Comic Book / Black Moon Chronicles

The Black Moon Chronicles (original French title: Chroniques de la Lune Noire) is an epic Dark Fantasy comic series by French author François Marcela-Froideval and illustrated by Olivier Ledroit, who is better known by English speakers for his work on Pat Mills' Sha and Requiem Vampire Knight .

It deals with the Villain Protagonist / Anti-Hero Wismerhill, a half-elf from an unknown father allying with Evil Sorcerer Haazheel Thorn in order to overthrow the Christian-esque empire of Lhynn.

Sounds simple enough, no? Guess again.

Turns out that Wismerhill is the lynchpin of a Gambit Pileup involving prophecies, gods, demons, elemental forces, and immortal archmages and that his choices will ultimately decide the fate of his entire world. And with so many different clashing agendas, few things are as they seem, and fewer people can be trusted...


  1. 1 Le Signe des ténèbres (Sign of Darkness, 1989)
  2. 2 Le Vent des dragons (Dragon's Wind, 1990)
  3. 3 La Marque des démons (Mark of the Demons, 1991)
  4. 4 Quand sifflent les serpents (When Snakes Hiss, 1992)
  5. 5 La Danse écarlate (The Blood Dance, 1994)
  6. 6 La Couronne des ombres (Crown of Shadows, 1995)
  7. 7 De vents, de jade et de jais (Of Winds, Jade and Jet, 1997)
  8. 8 Le Glaive de justice (Sword of Justice, 1999)
  9. 9 Les Chants de la négation (Songs of Negation, 2000)
  10. 10 L'Aigle foudroyé (Struck Down Eagle, 2002)
  11. 11 Ave Tenebrae (Ave Tenebrae, 2003)
  12. 12 La Porte des Enfers (The Gate of Hell, 2005)
  13. 13 La Prophétie (Prophecy, 2006)
  14. 14 La Fin des temps (End of Times, 2008)
  15. 0 En un jeu cruel (A cruel game, 2011)

Volume 14 is the final album of the series. The French version was released on 21st of November 2008. Two new volumes have been released, concerning Wismerhill as the leader of a dozen-odd Fantasy Counterpart Cultures that escaped the destruction of the old world.

Two spinoff prequel series were made: Methraton, which reveals more of the title character's past and goals against a backdrop of the setting's distant past, and Les Arcanes de la Lune Noire, recounts the origin story of Wismerhill's companions and what their lives were before the main series' events; so far, one-shots covering Ghorghor Bey, Pile-ou-Face and Parsifal have been released. A prequel detailing Wismerhill's origins has also been released. Finally, the comic has been adapted into a strategy video game.