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The cover of I Get Wet.


Andrew WK (b. 1979) is a rock vocalist, classically-trained pianist, songwriter, motivational speaker, and television personality (hosted the Cartoon Network show Destroy Build Destroy). Andrew is most famous for his boisterous approach to rock music, characterized by shouted, chanted vocals, multi-layered guitars, huge pop hooks and keyboard flourishes (although he had since tried some experimentation, most notably an album made up of piano instrumentals). He is also famed for his persona - a relentlessly optimistic, somewhat philosophical man with an insatiable desire to motivate, or "party," as he usually refers to it. It is very likely that he is the biggest Cloud Cuckoolander in rock.

His most famous record to this day is his debut, I Get Wet, which has the famous cover of his nose bleeding profusely.note  The complete discography:

  1. Girls Own Juice EP (1999)
  2. Party Til You Puke (2000)
  3. I Get Wet (2001)
  4. The Wolf (2003)
  5. Close Calls With Brick Walls (2006 in Japan, 2010 worldwide)
  6. The Japan Covers (2008, in Japan)
  7. 55 Cadillac (2009, instrumental album)
  8. Mother of Mankind - Rare & Unreleased 1999-2010 (2010, packaged with Close Calls With Brick Walls)
  9. Gundam Rock (2009, in Japan)
  10. The "Party All Goddamn Night" EP (2011, in Japan)

As of April 2015, Andrew has his own Saturday morning radio show, America W.K. on Glenn Beck's The Blaze network.

You can read more about all the insane/awesome stuff Andrew has done over at That Other Wiki.


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