An Anthology is a collection of works by multiple creators gathered together in a single cohesive release. Originally, it only referred to literary works, but the term has migrated to many other fields. However, it usually doesn't mean just any collection. There will usually be a unifying theme, such as a genre, a specific theme, or a time period.

Related to Omnibus. Specifically, an omnibus is usually several novels/issues collected in a single volume, an anthology is short fiction by multiple authors, and a collection is short fiction by one author.




  • David Weber's Honor Harrington novels currently have six associated anthologies, collected under the Worlds of Honor banner.
  • Sword and Sorcery is a collection of Fantasy stories.
  • Warriors
  • Darkover has several anthologies of stories taking place in that 'verse.
  • The Star Wars Legends Expanded Universe has the Tales anthologies, mostly reprints of stories from the Star Wars Adventure Journal. An example is Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, composed of various stories by various authors about individual inhabitants of that cantina on Mos Eisley. One of the Jawas was planning to take revenge on stormtroopers, there was a Wolf Man and a lamprey woman in love, the bartender wanted to prove that you could be human and still mix drinks as well as something with a better sense of smell, that kind of thing. Some were more or less related. A few were mentioned later in bigger novels, most notably an Ithorian with two clones of a man he'd killed having a cameo in the Jedi Academy Trilogy and the Mistryl Shadow Warrior Shada Du'kal having one of the subplots in the Hand of Thrawn duology.
  • In a technical sense, The Bible. It compiles stories written over several centuries.
  • The Star Trek Novel Verse has many, including Tales of the Dominion War, Tales From the Captain's Table and a collection for each of the TV series' 10th, 20th or 40th anniversary.
  • The Black Library publishes both anthologies and omnibuses of Warhammer 40,000 literature. The anthologies tend to focus on a specific faction - "Imperial Guard Anthology" or "Space Marine Anthology", etc - while the omnibuses collect novels (most notably the Gaunt's Ghosts and Ciaphas Cain series).
  • Dragonlance: had its "Tales Of The..." series, too. Published as simply Tales Volume #, they each had a unifying theme - Magic Of Krynn was only about magic users or magical items; Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes were all stories told from the perspective of or solely featuring the listed races and Love And War was about, well, love and war. Frequently the first happening during the second. Of course, Raistlin Majere featured prominently in every volume and on the cover of at least one.
  • Sword & Sorceress is a long-running series (28 volumes as of 2014) of feminist Sword & Sorcery anthologies, originally edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley. After her death, the series was continued by first Diana L. Paxson, then Elisabeth Waters.
  • The Further Adventures of Batman: The stories are primarily about DC Comics characters, focusing on Gotham, but some of the stories approach the subject in a more oblique method.
  • Martin H. Greenberg had the connections to put together several authors and find a publisher interested in the collection. Mike Resnick recalls when Greenberg had sold an 'impossible' anthology idea to publishers within three hours.
  • Black Widowers: Isaac Asimov would sell the short stories individually, and once he had twelve new files, he'd reprint them in a collection, and add commentary about the publication process. A few stories were published in the collection first, because Dr Asimov didn't have the patience to wait on other people's rate of publication.

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  • The Animatrix is a series of animations that tell a number of background stories related to The Matrix series. The animations are done in various styles, some computer animated, some pencil drawn some of them even in experimental styles. A part of the stories are made by the Wachowski siblings and worked out by their respective artists, some of the stories are original, though they do all happen in the Matrix universe.