Series / The Parent 'Hood

The Parent 'Hood is a sitcom that aired on The WB for about four seasons, starring the Peterson family, a middle class black family living in New York City's Harlem neighborhood. The father, Robert (Robert Townsend), is a college professor, while his wife Jerri (Suzzanne Douglas) is a law student. Together, they raise their four children; teenagers Michael (Kenny Blank) and Zaria (Reagan Gomez-Preston), elementary school-aged Nicholas (Curtis Williams), and toddler Cece (Ashli Adams). Also part of the cast was Robert's friend Wendell (Faizon Love). In the later seasons, the Petersons take in a troubled youth named T.K. (Tyrone Burton).

This show has sometimes been referred to as The Cosby Show of The '90s.

Not to be confused with Parenthood.