Film: Teenagers from Outer Space

Spaceship Captain: "The High Court may sentence you to TORTURE!"
Mystery Science Theater 3000 In Unison: "TOR-CHAA!!!"

Teenagers from Outer Space is a 1959 SF Cult Classic Snark Bait B-Movie written, directed and produced by Tom Graeff. A pair of ... "teenagers" from outer space land their spaceship on Earth, and they decide that this is the perfect planet to begin a ranch for giant lobsters gargons. The idealistic young crew member Derek makes a moral objection when he sees there is already life on the planet. Then he makes an armed objection, attempting mutiny; he fails, and has to escape the wrath of his crew (after all, the high court might have sentenced him to...never mind) and flees to a small town nearby. There he meets Betty - the most Fifties girl in that Fifties world. Meanwhile, the brash dog kicker Thor is sent to capture him — alive; it turns out that Derek's secretly the son of "Our Leader". Meanwhile, the gargons have grown huge and have to be destroyed.

Shot for $14,000, which in technical film terms, is no money at all even by '50s standards. It shows.

Played on a double-bill with Gigantis, the Fire Monster during its theatrical run.

The movie is considered public domain and can also be unlocked in the game Destroy All Humans!.

No relation to the Animesque role playing game of the same name.

For the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version, please go to the episode recap page.

Teenagers From Outer Space contains examples of the following tropes: