Film: Trilogy of Terror

Trilogy of Terror is a 1975 Made-for-TV horror anthology film. Directed by Dan Curtis, it consists of three segments which are based on short stories by Richard Matheson.

  1. Julie - A University English teacher is blackmailed into a relationship with her student.
  2. Millicent and Therese - Two sisters hate each other with a passion. The older sister decides to deal with the younger one once and for all.
  3. Amelia - A woman with an overbearing mother accidentally releases a murderous spirit within a Zuni Fetish doll free and must fight for her life. The film's most popular and best remembered segment.

Dan Curtis released a sequel in 1996, which also had three segments.

  1. The Graveyard Rats - Two lovers decide to kill other's husband.
  2. Bobby - A woman tries to bring back her dead son.
  3. He Who Kills - The Zuni Fetish doll returns for more murder and mayhem.

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