Fridge / Trick 'r Treat

Fridge Brilliance
  • Rhonda's abandonment of the other children to the zombies. On first viewing this appears to be an act of sheer spite. But then, remember what Macey said earlier: the elevator could only hold three people safely. With Sara being dragged off, there were four children left. While Macy was probably lying, Rhonda probably didn't realize that. So, she naturally assumed they would push her out and leave her to die.
  • A lot of stuff. In particular, look carefully at the chocolate bar that Steven gives Sam, and which character is wearing a class ring.
  • Why was Laurie so embarassed about the Red Riding Hood costume and why did her sister and friends laugh when they saw her in it, despite wearing similar costumes? They're all werewolves. Apparently it's also tradition for a werewolf without her first kill to dress as Red Riding Hood in order to nab it.
  • In a sense, Steve Wilkin's death was a result of his own failure to follow the rules. Remember, on Halloween night, you can't count on anyone being what they appear to be. Even more so when you realize he told his son to go watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, wherein the character Lucy had advised to always Wear a costume that contrasted one's personality. Little Red Riding Hood was the last person he should have been messing with on Halloween, and he should have known it.

Fridge Horror
  • Even if Macy and her friends hadn't been killed by the school bus kids, they probably would have died later anyway when they went home and ate the candy Mr. Wilkins gave them.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Not necessarily. Mr. Wilkins made note at the beginning of the film of the "rules" to keep one safe on Halloween. Charlie forgot the first one, but it's possible that Macy and Co.'s parents would have checked their candy. Wilkins candy would only be dangerous to someone who broke the rules. In the deleted scenes, it did show that they checked their bags anyway after each house.
  • What kind of person Billy will grow up as? His upbringing was horrifying enough.
    • With his dad dead, chances are people will notice, find out about Wilkin's "hobby" and he'll be put into adoptive care after some psychological testing
  • The werewolves are still alive at the end of the film. They have already killed and eaten people before the events of the film (see Rewatch Bonus on the main page) and will do it again. Sure, this time they killed Asshole Victim Mr Wilkins, but it's very unlikely that the others were or will be one.