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Town Girls
Town Girls is a trio of characters, either female or for girls, consisting of one who is butch, one who is femme and one who is neither. Butch and femme are lesbian identities for gender expression, in this case it is referring to masculinity displayed by a female beyond what would be considered typical of a tomboy and femininity beyond what would be considered typical of the Girly Girl. The femme one is like a fashionable uptown girl. The one who is neither butch nor femme is like a Street Smart girl from down town. The butch one is like someone whose rude behavior could be excused by saying that she's from out of town. Thus the Town Girls are from uptown, down town and out of town. Bonus points if the geography is literal.

The one who is neither butch nor femme is usually the smart, friendly and well-intentioned Girl Next Door. She can also be more free-spirited, either with her mind or her body. The butch character is likely a tough chick but might be more of a Femme Fatale or be sexually aggressive. The Femme one is either high-maintenance, romantically assertive or neither.

If they're love interests then the easiest one to be with will be the middle one like Betty in Betty and Veronica. Might overlap with Beauty, Brains and Brawn or Blonde, Brunette, Redhead. An exaggerated example would include a Princess Classic, Hot Librarian, and Butch Lesbian.

Note that they're always listed as femme, neither, butch.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Ai Yori Aoshi has spoiled Mayu, demure Aoi and loudmouth Tina.
  • From Saber Marionette J we have the Saberdolls: Luchs (Femme), Tiger (neither), and Panzer (Butch).
    • Also, the Marionettes: Lime (neither), Cherry (femme), and Bloodberry (butch).
  • The Outer Senshi from Sailor Moon: Haruka (butch), Michiru (femme), and Setsuna (neither).
    • Among the Inner Senshi, Usagi plays a different role in each of two such trios: she's the femme to Ami's neither and Rei's butch, and the neither to Makoto's butch and Minako's femme. Rei is herself the neither to Ami's femme and Makoto's butch. Interestingly, in the Usaigi-Ami-Rei triad, Usagi is a borderline case: she's more romantic than Ami, but Amy was herself very shy at one time before befriending Usagi, who is the more outgoing of the two.
  • AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jourei has haughty Ai, quiet Hiroko and charismatic Minorunote .
  • Urusei Yatsura: Benten -who is tomboyish, bad-mouthed and violent-, Oyuki -who is calm, demure and feminine-, and their best friend -and female lead- Lum -who is neither tomboyish nor girly-.
  • In Puella Magi Madoka Magica we have Hitomi, Madoka, and Sayaka. Hitomi is the Femme, Madoka is the Neither, Sayaka is the Butch.
  • FLCL: Mamimi, Eri Ninamori, and Haruko.
  • Kirarin Revolution has this dynamic in MilkyWay during the third season: newcomers Noel and Kobeni are the Butch and Femme, respectively, and returning character Kilari is the Neither.
  • Blue Exorcist has Shiemi, Izumo and Shura for the leads. If you go by the students, Shiemi, Paku and Izumo is the order.
  • Highschool of the Dead has spear martial artist Rei Miyamoto (butch), brainiac Saya Takagi (neither), and ditzy school nurse Shizuka Marikawa (femme). Saeko Busujima, being both a Lady of War and the kendo club's captain, is more or less a one-woman group of Town Girls.
  • The pink leaders of Pretty Cure are not so much a straight example as they are a sliding scale of this. Nagisa Misumi, Saki Hyuuga, and Hibiki Hojo are on the butch side of the scale; Nozomi Yumehara and Miyuki Hoshizora are on the femme side; and Love Momozono, Tsubomi Hanasaki, Mana Aida, and Megumi Aino are all neithers.

  • Definitely, Maybe has demanding Emily, free-spirited April and aggressive Summer.
  • The Hong Kong flick Heroic Trio consists of a young girly-girl, a dark anti-hero, and their leader the motherly one who seems to be somewhere in between in terms of femininity.
  • The women of the Indiana Jones films: Willie Scott, Dr. Elsa Schneider, and Marion Ravenwood.
  • Despicable Me has Margo as the neither (the oldest, smartest and more level-headed one), Edith as the butch (the middle one who could well be One of the Boys) and Agnes as the femme (the youngest, sickeningly cute one).
  • In Mean Girls we have The Plastics (Femme), Janice (Butch) and Cady (Neither). Cady's chickification becomes one of the major plot points.


