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Film: Black Christmas (1974)

If this movie doesn't make your skin crawl, it's on TOO TIGHT!

A 1974 slasher, redone in 2006, and one of the Trope Makers for the slasher genre.

The story is about a group of sorority girls who are staying over for Christmas break. Each one has their problems, but they don't know it's about to get worse, as a psychotic bastard sets up home in the Sorority House attic... And starts his reign of terror, terrorizing the girls with disturbing phone calls before killing them...

The 1974 movie was directed by Bob Clark, who is better known for directing a very different Christmas-themed movie...

Not to be confused with Silent Night, Deadly Night; another Christmas-themed slasher flick. (The fact that Warner Bros. released it under the title Silent Night, Evil Night in some markets doesn't help.)

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