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Film: Any Given Sunday
"The point is I'm trying to fucking get paid. That's the point."
-J-Man Washington

"You know when you get old in life, things get taken from you. That's part of life."
-Tony D'Amato

A 1999 American Football film, starring (among others) Al Pacino and Jamie Foxx. Directed by Oliver Stone, so think The Replacements meets Natural Born Killers.

An ailing professional football franchise suddenly loses its first and second string quarterbacks to injury, and third stringer Willie Beamen (Foxx) gets a shot at glory when he becomes the team's starter for the remainder of the regular season. Along the way, the movie takes a long, unflinching look at various aspects of pro football: huge egos, playing hurtnote , sacrifice, and getting old. This is punctuated by some freakin' intense scenes of the game.

...add up all those inches...

This film provides examples of:

  • Badass: Much like real football, damn near every player. I need a waiver to play with this broken neck? Where do I sign?
  • Badass Boast: Delivered frequently and early.
    Unnamed Linebacker: "Beamen! Beamen! I want you to take a good look at me, imma be the next motherfucker to knock you out!"
    Linebacker #2: "Best buckle up, it's gonna be a long day today!"
    Same linebacker, seconds later after smearing Beamen: "Best get used to this, motherfucker, imma be picking peanuts outta your ass!"
  • Based on a True Story: The corrupt team physician subplot was inspired by the 1980s L.A. Raiders.
  • Big Game: Subverted, in that they lose the actual championship... during the credits. The fact that they go the distance and make it to the championship is powerful enough. Like Rocky.
  • The Cameo: Several famous football personalities, such as Johnny Unitas and Terrell Owens.
  • Captain Ersatz: Averted; when the NFL refused to let the film use their rights, the film's league was retooled as an alternative league existing alongside the NFL, rather than as an Ersatz for the main American pro football league.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Shark's broken neck.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: See Badass Boast above. Also, it's an often-realistic football movie starring Tony Montana. So, you know, EVERY OTHER SCENE.
  • Creator Cameo: Oliver Stone as a TV announcer.
  • Disney Death: Shark
  • Expy: John C. McGinley's Jack Rose is one for outspoken sports talk host Jim Rome; D'Amato slugging him harkens back to former NFL quarterback Jim Everett shoving Rome after the host insultingly referred to him as female tennis player Chris Evert.
  • Eye Scream: One of the Knights' players gets his eyeball ripped out.
  • Felony Misdemeanor: Willie reveals that due to taking a rented suit from a college booster for a wedding, he was suspended for violating college rules for handouts, slid to the seventh round in a draft where he was originally projected to sign for a million-dollar signing bonus, and was labeled as a "troublemaker" coming into the league.
  • From Bad to Worse: At the start, the Sharks have lost three games in a row and are down in a fourth... and then they lose their first and second string QBs on consecutive plays.
  • Ice Queen: Owner Christina Pagniacci.
  • Henpecked Husband: Cap Rooney; his wife simply won't allow him to quit despite the pain he's frequently in at his age.
  • Lightning Bruiser: It's football. So, yeah.
  • Not So Different: Dr. Powers manages to oust Dr. Mandrake over his dangerous practices; when Powers takes over and Shark asks for another (unnecessary) cortisone shot, Powers hesitates then relents.
  • Oh, Crap: Written all over Al Pacino's face several times on the sidelines.
  • Rousing Speech: One of the most famous in film over the last two decades.
  • Shout-Out: The episode of The Neighbors called Any Friggin Sunday refers to the movie and features one character imitate Pacino's speech.
  • So Last Season: D'Amato takes a lot of heat from both his owner and his offensive coordinator over his antiquated and predictable running-based offense.
  • Stress Vomit / Vomit Indiscretion Shot: When forced into his first game after two more experienced quarterbacks are injured, Beamen promptly throws up in the middle of the huddle. In later games, he's shown throwing up on the sidelines before taking his first snap.
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