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The setting is life within the entertainment industry. Action takes place on the back side of three-wall sets and in trendy bars and eateries. Provides a good setting for explaining or lampooning the industry.


  • Singin' in the Rain is a Rom Com musical that portrays a time when The Jazz Singer was released and a film studio's response, changing from silent films to "talking pictures". Shows the the tools of the trade, sets viewed from off-stage, etc. Moses Supposes for example, is a dance number about actors undergoing speech training from a dialect coach.
  • I Know That Voice is a documentary that explains the work Voice Actors go through, with much of the film being interviews with well-known voice actors.

Live-Action TV
  • 30 Rock centres around the writers of a fictional comedy show based on Saturday Night Live.
  • Disney Channel show Sonny With A Chance, although instead of trendy bars and eateries a lot of the action takes place in the studio commissary, complete with Mystery Meat and a school lunch lady clone.
  • The Newsroom follows a cable news show and uses the setting to commentate on news, politics, and the purpose of television news in contrast to entertainment media.
  • Made In Canada is set in the meeting rooms of Pyramid Productions, a Canadian film and television production company, and on the sets of the various films and television series they produce. It uses this premise to satirise the corner-cutting, compromising, and executive cynicism that goes on at television production companies.
  • Classic Albums: This documentary series about the creation of classic music albums shows the viewer a glimpse how the sessions, production and personal history of the songs and the album itself came about.

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons: The episodes The 138th Episode Spectacular and Behind The Laughter play with this trope. If depicts The Simpsons as a show and does this in a Mockumentary style.

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