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Funny / Wrongfully Accused

  • The entire movie. Seriously. There's not a single scene where something funny or ridiculous isn't going on be it the center of focus or an easter egg.
  • Ryan getting hit by tree branches in the woods.
  • The purposefully bad special effects as the bus falls down the cliff and keeps bouncing around.
  • The train having a mind of its own and chasing Ryan through the woods.
  • Ryan in the diaper truck.
  • John Walsh dropping tons of food on the floor after realizing he'd been had by Ryan (see Dramatic Shattering on the main page for a full description).
  • After Cass kisses Ryan: "Damn you! Damn you for making me fall in love with you!"
  • Ryan accidentally covering his arm with spaghetti after he is distracted by the news report about himself.
  • Ryan masquerading as a doctor:
    • (tapping a man's belly) "He's pregnant."
    • "Put him in the 10 bullets or less line."
    • "Doctor, you may want to take a look at this." "Uhhh...no thank you!"
    • "This man's in cardiac arrest. Give him 200,000 cc's of adrenaline."
    • "Balance, rotate, and align the organs."
    • "Put the cop in post-op."
    • "ICU?" "and I see you, you're a fine nurse."
  • Pretty much anything Fergus says.
    • "I got spaghetti! Watch it, plate could be hot!"