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Film: Calamity Jane
"Excitement? Why, I got more arrows in the back of that coach than a porcupine has got stickers!"
Calamity Jane

A 1953 movie musical based on the famous gunslinger, Calamity Jane starred Doris Day as the title character and Howard Keel as Wild Bill Hickok. One of the film's songs, "Secret Love" became an Oscar-winning hit song for Day.

Calamity Jane comes to the town of Deadwood, South Dakota one day. She decides to revitalize the local saloon by bringing them Chicago star Adelaide Adams. Unfortunately, she instead brings them Adelaide's maid, Katie Brown, whom she found trying on her costumes. Katie becomes a hit with everyone, including Jane's secret love, Lt. Daniel Gilmartin. A rivalry for his affections with Katie ensues.

This film features examples of:

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