    Live-Action TV  

    Video Games 
  • Final Fantasy X-2 has the three main playable characters; Rikku (neither), Yuna (femme), and Paine (butch).
  • In Final Fantasy XIII , the three female playable characters apply, with Fang as the butch, Vanille as the femme, and Lightning as neither. It also helps that there is a lot of Subtext in Fang and Vanille's relationship.
  • In BlazBlue, Noel, Tsubaki and Makoto were this when they were in the NOL academy. They even fit the geographic part; Noel (middle) was adopted into a minor noble family, Tsubaki (girly) came from a noble family and Makoto (tomboy) was a squirrel beastkin who came from the countryside outside the cities.
  • The 3 main ladies of Final Fight are Jessica (Femme), Lucia (Butch) and Maki (Neither)
  • Siskier (femme), Aegina (neither), and Medoute (butch) in Blaze Union.
  • Fire Emblem:
  • In Fire Emblem Tellius, the Greil Mercenaries' female members fit this trope, with Mist (femme), Mia (neither), and Titania (butch).
  • In Fire Emblem Awakening we have Sumia (Femme), Sully (Butch) and Cordelia (Neither).

    Visual Novels 
  • The heroines of the three routes of Fate/stay night are the shy domestic Sakura (Femme), the competitive overachiever Rin (Neither), and the stoic fighter Saber (Butch).

     Western Animation 

  • The Powerpuff Girls has Bubbles (she is the joy and the laughter!), Blossom (commander and the leader!), and Buttercup (she is the toughest fighter!). They're supposed to be representations of "sugar, spice and everything nice" (Bubbles, Buttercup and Blossom respectively). This is more relevant in the anime remake Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z.
  • 6teen has Caitlin (the fashionable girly girl), Jen (the smart, sensible girl), and Nikki (the sarcastic punk-rocker). Interestingly, while Caitlin acts more like the uptown girl and Nikki the out of town girl, Caitlin is the one who is technically from out of town since she is the newest member of the group.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has the Cutie Mark Crusaders; the ditzy Sweetie Belle, the plucky Applebloom, and the tough Scootaloo.
    • The six main characters can also be grouped this way, although there would obviously be two for each role: athletic tomboys Applejack and Rainbow Dash are both butches, fashionista Rarity and painfully shy Fluttershy are both femmes, and Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie are neither.
  • Monster High uses sarcastic exchange student, Abby, and royal superdiva, Cleo, in connection with average, everyday girl, Frankie.
  • X-Men: Evolution has Kitty Pride, Jean Grey, and Rogue.
  • Sky Dancers Jade is Uptown (Ballerina, raised by successful parents), Camille is Downtown (Likes Jazz, is a creative thinker), and Angelica is Out-of-Town (Southern rocker, has sarcastic demenor).
  • Stoked is the Expy of 6teen, with Emma as Downtown, Lo as Uptown, and Fin as, well, Out-of-Town.
  • Adventure Time has the three girls in Finn's life: Priness Bubblegum as the Femme, Marceline as the Butch, and Flame Princess as the Neither.
  • Teen Titans has Starfire as the sweet, naive, girly one (femme), Raven as the level-headed bookworm (neither), and Terra as the tomboyish new girl (butch).
  • Winx Club has six girls can be grouped as this, Stella and Flora are femmes, Musa and Aisha are butch, and Bloom and Tecna are neither.
  • Beverly Hills Teens: Literally, all girls are uptown, but can be done up for two girls per role. alpha bitch Bianca and southern belle Tara are both femmes, Athletic tomboys Blaze and Shanelle are both butches, and Larke and Nikki are neither
  • Drawn Together features Princess Clara as femme, Foxxy Love as butch, and Toot Braunstein as neither.
  • Strawberry Shortcake has another six girl grouping: Fashionista Raspberry Torte, and beautician Lemon Meringue are the femme group, country store workaholic Orange Blossom, and practical jokester Plum Pudding are the butch group, leaving the title character with Blueberry Muffin in the neither group.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender has Katara (Femme), Suki (Neither), and Toph (Butch).
    • The villains feature Ty Lee (Femme), Azula (Neither), and Mai (Butch).
  • Gravity Falls has Mabel and her two friends Grenda and Candy (introduced in "Double Dipper"), who are Femme, Butch, and Neither respectively.
  • From Totally Spies! we have the Butch, Femme, Neither trio represented by Alex, Clover and Sam.

    Real Life 
  • Henry VIII's first three wives and the mothers of his children are proud Spanish princess Catherine of Aragon, most beloved, modest, maternal Jane Seymour and the exotic, seductive, ambitious Anne Boleyn.

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