Western Animation / Sky Dancers

Everyone remembers the dolls...but the TV show is worth a trip down memory lane too.
"If it is to be, it's up to me!"

Sky Dancers was an animated cartoon series, based on a series of toys of the same name, featuring five students studying at Dame Skyla's High Hope Dance Academy. Jade, Camille, Breeze, Angelica and Slam are called upon by Dame Skyla, who is secretly Queen of the Wingdom, to protect her territory from her evil brother-in-law, Skyclone, who terrorizes the kingdom of her deceased husband, Skyler, with his Horrorcanes, Terrornadoes and a trio of imps named Mumbo, Jumbo, and Snarl in attempts to capture The Skyswirl Stone.

A France-U.S. co-production between Gaumont Multimédia (now Xilam Animation), and Abrams / Gentile Entertainment (the original creators), the series was launched in 1996. A total of 28 episodes were produced. Apparently, the reason behind the show not getting anymore episode after that was the new E/I rules having just taken into effect, preventing its continuation.