Creator: Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer is an American filmmaker whose body of work has been split between low-budget psychological thrillers and high-budget superhero movies. He is an avid fan of the moviegoing experience, and is especially fond of science fiction and Star Trek in particular, and with every film has tried to aim for a different genre; alienation is a recurring theme across many of his films. He has admitted on many occasions that he looks to his favourite films of the past, especially those by Stanley Kubrick, for inspiration and then adds his own style to it. He is the head of Bad Hat Harry productions, named from a line in his favorite movie Jaws.

His first major break was directing The Usual Suspects, which made him a very popular independent filmmaker. After his second film, Apt Pupil, he was offered the job that would make him go mainstream, directing X-Men. The film's success started a new trend of hiring low-key filmmakers to helm the big budget movies. His attention to the characters and goals of making their world plausible became the source of the second age of superhero movies, which is still ongoing.

After the second X-Men film, X2: X-Men United, Singer jumped at the chance to direct the next Superman film, which resulted in the third X-Men film being made without him. While it made money, Superman Returns did not have the box office ratio the studio was hoping for and the series has since been rebooted.

He returned to the X-Men universe with X-Men: Days of Future Past. Its follow-up, X-Men: Apocalypse was announced along with another reboot of Battlestar Galactica (Classic).

Selected productions:

Other work:

  • House (Bad Hat Harry is the production company and he directed a few episodes, including a cameo in one of them.)
  • Star Trek: Nemesis (A lifelong Star Trek fan, his new friendship with Patrick Stewart in the X-Men films allowed him a cameo as a bridge officer.)
  • H+ (Produced the web series.)

Associated Tropes:

  • Older Than They Look: He was 48 years old when he was interviewed for featurettes on the Blu-Ray release for X-Men: Days of Future Past, but he could easily be mistaken for mid-thirties.
  • One of Us/Proud to Be a Geek/Trekkie: Is a big science fiction fan, and especially loves Star Trek.
  • Only The Creator Does It Right: The first two X-Men films were directed by him, while the third one, X-Men: The Last Stand, was helmed by Brett Ratner, and is considered by many fans to be a huge step down in quality. Add that the next X-Men movie which didn't divide opinions was produced and co-written by Singer...
    • Cemented with X-Men: Days of Future Past by having him back in the director's chair and getting an overwhelmingly positive reception, with many calling it the best in the franchise so far. Its success has reinforced the sentiment among a lot of fans that Singer is the Team Dad of the movie series (with X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn as the Cool Uncle, and the aforementioned Brett Ratner as the Babysitter from Hell).
  • Straight Gay: Open about his sexuality, and an advocate for gay rights. This likely is a factor in the positive response his X-Men films receive—critics note Singer's deep understanding of the concepts of isolation and alienation, prejudice and intolerance, and the price payed by both sides of the conflict; it can safely be said that his own experiences inform the manner in which he constructs the plotlines.
    • His insight has also been noted and commended by his colleagues, with special note to actors Ian McKellan (also Straight Gay, who portrayed Magneto) and Alam Cummings (Bi the Way, who portrayed Nightcrawler). When Singer left work on the 3rd film due to Executive Meddling preventing his intended vision (he wanted to film two films back-to-back and create a quadrilogy; they demanded a stand-alone film to "complete the trilogy"), Cummings also refused to return—it's noted that although he found the make-up process highly uncomfortable, he would have endured it if Singer had returned because he trusted his vision to do the product justice.