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04:52:07 PM Apr 10th 2017
  • Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors is a strange example, because it's the relationship between Junpei, the protagonist, and Akane, the Anti-Villain Big Bad, that gets sunk, and the game would lead you to believe that the pairing is cannon.
    • Virtue's Last Reward drives them even farther apart, as Junpei is understandably pissed at how manipulative Akane has become.
      • In Zero Time Dilemma,[[spoiler: despite Junpei's initial cynicism and Akane's outrage over it, they eventually get over this as Akane warms up to Junpei seeing his lingering heroism and Junpei realizes that Akane still cares about him, leading to him proposing to her in one of the timelines. The epilogue entries hint at them planning to marry.
What a mess. Aside from misspelling of "canon" 999 never sank Junpei/Akane. (This is going to be spoiler heavy, be warned) I've seen coments that Uchikoshi said that he's going to search for her and not find her, but I've seen Q&A in question and Uchikoshi only said the first part. VLR seems more legit but two mistakes slipped in. first of all while it's true that Akane became quite a Manipulative Bitch and Junpei knew it(although the "became" part is a bit questionable) that's not why they didn't see eye to eye. Junpei's problem was that Akane essentially abandoned his timeline for the sake of AB project, while he was more focusd in making the best for the timeline he was currently in. The second, bigger problem is that the whole point of AB project was to create a timeline where the whole mess with Radical-6(which drove them apart in the first place) never happened so while they didn't together in VLR timeline there was NEVER anything standing in the way of them getting together in any ZTD timeline, so the ship didn't really sink.
07:49:24 PM Mar 13th 2013
Er, I think the part about the Finn/Flame Princess ship sinking from Adventure time should really be changed, because in a recent episode it shows that Finn/Flame Princess are still in fact dating. I mean, she even calls him her boyfriend. So the whole Apocalypse Maiden thing hasn't damaged the ship at all.
02:19:39 AM Oct 28th 2016
Then change it. Or better yet, cut it down. If the ship is still sailing then it was never sunk in the first place, at best it would've been Anchored Ship
10:40:25 AM Jun 16th 2012
Does anyone else think the Ship Sinking picture should be replaced with two images of Lion-O/Pumyra? First one with her kissing, the next one being evil?
07:50:08 PM Mar 13th 2013
Nah, the current one is funnier.
12:30:00 PM Oct 27th 2016
Maybe it's funnier but aside from providing Visual Pun it tell nothing about the trope really. As for these two you suggested... I have no f-ing clue who they are so i can't say it it would work.
07:04:16 PM May 25th 2012
On The Vampire Diaries Jeremy and Bonnie where put together only as an FU to Jeremy/Tyler shippers.

I have no idea if Joss was aware of Spike/Dawn shippers, but in Season 7 we did feel effectively screwed over.
04:28:37 AM Nov 14th 2011
Yes, no? I've been reading fans accuse Noblesse of this. & would that go under Manga or Web Comic if it did?
06:44:41 PM Nov 4th 2011
edited by TailofaModernWoman
The Harry Potter examples stress a lot on Harry/Hermione ship sinking, but the second most popular ship sunk tragically by Rowling's Epilogue was, alas, Draco/Harry (among thousands others, admitedly). However, this is a case of ship-won't-sink because the fanfics keep coming, mostly by overwriting the whole two last books or making Harry undergo a nasty divorce because Ginny is a must-hate-character (add example of Hate Fic).
12:33:32 PM Oct 27th 2016
Draco/Harry couldn't sink because it never sailed in the first place. If we put every possible Crack Ship ever the one which will sink is this page. Unless the ship could be at least reasonably possible in canon, i don't see any point in making it an example.
01:03:50 PM Oct 27th 2016
By this logic, the own page image must be changed.
11:35:36 AM Oct 29th 2016
Agreed. While it provides nice Visual Pun it tells nothing about the trope. But unless we have something better...
04:51:38 PM Oct 14th 2011

11:59:44 AM Jun 22nd 2011
edited by Credibilityissue
I know it's a wikia, but could there be some standards set on letting people put whatever they want on the page? For manga like One Piece, one could say all ships are sunk until further notice given that Oda has made it clear he has no interest in hooking any two characters up romantically.

For something like Naruto or Bleach, where it is filled with one-sided infatuations and ambiguous statements from the other, there really cannot be an objective claim of a ship(s) being sunk unless another ship occurs that contradicts them. For example, the Bleach section. No ship is sunk because Kubo has been entirely ambiguous on it.

Even more:

SJ: Do you have any plans to make Ichigo and Rukia a couple? Kubo-sensei: I'm not going to confirm nor deny that. [laughs]

For Naruto, all have remained one-sided. A ship cannot be sunk in such cases unless one contradicting it actually happens in the story.
12:47:49 PM Mar 26th 2011
"** And yet, Oda also wrote the storyline so that, apparently, Hancock will quite literally die if she can't be with Luffy. This being the type of manga that it is, he'll have to find some creative way around that problem, because neither of the "obvious" results would fit the tone of the manga at all." Snipping. I kinda doubt Oda ever intended for it to be at all serious, as it's never brought up again even when Luffy and Boa go their separate ways. Romance was never important to the story period, and I doubt Oda was ever going to devote any time to it other than as a humorous plot device.
01:36:31 AM Jan 15th 2011
edited by Westrim
I cut some Conversation in the Main Page, and I'm thinking about cutting entries for ships that were never hinted at except through Shipping Goggles, or where there was a main relationship they were ignoring. That "deliberately or not" phrasing seems to have been an invitation to include any pairings ever not fulfilled, even if they were just personality matches and the characters never even met each other, or it was a Crack Pairing that no one expected to happen in canon anyway, even the supporters of it. And too often, making one relationship explicit is read as sinking any others.

Also, what about removing the massive spoiler swathes, either making them much smaller or doing away with them altogether, since this trope almost always addresses developments late in the plot, often by killing characters?
09:31:23 AM Dec 12th 2010
Can we find a new page image? I don't like the idea of a bit of fanart from DA being the page image.
08:52:06 PM Jan 1st 2011
Yeah. Start a topic in the image pickin forum.
08:36:46 PM Nov 21st 2010
I'm about to cut some of the Nartuo examples, not because I ship them, but because "Ship Sinking" is when the ship is made completely impossible to happen in canon. So far out of all of the ones listed, only one of them were actually officially sunken.
06:32:39 PM Aug 20th 2010
edited by HonoreDB
Davey Jones: You have a debt to pay. After the Buffy/Spike ship was sunk in Something Blue, you promised me your soul if I were to raise it from the depths. That was thirteen years ago. That was our agreement.
Jack Sparrow: Technically, they were only a ship for two years, then the show was viciously cancelled.
Davey Jones: Then it was a poor ship, but a ship nonetheless! Have you not referred to it all these years as the "One True Pairing"?
02:32:25 PM Sep 1st 2010
edited by BritBllt
07:23:14 PM Mar 4th 2010
i was thinking about adding a quote to the page "if the ship will never come, you gotta move along" - mgmt this cool with everyone?
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