Nostril Shot


A close-up shot taken from a low position upward toward the actors.

"I am so scared right now...!"

A classic example comes from The Blair Witch Project, spawning several parodies. If done well, it can be very creepy, but it has been mocked mercilessly ever since.


Comic Strips
  • Leslie mimicked this shot when he and the guys were lost in the woods in a Liberty Meadows comic.

  • The Blair Witch Project: Heather records herself crying and talking to the camera, apologizing to her mom and her friends' mothers for starting the project and dragging them to the forest. The take shows only half her head, and especially noticeable is her nose and eyes. It's a point where she has given up on finding their way out of the woods and saving themselves.
  • Scary Movie poked fun on the Blair Witch scene, complete with a runny nose that just keeps running.
  • The intro to Fight Club: The camera starts in the protagonist's brain, zooms through his head before finally emerging through his nostril and along the barrel of a gun jammed in his mouth.

Live Action TV
  • Done easily and often in Whose Line Is It Anyway?. One game of World's Worst involves examples of the world's worst tv show, and Greg Proops and Drew Carey take turns to move too close to the camera, "announcing" the tv shows "You're Standing Too Close" and "What's Up My Nose".

Web Comic
  • Done in one Sluggy Freelance strip where Bun-Bun ends up shoving the camera up Torg's nose.

Web Video
  • The Autobiography of Jane Eyre: The series uses lots of tricks to create gloomy and spooky atmosphere of the original Gothic Novel. Episode 3 especially was very Blair Witch-y with Jitter Cam and other obscured camera angles. Some of the angles taking Jane's face were posed from below and it was effectively creepy.

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons: Parodied The Blair Witch Project.
    Lisa: If I don't make it out alive, I love you, Mom and Dad. Maggie, you can have my books. And Bart, I'll See You in Hell, you booger-eating wuss! Yeah, that's right, we all know!
  • Igor: At one point, Scamper comments, "Can you imagine a face like that on a 40-foot screen?" Cut to extreme close-up of Eva.
  • A promo for The Scooby Doo Project parodied the famous shot with Shaggy, who mutters "I'm so hungry!"