Western Animation / Daffy Duck's Quackbusters

Daffy Duck's Quackbusters is a 1988 Compilation Movie starring Daffy Duck and other classic Looney Tunes characters. This film combines newly-animated footage linked with classic Warner Bros. cartoons.

Here, Daffy Duck is a salesman who accepts a job to fulfill millionaire J.B. Cubish's wish to make him laugh one more time before he passes on. Daffy succeeds and when Cubish kicks the bucket, Daffy earns all his money from his will as long as he uses it for goodwill. But Daffy, well... being Daffy, plots to spend the money for himself, as so he's haunted by Cubish's ghost, who says that his money will gradually disappear if Daffy appears to use it dishonestly. As a result, Daffy decides to open a ghost exterminating business to get rid of ghosts like Cubish and hires Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig to help him.

Cartoons: "Night of the Living Duck," "Daffy Dilly," "The Prize Pest," "Water, Water, Every Hare," "Hyde and Go Tweet," "Claws for Alarm," "The Duxorcist," "Transylvania 6-5000," "The Abominable Snow Rabbit," "Punch Trunk," and "Jumpin' Jupiter."

This film is notable for being one of Mel Blanc's last performances in a Looney Tunes project.

This film contains examples of:

  • Art Shift: The animators actually changed the characters' designs accordingly to fit the classic cartoon that featured those very designs. For example, Daffy transition to his Robert McKimson designs in the scenes leading up to "The Prize Pest."
  • Bowdlerise: Some television showings (specifically, Cartoon Network, back when their animated movie block was called "Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theater," not "Flicks") cut out the scene near the beginning where Daffy offers a six-pack of Billy Beer with the cars he's selling, as well as the noose scenes from "Claws for Alarm."
    • When "The Duxorcist" became its own short and aired on ABC, the part where Daffy calls the possessed female duck a schizophrenic, refers to her as "Sybil," and asks if there's "any more like [her] in the family" before adding "Could you send back that older sister of yours?" was replaced with a previous cut part (that came after he kisses her) where he says, "I don't know my own strength," as ABC felt the offending part was making fun of the mentally ill.
  • Butt Monkey: Daffy.
  • Compilation Movie: This movie combines classic Warner Bros. cartoons to create an original story. It is kind of jarring to hear the by then aged voice of Mel Blanc suddenly transition to his more expressive performances in the classics.
    • Two of the shorts, "The Duxorcist" and "Night of the Living Duck," were made within a year of the film (and the latter was made for the film.)
  • Die Laughing: Cubish apparently dies this way.
  • Downer Ending: Though through Rule of Funny and not that Daffy didn't have it coming. See Humilation Conga.
  • Humiliation Conga: After Daffy gets humiliated on the air about the tiny elephant story, he plans to blame Porky for everything. This proves to be the final straw for Cubish, who takes Daffy's remaining money (and leaves behind a sign ribbing it in). He then gets his possessions repossessed and the entire apartment building is demolished (with him still in it!) And apparently, Cubish's curse is still on him, as a dollar he earns instantly vanishes once he gets it.
    • To make matters worse, Daffy earned the money legitimately, fulfilling Cubish's Last Request to have a good laugh before he died (at the expense of Daffy's dignity.) The conditions that come with it weren't revealed until after Daffy had spent who knows how long working for him without complaint, and now he has to live the rest of his life under the heel of a sadistic ghost. Cubish is a grade A Jerkass.
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others: "Spooks spooked, goblins gobbled, UFOs K.O.ed, aliens alienated, vampires evaporated, and monsters remonstrated."
  • Oh Crap!: Every time Daffy realizes he's pissed off Cubish and his money starts disappearing.
  • Non-Singing Voice: In "Night of the Living Duck", Daffy sings with the voice of Mel Torme.
  • Setting Update: The scene from "Daffy Dilly" where Daffy hears of Cubish from the radio is replaced with new footage showing the report on a television screen (with the original audio playing over it.)
  • Skyward Scream: "CUBIIIIIISH!!!"
  • Verbal Backspace: Happens whenever Daffy does something to anger Cubish and tries to keep his money from disappearing.
  • Villain Protagonist/ Nominal Hero: Daffy is up to his unscrupulous ways again and plans to become a Scrooge-like figure until the supernatural trouble leads him to become a ghostbuster for-hire.
  • "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue
  • Whole Plot Reference: The main plot parodies Ghostbusters.