Creator: Richard Matheson

Richard Matheson (1926-2013) was an influential sci-fi/fantasy/horror novelist and screenwriter. His works include:
  • "Born of Man and Woman": His first published short story, told from a point of view of a deformed child locked in the basement by its parents.
  • Bid Time Return, which was made into the movie Somewhere In Time.
  • The Incredible Shrinking Man: The Trope Namer, Matheson wrote the original novel and the screenplay adaptation.
  • I Am Legend: 1954 novel, adapted to film three times - The Last Man on Earth (1964, with Vincent Price), The Omega Man (1971, with Charlton Heston), and I Am Legend (2007, with Will Smith).
  • Hell House: 1971 novel, source for the 1973 film The Legend of Hell House.
  • The Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Enemy Within".
  • What Dreams May Come: 1978 novel, adapted to film in 1998.
  • A Stir of Echoes: 1958 novel, adapted to film in 1999.
  • The Night Stalker, a Made-for-TV Movie adaptation of a (then unpublished) novel by Jeffrey Grant Rice, and its sequel TV movie, The Night Strangler. Both movies were huge ratings hits, which led to the development of the series Kolchak: The Night Stalker (which Matheson was not involved with).
  • The short stories "Prey" and "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" ("There's...something on the wing!"). "Prey" was adapted into one of the stories in the TV movie Trilogy of Terror, "Nightmare" into a The Twilight Zone episode. Both adaptations have been critically acclaimed.
  • The short story "Button, Button," which was also adapted into a Twilight Zone episode and then the movie The Box.
  • Duel, a short story that was made into the first film directed by Steven Spielberg.
  • "The Splendid Source", a 1956 short story adapted into an episode of Family Guy in 2010.
  • All three of the stories featured in Trilogy Of Terror.
  • The short story "Steel," the basis for a Twilight Zone episode that was in turn the basis for Real Steel.

A description of tropes appearing in Matheson's other works: