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Character Profiles
  • Bacon: "Nah"
  • Peridot opts out of using stars to rate her stats and simply puts "better than almond" for all of them.

Chapter 1

Intermission 1

Chapter 2

Intermission 2

Chapter 3

Intermission 3
  • Peridot's reaction to her dream about her and Almond getting married.
  • Peridot walks in on... this.
  • Furthermore, she invites the Nightmare Knight to watch Punisher Pumice with her.
    Gigi: it seems like your kind of show, idk
  • From the Q&A strips:
    "I always set the dress code."
    • Tomato recruiting the mailman because his name starts with a B.
    • A new, improved, cooler Splashmaster: the same, but with two eyes.
    • The Nightmare Knight doesn't know what fanfiction is.

Outside the comic

Book-exclusive content

  • The 2nd book 3 bonus comic.
    • Biscotti showing her true ruthlessness.
    • Peridot's epic blunder.
    • The Nightmare Knight purposely mispronouncing Peridot's name.
    • Baguette and Tartelette musing on how hollow their victory is going to be — prompt cut to them celebrating their win and proudly showing off their trophy.