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Film: Wrongfully Accused

It's not just a's every movie.

A 1998 Leslie Nielsen movie written and directed by ZAZ protege Pat Proft, Wrongfully Accused is a classic example of the joke-a-minute (more like every 20 seconds) school of comedy.

The frame parody is built around the 1993 version of The Fugitive and Nielsen's character's pursuit of the one-armed, one-legged and one-eyed man who killed his lover's husband. Richard Crenna's delightful parody of Tommy Lee Jones' fast-talking federal marshal is probably the highlight of the movie, with many of the best lines. However, The Fugitive is hardly the only movie that gets parodied here. Particularly notable targets include the Mission: Impossible, Titanic, Lord of the Dance, Braveheart, Mentos commercials, Baywatch, The Usual Suspects and even North by Northwest and Casablanca, among many others.

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Wild ThingsFilms of the 1990sThe X-Files: Fight the Future

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