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Creator: Jerry Bruckheimer
17. Everything that has not yet exploded explodes.

Jerry Bruckhemimer is cited as one of the most prolific Producers in contemporary television and film today. Producing several blockbuster films and popular Television series he has achieved great success in the genres of action, drama, and science fiction and has worked with some of the most prolific directors such as Michael Bay, the brothers Ridley Scott and the late Tony Scott, and Gore Verbinski.

Critics often complain about his film work, saying it's just a big pile of over-emoting and Stuff Blowing Up. Whether you like it or hate it, it pretty much defines the term "glorified B-movie". It should be pointed out that he is one of the very few producers to have made two films which each grossed over $1 billion at the box office (via the Pirates of the Caribbean series).

Shows of his currently airing or soon to air:

Films, incomplete, in alphabetical order:

See also Michael Bay, who worked with Bruckheimer on most of his movies, including Armageddon and both Bad Boys movies.
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