Series / Remember WENN

A 199698 AMC dramedy about the staff of a Pittsburgh radio station circa 193941.

Betty Roberts (Amanda Naughton), an aspiring writer, arrives at the station for an unpaid internship — but swings into action as the station's main writer, and Hilarity Ensues. Mostly, as befitting the fictional medium, in the form of wordplay.

This series provides examples of:

  • Beta Couple: Eugenia and Mr. Foley
  • The Casanova: Jeffrey Singer. Of course he's supposed to be married, and of course he never stops flirting.
  • Cut Short: After the fourth season, which resulted in a Love Triangle plot involving Betty, Victor, and Scott being Left Hanging.
  • Forgotten Theme Tune Lyrics: The theme song with lyrics were only used in two episodes, as sung by Patti LuPone.
  • Nave Newcomer: Betty Roberts.
  • Network Red-Headed Stepchild: It's not hard to understand why a Darker and Edgier AMC would neglect to mention this earlier effort in the midst of Mad Men's, and later Breaking Bad's, success.
  • Plucky Girl: Betty Roberts, bright-eyed and fresh from Elkhart, Indiana, arrives to a chilly reception by cynical staff - and wins them over by settling a crisis or five, however awkwardly.
  • Set Behind the Scenes: of a Pittsburgh radio station.
  • The Voiceless: Mr. Foley, who makes a uniquely mighty racket - just never with his tongue.
  • White-Dwarf Starlet: Hilary Booth either made it on the stage or almost made it, depending who you ask. She's never given up on reviving her career.
  • World War II: The last two episodes of the fourth season (and, thus, of the series) show the characters learning of the Pearl Harbor attack and dealing with the country's entry into the war.