Sinister Schnoz

Now that's a nose.

His nose was the kind that had trouble with swing doors and reminded you of Rome's bloody history.

Almost anytime a character has a large nose, he's a bad guy. Villains have big noses. They might be long and pointy, or a giant hook down their face, and may be emphasized with Creepy Shadowed Undereyes. But for whatever reason, bad guys rock the big noses. Maybe it's symbolic of how ugly they are on the inside? Maybe it's just to distinguish between the honest good guys and the less honest bad guys for the audience. No one nose.note 

It's one of the great mysteries of life.

This is also a common anti-Semitic Stereotype, especially if the nose in question is crooked. As such this can lead to Unfortunate Implications if it is used in other contexts.

It's also sometimes done in Anime, but this is reference to Tengu, who are said to have large noses.

Compare: Gag Nose


Anime and Manga
  • Dog Master Galf in Fist of the North Star.
  • Blackbeard from One Piece has a rather noticeable nose, and is a villain.
  • Many of Osamu Tezuka's characters, most notably Astro Boy's morally ambiguous creator Dr. Tenma, the twisted and angry Saruta and Duke Red who made his debut as the Big Bad of the original Metropolis manga. Averted with Professor Ochanomizu, however, who has a huge nose but is kind and ethical to a fault.
  • King Piccolo of Dragon Ball has (what is for the series art style) a very large, hooked nose. The main facial difference between him and his reincarnation is that Piccolo Jr. has a normal-sized nose, and correspondingly is less evil and pulls a Heel-Face Turn.

Comic Books

  • In The Wizard of Oz, The Wicked Witch of the West.
  • The Child-Catcher of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. (It's rather useful too.)
  • The title character from Ink. Often, it's all you can see under his hood. His angst over his ugliness helps drive the plot. Subverted by the end, when he pulls a Heel-Face Turn and decimates the "pretty" Incubi.
  • The many villains played by Basil Rathbone.
  • Gru of Despicable Me. A subversion, that while he is a villain, he's actually a good person.
  • Watto in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace has a huge nose, which contributed to the case of critics who called him an anti-Semitic stereotype.
    • Also, Palpatine/Sidious' actor, Ian McDiarmid, has a rather large nose, which is very visible in the Prequel Trilogy and the last episode of the Original Trilogy. It is often the most visible part of his upper face when he's in his Sith robes, apart from his mouth and chin even when his eyes are fully hidden. And he is the main villain of the saga, leaps and bounds beyond the small-time desert merchant Watto.
  • In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, one of the signs of a "witch" is having an extra-long nose. However, the nose is fake because the people put it on the woman in question. This IS a general characteristic of wicked witch characters in fiction, though.
  • The main villain in Apocalypto was given a larger, prosthetic nose, which Mel Gibson points out in the commentary.
  • Blix the Goblin from Legend.
  • Chester V from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 has a long and pointy nose. Being an Evil Counterpart to Flint, whose nose is big and bulbous, it's fitting.
  • John E. Dupont in Foxcatcher has a nose you can see before he comes into the room, really a prosthetic worn by Steve Carell. The point is driven home when he nasally corrupts Mark Schultz by getting him hooked on coke.

  • Harry Potter
    • Toyed with in Severus Snape.
    • Averted with Voldemort, who has two slits in the middle of his face, like snake nostrils.
    • Inverted with Dumbledore, who has a large crooked nose, but is the Big Good.
  • Hotzenplotz and Zwackelmann from Robber Hotzenplotz.
  • Sherlock Holmes is a hero, but his nose is frequently described by Watson as hawk-like: large, aquiline, and pointy. Combined with his gangly physique, Holmes strikes a severe but not dashing figure. Arthur Conan Doyle was always annoyed that illustrations made Holmes too traditionally handsome and heroic looking.
  • Pinocchio's nose grows when he lies. This has permeated popular culture, with people drawing those who are perceived as liars (usually politicians) as having suddenly elongated noses.

Live-Action TV

  • The Boogie Man from Gorillaz has an extremely long nose. It's the only facial feature visible. Murdoc also has a rather bulbous nose. He's not technically a "bad guy", though.

Tabletop Games
  • The Gretchin of Warhammer 40,000 have ridiculously long noses that take up half their head. The same is also true for their Warhammer equivalents, the Goblins.
  • The picture shown for the Imp (a minor devil-like creature) in the Monster Manual for 1st Edition AD&D has a schnoz that would make Jimmy Durante jealous.

  • Long hooked Noses are often used to identify Villains in Japanese Shadow Puppet Shows.

Video Games
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Luke Atmey.
  • Ganondorf of The Legend of Zelda could open a can of Coke with his sniffer. Interestingly, it goes from straight and needle-like to hooked and bent. Averted when he turns into his pig-form, where he gets a snout.
    • Ganondorf gets his long nose from his race: the Gerudo, a race almost entirely made of women who work as thieves. It's subverted in their case because the Gerudo are actually quite nice to Link once he proves himself, and unlike Ganondorf they're implied to actually have some class.
    • Koume and Koutake also play this straight (except in Majora's Mask).
  • Warcraft goblins are more neutral than evil, but still have long noses.
    • While the Steamwheedle goblins are just shrewd businessmen, the Bilgewater goblins added in Cataclysm are more like gangsters. Their mob boss, Gallywix, even built himself a pleasure palace in the middle of Azshara with its own mountaintop golf course.
    • In Uldaman, the main villain for most of the quests is a goblin tresure hunter and his mercenary army that are working for Deathwing. He's named Schnoz.
  • Tengu in Dead or Alive 2. But he is a Tengu, so that is given.
  • Toujin the assassin from Battle Arena Toshinden 3.
  • Heiss in Radiant Historia.
  • Loghain of Dragon Age: Origins, who looks rather like Alan Rickman in general.
  • Patches of Demons Souls and Dark Souls.
  • Wario and Waluigi of Super Mario Bros., though they aren't always villains.
  • Igor from the Persona series is an aversion; in spite of his shnoz he's nothing but helpful.
  • Mordoc the Evil Sorcerer from Dragon's Lair 2, not only has a huge nose, there's a small twig growing on it!


Western Animation