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The single worst horror film I have ever seen.
I hated this film. It is the worst horror movie I have seen in my entire life. In fact to even place this film in the category of horror is an insult to the genre. Which is not to say that the films attempts at comedy (I use the word loosely) are any better. I have seen some shockingly bad horror films. The very genre has more bad than good, but the chasmic drop in quality between even the pitiful "They" or the very, very weak "Godsend" and Tr T is astounding. It has reached a level of shitness so shitty that if it were any shittier, it would be actual human shit. I'm not kidding. At least "They" and "Godsend" seemed to have had some thought process (Albeit an extremely basic one) behind their conception. Tr T lacks even the intellect of a Cro Magnon man.

The plot is... non-existent. Using a Sin City-esque anthology technique (Do not confuse the uber-macho masterpiece that was Sin City with this abysmal shit however) in the worst possible way, the film crawls at an unbearably dull pace through, what, like 23 different slightly related stories or something? Who cares, you're asleep by then. All the stories are long, unscary, unpleasant but most importantly excruciatingly boring. Remember that scene in Alien where the cat jumps out and gives you a fright, because you thought it was going to be the actual Alien and then you felt ripped off? But it's alright because Alien is actually a darn good movie? Yeah? Well, every fright in Tr T is one of these. Every. Single. Fright. You're thinking "Oh, he's exaggerating for effect." But No. I would love to tell you I am. But I am not. There is not a single genuinely frightening scene in the entire film. In fact, it seems to me that the writers couldn't tell the difference between 'Scary' and 'Unpleasant'. Nothing scary happens, just things that are quite nasty and upsetting. Take, for example, the killing of an innocent child. And the sweet autistic girl being horribly bullied. Not scary. Not funny. Fucking awful.

And even the scenes that aren't just nasty are fucking stupid. The kid with the mask has a pumpkin for a head. I think the writers just read some "Goosebumps" thought: "Werewolves are scary, right? So are living pumpkins, and ghost kids from a schoolbus, right? Lets cram them all in one really boring pile with no explanation or anything. Durrrr, sounds good."

Horrible film.
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Not Horrible At All
This film isn't nearly as bad as the last reviewer says it is. *Spoilers Ahead*

The plot can admittingly be a bit hard to follow, but not if you pay attention. I liked how the plots of each indiviual story connected together, not just with the presence of Sam, but with character interactions, like Mr. Kreeg being the bus driver of the Halloween Schoolbus Massacre. I honestly wasn't too scared watching this movie, but that could be because I'm a Nightmare Fetishist. The only thing I really agree with the last reviewer is that Sam having a pumpkin head isn't really that scary. An Undead Child or some sort of goblin would have been better. Each arc has a "rule" of Halloween that needs to be followed: The young couple in the beginning of the film: Keep your lanturns lit. The school principal: check your candy. The Little Red Riding Hood: don't go out alone, though the twist is that the serial killer principal who bites the dust. The Deadly Prank arc: don't bully or harm the innocent, though this one is a bit more general. Mr. Kreeg's arc: hand out candy.

In other words, this film is actually a nice Anthology, sending up the traditions of Halloween.
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