Series / Sullivan & Son

Steve Sullivan (Steve Byrne) has everything together. He's a successful lawyer living in New York and has a beautiful fiance. However, on a trip back home to Pittsburgh, he gets some bad news. His parents, Irish-American father Jack and Korean mother Ok Cha, have decided to sell the family bar and retire. Steve, in an act that surprises everybody, decides not to let the bar go and (against his now-ex-fiance's wishes) quits his job in New York, buys the bar from his parents and runs it himself. He now has to learn to deal with the cast of crazies that make up the bar's regulars.

Aired on TBS for three seasons from June 2012 to July 2014.

  • Absentee Actor: Despite being listed in the credits, Susan often does not appear in episodes.
  • Abusive Parents: Ok Cha towards Susan.
  • Action Girl: Melanie.
  • The Alcoholic: Pretty much the whole cast, but especially Hank, who apparently is always the first one in the bar when it opens, and at one point sets off a breathalyzer just by having it pointed at him.
  • And Starring: And Dan Lauria.
  • Asian Rudeness: Ok Cha is one part Asian Store-Owner, one part Tiger Mother. When her daughter gives her a fake ID to age her up so she can take advantage of senior-citizen discounts, she jokingly gives her the name "Kim Jong Il." Ok Cha is flattered.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Owen, if you sleep with his mother. This is his Berserk Button.
    • Steve when he gets competitive. Specifically when he coaches hockey.
  • The Cast Show Off: Owen Benjamin's piano playing more than once, ignoring the simple fact that it's a sitcom starring no less than four professional stand up comics.
  • Cool Old Guy: Jack.