Creator / Dimension Films

Created in 1992 as a sister company to Miramax Films, it is well-known for producing the Scream, Spy Kids and Scary Movie franchises, as well as The Crow, Sin City, Bad Santa, The Others, and later films in the Halloween, Hellraiser, Amityville, and Children of the Corn franchises. In general, it specialized in horror films and action films. Until 2005, their films were distributed by The Walt Disney Company. However, beginning later that year, The Weinsteins started a new film production company called simply The Weinstein Company, and took the Dimension Films label with them. Films from Dimension (along with other Miramax films) that were released prior to Oct 1, 2005 were owned by FilmYard Holdings, an investment company, until 2016 when Miramax was sold to beIN Media Group. They are currently distributed on home video by Lionsgate. Films released after that date are owned by The Weinstein Company (who retains sequel rights to all Miramax/Dimension films), and currently distributed on home video by Anchor Bay Entertainment.