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Film: Trick 'r Treat

Poison, drowning, claw, or knife
So many ways to take a life.

Trick 'R Treat is an anthology comedy/horror movie that was Screwed By The Studio. It was produced by Bryan Singer and directed by Michael Dougherty, and developed from Dougherty's 1996 animated short, Season's Greetings. The conceptual designer was Breehn Burns, co-creator of Dr. Tran. Trick 'R Treat was originally slated for a theatrical release in 2007, but was held up until a DVD release in 2009.

Set over a single Halloween night (although there is a flashback set on a Halloween thirty years prior), Trick 'R Treat is less interested in plot than it is in the holiday itself: the fears, emotions, atmosphere, and the traditions that have coalesced into what people imagine Halloween is about.

Trick 'R Treat has several subplots, loosely connected, that are the focus of this anthology:
  • A young couple is divided by his love and her (Leslie Bibb) hatred of Halloween.
  • A school principal (Dylan Baker) carries out a double life as a Serial Killer.
  • A group of college girls go to a Halloween party, where the sweet and virginal one (Anna Paquin), dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, is hoping to finally meet the man of her dreams...
  • A group of kids, inspired by the town legend of the "Halloween Schoolbus Massacre", play a prank that goes horribly wrong...
  • An elderly curmudgeon (Brian Cox) with a Dark and Troubled Past attempts to get through the night without acknowledging that it's Halloween.
All these stories frequently overlap and share characters, particularly a mysterious trick 'r treater named Sam (pictured).

Not to be mistaken for the simalar named 1986 film Trick Or Treat.

This movie provides examples of the following:

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