Series / Rubicon

Rubicon was a conspiracy drama on AMC starring James Badge Dale and Miranda Richardson. James Badge Dale is Will Travers, a twitchy, bushy-haired intelligence analyst at a private think tank called the American Policy Institute (API) who finds himself in the middle of the conspiracy. Miranda Richardson co-stars as Katherine Rhumor, a recent widow whose late-husband's (one of the Powerful White Men) sudden suicide draws her into the mystery as well.

While the overall arc focuses on the conspiracy, individual episodes focus on day to day intelligence work of Will Travers' team and the strain it puts on them. His team, Grant, Miles, and Tanya, work to predict and prevent terrorist attacks in the US and elsewhere. The shows draws heavily on the audience of the AMC show that comes on after it.

The show was canceled after one season.

This show provides examples of: