and claim that any other girl Justin dated was only a temporary fascination and that he would eventually find his way back to her.
  • C.C. Babcock on The Nanny sees herself as the only woman in Maxwell Sheffield's life, rather than Fran Fine, even though Maxwell sees her as nothing more than his business partner.
  • Played for Drama on Dexter, when a murder victim's "girlfriend" turns out to be a stalker who killed him in a rage because he didn't return her feelings.
  • He only lasted one Charmed episode, but a fellow half-whitelighter once came to claim Paige as his wife. He'd gotten advice from several fortune tellers that the two belonged together and wouldn't take no for an answer until Paige gets engaged to her actual love interest, Henry, though he doesn't do anything to force her into love or marriage. He seems content in trying to convince her, proving himself, and challenging Henry for her hand.

Video Games

Western Animation
  • Panini is this towards the title character on Chowder. The Distant Finale has them eventually married.
  • In an episode of Superman: The Animated Series, Superman frees a female Kryptonian named Mala from the Phantom Zone. After a while, she starts getting jealous of Lois Lane and, when a reporter asks Superman and Mala if they're a couple, Mala immediately says "yes" and is enraged when Superman disagrees.
    • There was also Maxima, who wanted Superman to marry her, and not quite understanding why he didn't want to marry her, being used to always getting her way.
  • On Total Drama, Sierra is definitely the Stalker with a Crush type, first to Cody and later to Cameron (mostly because Cody wasn't around and she kept hallucinating Cameron as him). Aside from putting Cody through hell and getting violently jealous/protective, she once tried to invoke an Accidental Marriage on him.

Real Life
  • Famously, a guy named John Hinckley, Jr. had an erotomanic delusion involving Jodie Foster. It led to him shooting Ronald Reagan to "impress" her.