Film / Halloween: Resurrection

"You've heard of the tunnel? The one we all go through sooner or later? At the end, there's a door. And waiting for you on the other side of that door is either Heaven or Hell. This is that door."
Laurie Strode.

After the film retcons certain events that happened at the end of Halloween H20, Halloween: Resurrection picks up on Michael Myers who now lives a quiet life in a system of tunnels beneath his old home in Haddonfield, Illinois. However, his domestic peace ends up shattered as the house becomes the basis for an Internet reality show called "Dangertainment", where a group of teenagers get roped into spending a night in it, and those who manage to stay the whole night win a nice prize for their trouble — all while the Internet watches.

Needless to say, Michael doesn't like this one bit.

It currently marks the final film of the original series as started by Halloween; Rob Zombie rebooted the franchise in 2007 with a remake of the first film.

Halloween: Resurrection contains examples of the following tropes: