Film: Final Destination 5

Final Destination 5 is the fifth film in the Final Destination series and a prequel to the original film, it was released on August 12th, 2011. The film was directed by Steven Quale, and written by Eric Heisserer.

It stars Nicholas D'Agosto, Emma Bell, Miles Fisher and Tony Todd. The film is regarded as one of the best of the series. It was well received by critics and fans of the film series, scoring a "fresh" 61% on Rotten Tomatoes, making it the highest-rated of the series.

This film provides examples of:

  • 3-D Movie
  • Accidental Murder: Nathan accidentally kills a Jerkass coworker and ends up getting his name taken off Death's list. Too bad the guy he killed was days away from death...
  • Anachronism Stew: Averted- While The Nineties is not so glaringly obvious, the absence of high-end laptops and i-devices should clue in anyone who is not too caught up in the violence to notice such details. And then there's The Stinger ending to drive the point home.
  • Asian Hooker Stereotype: When company sleazeball Isaac enters an Asian massage parlor, it's blatantly obvious that he tries to invoke this in the douchebaggiest way possible by harassing the receptionist, complete with inquiring if there will be a "happy ending". When the girl makes it clear that the place isn't a brothel, he still doesn't take the hint. He gets duly rewarded when the girl sets him up for an exceptionally rough massage performed by her much older mother.
  • Asshole Victim: Isaac, who is such a ridiculous and blatant sleaze that his death is almost played for laughs. Also Dennis and Olivia.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Deconstructed, and mentioned specifically by Bludworth.
  • Black Dude Dies First: Inverted. Nathan is the last to go.
  • Bloody Hilarious:
    • Isaac's death, which up until this point has been very funny with an Asian masseuse getting her revenge for a "happy ending" comment, ends pretty violently and horrifically.
    • The promotional music video for Miles Fisher's New Romance, featuring most of the Final Destination 5 cast doing a parody of Saved By The Bell. Death guest stars as himself.
  • Book Ends:
    • "Boy, it's a good thing we survived that whole bridge collapse and aftermath, now we can enjoy our flight to Paris. Hey, why are those students getting kicked off the plane...?"
    • Ironically, Sam's death is the same as how Alex had died in his vision in the first movie.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Literally. Remember that this was shown in 3D.
  • Call Back: The Stealth Prequel ending of Final Destination 5, followed by a 3D-ized collection of the series' death scenes.
  • Captain Obvious: Invoked hilariously.
    After Sam has figured out the pattern and the protagonists are trying to figure out who's next.
    Dennis: "Who's what?"
    (wrench is launched into Dennis's face)
    Sam: "Dennis! It was Dennis!"
    Nathan: "NO SHIT!"
  • Continuity Nod:
    • A photo of a character standing next to Car #6 from Part 4,
    • A roller coaster photo from Devil's Flight from Part 3,
    • A character working at Le Cafe Miro 81 from Part 1, as well as the lingering shot on the cafe sign—081 is 180 backwards.
    • A truck carrying wood just as the one from Part 2 when the bus is reaching the bridge,
    • The opening disaster from Part 1 ending the film.
    • The opening credits. To be specific; The credits feature various objects that caused the deaths and disasters in the film series. Example a set of knives that caused Ms. Lewton's death in Part 1, the tire that decapitated Nadia from Part 4, the fire escape ladder from Part 2, pieces of the Devil's Flight derailment from Part 3 and so on.
  • Death by Racism: Isaac.
  • Dirty Coward: Peter
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Sure, Olivia was an insensitive bitch, but she didn't really deserve to be tortured by Frickin' Laser Beams before she died.
  • Exact Words: The survivors are told that they can kill someone else to get taken off the list, getting the dead person's remaining years in exchange for the sacrifice. Now, if they only had a few weeks left to begin with...
  • Eye Scream: Final Destination 5 has a girl being burnt in the eye by a LASIK machine going haywire. Amazingly, she LIVES through that experience, only to slip on a plastic teddy bear eye, fall out a window, smash into a parked car, and have her GOOD eye pop out of her head. And that's run over by a passing vehicle.
  • Face Death with Dignity:
    • Though he understandably remains a little on edge the whole time, Sam nevertheless decides that he's not going to go out of his way to avoid Death when the other survivors have clearly died in severely improbable locales. If he's going to die, it's unlikely any effort he takes to the contrary will help.
    • And when Death does come to collect him, he accepts his fate as he burns to death on Flight 180, after witnessing his girlfriend split in half.
  • Final Girl: Technically, Clear, due to Book Ends. Gruesomely subverted with Molly.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: The LASIK machine shown above has a display that shows the power of the laser to be 5 milliwatts. In reality, a 5 mW laser has only the potential to damage the retina (and no other structure of the body) if a person stares into its beam long enough. In the movie, instead, it is depicted as being capable to burn the cornea, sclera and skin tissues instantly, it makes a classic zap sound and the beam it emits is visible and glowy. In addition, it is also the wrong type of laser: a continuous red beam, instead of the pulsed ultraviolet laser that is actually used in LASIK operations.
  • The Fun in Funeral: Dennis announces the much alive Isaac as a victim. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: Once Death lets slip that murder will get the survivors off his list, Peter pretty much loses it.
  • Happy Ending Massage: Isaac tries to get one of these when he goes to an Asian massage parlor in town, using a ticket he stole from the desk of a deceased colleague, and despite the fact that the receptionist points out that their place isn't a brothel.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: Sam in his vision, Molly in actuality.
  • He Knows Too Much: Peter murders a federal agent, thus getting his life. Molly tries to get him to back down now that he's going to live, but Peter obviously can't leave a witness if he wants to spend his life anywhere but prison.
  • Human Pincushion: Isaac, during some acupuncture Gone Horribly Wrong, and Peter's death in the opening premonition.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: During the opening disaster vision, Candice plummets off the bridge and is impaled on the mast of a passing boat and Peter is impaled by rebar
  • Letters 2 Numbers: The working title of the film was 5nal Destination, which caused much amusement with horror fans, who proceeded to refer to the film as "Anal Destination".
  • Medium Awareness: Isaac asks if the Asian woman speaks in subtitles and suddenly subtitles appear. Subverted in that only the viewers get to understand what the lady says. Isaac still can't.
  • Nerds Are Sexy: Averted with Olivia. Despite her need for glasses she is not a nerd at all. And she manages to look sexy with them on.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: The gymnastics scene is praised because of this. Other death scenes have the camera focus on many possible threats within the vicinity. In the gym? Nothing but bars secured on the floor. The whole time, the audience goes "What's going to happen to her? WHAT?" She is eventually done in by good old fashioned gravity .
  • Oh, Crap:
    • Isaac's reaction to the alcohol on the floor catching fire.
    • The look on Sam's face when he overhears the attendant on Flight 180 writing off Alex Browning's vision of the plane going down. Alex was right.
  • Period Piece: The film turns out to be this to 1999/2000, making it a prequel to the original.
  • Redemption Equals Death: Nathan goes to the wake of Roy, feeling horrible about accidentally killing him. Then he's hit with a flaming jet engine.
  • Red Herring:
    • During the setup of the Disaster Dominoes that will result in Candice's death, a lot of emphasis is placed upon 1) a tack on a balance beam, 2)loose rotating metal fans, one of which dropped that pipe, 3)water surrounding an electrical wire, which was dripped from the fan, and 4) the loose horizontal bar that another student was using, nearby the fan. Turns out someone else steps on the tack afterwards and accidentally knocks over a pail of white powder, which then obscures Candice's vision while she's trying to land from the horizontal bar, and she dies falling down.
    • A rather brilliant inversion:The teddy bear Olivia is gripping as she is getting set up in the LASIK machine has an eye fall out, which foreshadows the inevitable Eye Scream to follow. However, the eye actually ends up causing her death. When she gets free of the LASIK machine, she accidentally steps the heel of her stiletto boot exactly on the eye. She trips backs, crashes through a window, and falls to her death.
  • Revival Loophole: The remaining survivors are told they can kill another human being to save themselves, since they'd be taking their victim's life - untainted by Death - and giving them their death, Balancing Death's Books. It technically works. Problem is, people don't come with a handy clock to measure how much you're getting out of the exchange.
  • Scary Black Man: Inverted with Nathan. He's a squirrely little dude who gets picked on by his employees. Played straight with Bludworth as always.
  • Stealth Prequel
  • Twist Ending: Final Destination 5 turns out to be a prequel to the other four films, ending with Sam and Molly being killed on flight 180.
  • Token Minority: Nathan.
  • Trailers Always Spoil: Subverted and played straight; some fans thought the trailers spoiled everything. For the most part, some of the implied deaths scene spoilers weren't the actual deaths. Except for Olivia's and Dennis'.
  • Wham Line: "Why do they deserve to die? Why do I? But then, why do you deserve to live?"
  • Wham Shot: At the end, Sam and Molly board a plane to Paris. Seems like a reference to the first film, right? When Sam puts his bags away, he hears a commotion behind him. He turns around, and we see Alex and Carter from the first film fighting and being thrown off the plane. That's right, the entire film was a prequel. Sam and Molly blow it off, and take their seats, sealing their fates.
  • Worst Aid: Isaac immediately pulls out one of the acupuncture needles after he's been impaled with them, which looks like it may very well have pierced his heart.

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